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Root from Sonic the Comic #137. Black and white art by Richard Elson, colour by Nigel Kitching.

Root is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a sentient plant creature from the Mandrake Swamp of Planet Meridian in the Special Zone. He lives in an ancient, overgrown castle in the middle of the swamp.


Root's true form

Root's true form from Sonic the Comic #138. Black and white art by Richard Elson, colour by Nigel Kitching.

Root's true form is that of a tiny walking root, small enough to fit in the palm of someone's hand. When Root took control of the explorer Morton, his outer shell was a tall, gnarled, grey, humanoid body with brown viny "clothes" and bare branches in place of hair. He wore a long cloak made of green moss or leaves.[1]


While still a tiny walking root, Root encountered the explorer Morton in the Mandrake Swamp and attached himself to Morton's neck. Root took over Morton's mind that grew gradually over Morton's body.[1] He occupied the castle at the middle of the Swamp and created an army of mud monsters to serve him.

Later, Blockhead Bill and Society Max visited the Swamp to locate more Mandrake Roots, required to transform Max into an enormous dinosaur. Root used his Mind Roots to turn the pair into his slaves. Bill, with the help of Max, was then ordered to pour a vial into the water supply of New Tek City, which would turn the city into an extension of the Mandrake Swamp.[2] However, Bill failed in his mission and Root summoned Bill and Max back to the Mandrake Swamp by means of his scrying pool, in the process revealing himself to Sonic the Hedgehog and the Chaotix Crew.[3]

When Sonic and Chaotix followed Bill to the Mandrake Swamp, Root's mud monsters captured them by means of soporific spores[4] and Root intended to turn the five heroes into more slaves, ones more capable of carrying out his plan. Root was successful in turning Chaotix with his Mind Roots, but Sonic escaped.[2] Sonic defeated Root's slaves, then defeated Root himself by kicking a pillar on top of him, crushing his body and forcing him to release Morton. In the process, the mud monsters disintegrated and the Mind Roots fell off their hosts.

Root, back to being a tiny root, tried to run away, but Sonic caught him in a glass jar. Morton explained what had happened and Vector the Crocodile wondered what they should do with Root now. Sonic suggested it might taste good in a bowl of chilli sauce with some rice.[1]

Powers and abilities

Root has the power to take complete control of another person by attaching to the person's neck, and once in control can even grow a woody outer shell to serve as its own body.

Root is a powerful magic user. In addition to his ability to take control of another person's mind, he can also control plants for a variety of purposes (including making vines grow from the ground to restrain captives, and using Mind Roots to turn other people into his slaves).[2] He can also create loyal minions for himself out of swamp mud.[4] He can use a scrying pool in his castle to see visions of distant places, and even magically summon people to his side over great distances by using the scrying pool.[3] However, the full extent of his abilities are not known.[1]


Root carries a giant wooden staff that glows when he uses his strongest magic.


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