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Roll it! Heavy Ball.png

Roll it! Heavy Ball is a minigame that appears in the Party Mode gameplay in Sonic and the Secret Rings.


Hold the Wii Remote in a horizontal position to where the top of the Wii Remote is pointing to the Sensor Bar. A little sniper-icon will appear to guide your character to the location you pointed at. Press WiiDSA.png to make your character move to that same spot you pointed at. The color of your pointer depends on the character you have chosen, i.e. if the pointer is blue, the pointer is the player that controls Sonic.


Each player's character controls a heavy sphere that is easily able to crush anything below. In this minigame, Kri Ma Djinns will rise from the desert sand. Each player must try to roll the heavy ball around and crush the Djinn in order to get points. The player with the most points from crushing the Kri Ma Djinn is the winner of this minigame.


  • Try not to get stuck by walls or corners; it is difficult to try to get back to crushing Kri Ma Djinn while by corners.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"Yellow Sneakers" Fumie Kumatani, Runblebee 0:55