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"Role Models" is the forty-ninth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 5 September 2015 in France and on 24 October 2015 in the United States.


When Sonic and the gang win an award for being role models, it comes with a price that keeps them from doing their jobs as heroes.







At the start of the episode, the Village Center is under attack from Dr. Eggman as he is testing a new version of Obliterator Bot when Team Sonic shows up on the scene, with Tails flying his plane in with the other four members dangling from Enerbeams. By reflecting Obliterator Bot's new solar-powered laser back at it, the team destroys the robot and saves the Village while Sticks rescues Mike the Ox from a tree. To finish it off, Eggman gets blasted off in his Eggmobile. After the battle, Mayor Fink approaches Team Sonic with party articles, saying this is the one millionth time the team has saved the Unnamed Village. He declares the team honorary role models and gives each member a trophy. Later on at Meh Burger, the team is practicing throwing trash into the trash can, but when Chumley starts copying their behavior, a disgusted Lady Walrus says that they do not really set a good example. Sonic agrees to a degree, saying the team should not be goofing off in the restaurant, so they goof off on the beach instead. There, the team take turns getting shot out of a cannon, with Tails getting shot into a trash can. Just as Amy is about to take her turn, a mysterious stranger appears and stops the team. He introduces himself as "D.B. Platypus" and states he is here upon orders from the mayor to teach Team Sonic about being good role models (or turn them into "soulless drones", as Sticks puts it). For his lessons, D.B. has a whistle that he uses when anyone talks back to him or does anything that is unfitting of a role model. As D.B. lists his rules, Sticks and Knuckles infringes, prompting D.B. to cite them with his whistle.

Back in his lair, Eggman laments that he has no trophies besides a few grammy nominations until Orbot and Cubot encourages him to do something about it. In the meantime, training continues for Team Sonic; at Meh Burger, the members are practicing manners to be exemplary role models. While they are doing well, D.B. insists that, as role models, they should not eat out so often and must know the value of a home-cooked meal, prompting Amy to offer her house as a practice site for that. Meanwhile, Eggman has gone to the mayor's office in his mansion to convince him to give him an award, but to no avail.

At Amy's House, Amy is cooking while her friends slack off. D.B. suggests that the others should help her out to avoid "gender stereotypes". While Amy agrees, she admits that she is the only good cook among the members and that she actually enjoys it. D.B. disagrees however, insisting that what she likes is unimportant. At the same time, Eggman tries to earn a pole vaulting trophy the mayor had found, but fails miserably.

Back at Amy's House, Team Sonic's cooking endeavors have left the kitchen in a mess and produced uneatable, purple sludge. When D.B. attempts to correct her behavior though, Sticks, fed up with being told how to behave, declares that she is done being a role model before mangling her trophy and exiting Amy's House. Soon after, the Old Monkey shows up and says that Eggman is attacking. However, D.B. cites both the Old Monkey and Sonic (when he ran over to the monkey) with his whistle, and has them redo the scene in proper fashion. While Team Sonic is ready to take off, D.B. sets some precautions for them, such as Amy wearing protective eyewear, Sonic wearing a jacket and honking a horn as he runs, Tails staying away from driving since he has no license, and Knuckles averting breaking anything.

In the Village Center, Eggman is trying to steal a trophy from a store, having had enough of trying to earn one. The team shows up, with Sticks still absent. When the fight is about to begin though, D.B. tells Team Sonic to avoid violence since impressionable children were present. Instead, he tells them to use words, but this does not really do anything except allow Eggman's newly-arrived Bee Bots to get in some free shots. D.B. tells the children that Team Sonic are being good role models, but the kids do not agree, saying that they are losing horribly.

At that moment, Sticks returns, swinging on a vine and taking out some of Eggman's robots. Knowing she cannot get the job done by herself, she attempts to get the others to stop behaving like role models and help her out until D.B. interrupts her, saying what she is doing is not proper behavior and that she should share her boomerang with Eggman. In response, she ties D.B. up and then launches him with a slingshot into a nearby trash can before taking the children to Meh Burger for a meal to keep them occupied from the battle. With both problems dealt with, the team proceeds to attack Eggman (who insists they should keep using words) without restrictions and is able to defeat him. Sonic says that being a role model is overrated, instead preferring to be "hilariously edgy"; Amy reacts negatively to that comment before the team resumes destroying Eggman's leftover Bee Bots.

Regional differences

  • In Finnish dub, A scene, where Eggman mentions his trophies, he calls Grammy nomination as "Emma" nomination from Emma awards, which is a Finland's Grammy Awards.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Finnish Roolimallit Role Models
French Des exemples à ne pas suivre Examples Not to Follow
Hungarian A példaképek The role models
Italian Buoni esempi Good examples
Japanese お手本はつらいよ It's Tough Being a Role Model
Korean 모범시민 되기 어려워! It's Hard to Become a Role Model
Polish Wzór do naśladowania Role model
Romanian Modele de urmat Models to follow
Russian Образцы для подражания Role models
Spanish (Latin America) Ejemplos Role Models
Ukrainian Приклади для наслідування Role models



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