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Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing
Rokkaku Hill

Rokkaku Hill is a racetrack that appears in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, representing Jet Set Radio. It is one of three tracks in the game that are based off Tokyo-To, as well as the fourth course in the Horror Cup.


The start of this course is littered by utility posts that will immediately halt the player's progress upon contact. A good idea is to keep to the left or right side of the road as it winds through that dangerous area and to drift around each bend to put distance between the player and his/her rivals. Racers then advance up some hills where they can put any boost items to use.

Near the end of the course, racers encounter an area where there is a low platform along the right side of what looks almost like a subway tunnel. There are items along a track on the left side, but staying to the right instead saves some time cutting across the platform. After rounding the bend, there is an obvious opening to the left on ground level. If the player keeps to the platform, though, he/she can veer right to pass through an opening and into a parking garage. There are some tight turns here, but this is a shortcut to the finish line.


For Tokyo-To-located tracks, such as Rokkaku Hill, these are the following tracks selectable for the course: 

  • Let Mom Sleep (No Sleep Remix)
  • Sneakman (Toronto Mix)
  • Funky Dealer
  • Fly Like a Butterfly
  • The Concept of Love




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