Rogues Landing is one of the many tracks featured in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, representing Skies of Arcadia, along with Blue Rogue Vyse.


The setting for Rogues' Landing is very similar to the first battle with Ramirez. This is one of the many tracks that has the terraforming feature used in Motorstorm Apocalypse. The events seen in this track are Sky Pirate ships firing cannonballs at the track, destroying it in the process. The last lap has the whole track destroyed, meaning the racers have to take to the skies. In this part, the racers weave through air mines littered throughout the course, while following the Delphinus, Vyse's ship.

Ships and other features that can be seen in the track include: the Delphinus, the Lynx, the Hydra, the Albatross, Rhaknam the arcwhale and Pirate Island.



File:Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed OST Music Vyse ~Military, Facility, Dungeon (Rogue's Landing)
 The music played during this is a half-electronic half-musical remix of Vyse's theme which afterwards transions into the dungeon theme. 

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