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Roger Craig Smith is an American voice actor and former stand-up comedian. He is the current English voice actor of Sonic the Hedgehog in the mainline games and spin-off media, having succeeded Jason Griffith in 2010 with Sonic Free Riders as the third official voice of the character in the west.[1]


In early 2010 at the Alton Towers resort in the UK, the "Sonic Room," a Sonic-themed room, was opened along with the Sonic Spinball roller coaster. When the entry door to the room opens, patrons are greeted by audio recordings of Sonic.[2] When a video featuring the voice clips circulated, fans heavily criticized the Sonic voice saying it sounded too "surfer" and "cheesy", and wondered who was behind it. Some thought that a commercial done for Alton Towers sounded better than the room's actual voice. When contacted via Facebook, Smith confirmed that it was his voice.[3] Later in August 2010, it was revealed that the audio clips of Smith performing as Sonic at Alton Towers were edited and slowed down, and some of the original unedited voice clips were released on the internet for download.[4]

When a cutscene from Sonic Colors was revealed on the internet, the final voice for Sonic varied significantly from the Alton Towers' announcements, and sounded a lot deeper than Jason Griffith's Sonic voice. Smith himself spoke out as to why the voice had undergone such a change saying that Sega had asked him to make Sonic sound "older".[5]

On 28 January 2021, Smith announced on his Twitter that he would no longer be voicing Sonic,[6] citing his frustrations and disappointments in an interview with ongoing trends in the modern gaming voice acting industry and general unhappiness living in California.[7] He cited special neglect and sense of being undervalued as one issue as he was not invited to Capcom's Resident Evil 5 launch party despite voicing the main character, Chris Redfield, as well as loneliness from being away from his childhood family. He said that he has no disdain towards Sega or the Sonic series and just simply wanted to move onto a better place in his life.[7] However, on 26 May 2021, Smith announced that he was returning to the Sonic series as the voice of Sonic.[8]



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Roger Craig Smith has been met with mostly positive reception. In Nintendo Power's review of Sonic Colors, it was written that the good thing about the story was Sonic because he was voiced by Smith. They had praised Smith by saying that Sonic looks cool "for the first time in a long while," and that he has a "less cringeworthy persona." IGN and ScrewAttack also praised Smith's voice work, saying that this is the first Sonic game in years where they could listen to the voice acting and not cringe. However, GameTrailers criticized Smith saying that he and the other voices in the Sonic Free Riders review were "laughable," and in the Colors review said "we would not object to Sonic being a mute hero". Destructoid reviewer Jim Sterling criticized Smith as well, saying "Sonic seems to have had a personality makeover, now becoming an affable idiot with a terrible sense of humor."[17]

His performance received mixed reviews from fans. Some fans praised his voice for having a good portrayal of Sonic's personality and attitude, but others have criticized it for being too deep and anime-generic. It was also thought that he was offered the role by Sega, which many fans felt was unfair to other voice actors, especially Ryan Drummond and Jason Griffith, who got their roles as Sonic through auditions.

However, the popularity of Smith's voice for Sonic skyrocketed after Project 24 SegaSonic: Radio, a 24-hour chatroom held by fans. Smith was also a special Guest on the Talk It Up! part of the 24 hour radio block. During the aforementioned show, Smith was involved in the Sonic Stadium IRC chat room while being interviewed by Talk It Up! host, cdrom1019. In the interview, Roger Craig Smith revealed that he had to audition just like everyone else.


  • During a 2012 panel, Smith was asked to recite a certain famous speech from Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie in his Sonic voice.[18] He was also requested to say a parody of Vic Mignogna's "Colonel Mustang looks dead sexy... in a miniskirt!" line as "Baldy McNosehair looks dead sexy in a miniskirt!"
  • Smith's favorite Sonic Boom episode is "Battle of the Boy Bands".[19]
  • Smith's favorite Sonic Boom character is Knuckles.[20]
  • Smith is currently the longest running English voice actor of Sonic the Hedgehog, beating Jason Griffith who voiced Sonic for a total of seven years.
  • Smith's voice was featured in a multilingual talking Sonic plush from Tomy's Sonic Boom toyline, along with Alexandre Gillet (French) and Jonatán López (Spanish).
  • Smith is currently the only mainline Sonic voice actor to not have voiced Shadow the Hedgehog at any point, as Ryan Drummond voiced a few of Shadow's lines for the final boss in Sonic Adventure 2 and Jason Griffith simultaneously voiced Sonic and Shadow from 2003 to 2010.
  • Smith is the only Sonic voice actor to reprise his role as Sonic outside of the franchise, with this including the 2012 Disney film, Wreck-It Ralph, and its 2018 sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet.


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