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Sonic Free Riders
Rocky Ridge

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A frontier town alive with pioneers. Steam engines and mining carts criss-cross the expansive gorge below.

— Course description

Rocky Ridge is the second track of Sonic Free Riders.


Early image for Rocky Ridge.

It is based on a mining town set in a dry area, featuring mining tunnels, train tracks and minecarts, along with some cacti throughout the course. At one point in the course, the player must use a mining cart to get through an area of the level.

Course Layout


Ahead of the staring line is a catch-mode section if the character needs Rings followed by a curve to the first grind, air ride and power skill shortcuts (keep to the left, center and right respectively for those shortcuts). Whatever route is taken is led to a Kicker. The character should try to perform a high Air Trick since the second grind, air ride and power skill shortcuts can be accessed from taking the high path. Beyond any shortcut lies a Kicker which takes the character to a mine tunnel leading into a minecart section. Finally a Kicker followed by a straightforward path takes the character to the start/finish.


Much like the Standard layout, the beginning of this course has a catch-mode section and a curve leading to the first grind, air ride and power skill shortcuts Eventually the character is taken to a catch-mode section containing rings and Air replenishment items before a Kicker. A U-turn track section lies ahead requiring the character to turn to the right (he/she may hit the quarterpipe ramp for some Air) although the second grind skill shortcut at the start of this section navigates through the U-turn at a faster speed. After a performing a trick, the character is then led to either the power or air ride shortcuts (keep right and center respectively) which quickly leads towards a long section. A train serving as an obstacle will move by either the left or the right paths as indicated on its train tracks while the center path is covered by rocks being able to be knocked away with the power skill and after that is the mine-cart section. Finally a Kicker with a linear straightforward path leading to the start/finish.

Missions (World Grand Prix)

Team Babylon - Rocky Ridge Standard

Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
1 Place 3rd or higher after one lap! Jet
  • B: 1:22>
  • A: 1:22-1:20
  • S: <1:20
2 Keep your speed over 135 and make it to the goal! Wave
  • B: Pass at least the first checkpoint.
  • A: Pass at least the second checkpoint
  • S: Pass the goal
3 Collect over 60 Rings within the time limit! Storm
  • B: 60-99 Rings
  • A: 100-119 Rings
  • S: 120 or more Rings

Team Rose - Rocky Ridge Expert

Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
1 Place 3rd place or higher after 1 lap! Amy
  • B: 1:58>
  • A: 1:58-1:55
  • S: <1:55
2 Fly through the dash rings over 9 times and reach the goal! Cream
  • B: 9-15 dash rings
  • A: 16-27 dash rings
  • S: 28 dash rings
3 Keep your speed over 140 and make it to the goal! Vector
  • B: Pass the first checkpoint
  • A: Pass the second checkpoint
  • S: Pass the goal


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Theme of Rocky Ridge 5:14

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