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Quotation1 The timeless totem of righteousness. The eternal weapon of countless heroes past! The single most powerful relic in the history of the world! The Rock of Justice! Quotation2
Sticks the Badger, Sonic Boom #4

The Rock of Justice is an object that appears in the Sonic Boom comic series published by Archie Comics. Though it looks like a simple rock, it is actually, as recollected by Sticks the Badger, a legendary weapon, a bane of evil and the most powerful relic on earth.[1]


To the commoner, the Rock of Justice is a simple gray rock with nothing special about it. In truth, it is an object of "unimaginable power"[2] and is the single most powerful relic in the history of earth.

Although not confirmed, it seems to possess some form of power which enables it to accomplish virtually impossible feats; when Sticks just threw it, it ricocheted off surfaces in such a timed manner that it slipped into the Big Boy twice and bounced into critical points, which caused the mech to fall apart. However, this power is not infinite, as it was all used up to defeat the Big Boy.[1]


Archie Comics

Rock of Justice origin

Sticks explaining the Rock of Justice's origin, from Sonic Boom #4.

As recollected by Sticks, the Rock of Justice was forged in the era before time to ensure that the light always drove back the dark. It would since become the eternal weapon of countless past heroes until it was forgotten to time.[1]

The Rock of Justice was the object of Sticks' searching for years until she found it in a patch of grass on her way home.[2] Sticks brought the Rock of Justice to her team as they were cornered by Dr. Eggman's Big Boy. She intended to save the day with it, but none of them believed it was the weapon she claimed it was. After fruitlessly begging her friends to use it, Sticks demonstrated the Rock of Justice herself, throwing it so it ended up ricocheting through the Big Boy's innards and smashing its components, causing an implosion that made the Big Boy fall apart. However, Sticks discovered the rock had used up all its power for that feat and Team Sonic mourned their loss. Sticks then brought it to her burrow where she paid her respects to the weapon before casually throwing it into a rock pile.[1]




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