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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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Rocky is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a Granifier Giganticus who briefly rampaged through Seaside Island after being awoken from its slumber.


Rocky is a colossal humanoid giant over ten times Sonic's size, whose body is composed entirely of orange boulders held together by an unseen force. He has a head with blue-glowing eyes and a face resembling a skull, round shoulders and upper arms with thick four-fingered forearms, a torso consisting of a round chest with spikes on the back and two segments for the lower torso, and thick legs with sharp knees and two-toed feet. He also has blue and purple-glowing veins across his torso and similarly colored joint-surfaces.


TV series

Season one

After sleeping for a millennium, Rocky was accidentally awoken by Sonic and Knuckles. After fighting them briefly, Rocky, now having insomnia, left to go back to sleep. While trying to get comfortable, Rocky trashed groggily through the Village, as if on a rampage, before Team Sonic tried helping him sleep. Amy tried singing a lullaby, but Rocky preferred Sticks' terrible singing which did the trick. Because Rocky would cause road blocks where he was though, Team Sonic lured him to another location when Dr. Eggman, having taken an interest in Rocky, tried to capture him. However, Rocky escaped Eggman's trap and in the ensuring battle, he kidnapped Sticks and snuck away by camouflaging himself so she could sing for him. However, Team Sonic rescued Sticks and lured Rocky to Dr. Eggman's lair so he could fall sleep in Eggman's garden to a recording of Sticks' singing (as payback at Eggman).[1]


As a Granifier Giganticus, Rocky is proud and has a preference for sleeping, but also operates on a simple mindset. Speaking only in roars and growls, he generally minds his own business in a docile manner, regardless of the destruction he causes around him, but when provoked or disturbed he can be quite grouchy, hostile and even monstrous. He also appears to lack a sense of moral as he kidnapped Sticks and made her sing for him despite the consequences.[1]

Rocky has a peculiar taste in music; he hates melodious singing to the point where he will run away in agony, yet loves Sticks' singing voice which has been liken to "bagpipes in a wood chipper."[1]

Powers and abilities

Rocky is a quite powerful monster; Dr. Eggman theorized that Rocky alone was strong enough to destroy entire cities and help him subjugate the entire world, implying an incredible level of might on Rocky's part.[1]

Rocky has superhuman strength, capable of sending large boulders flying all the way from the countryside to the Village on Seaside Island with a single kick, uprooting trees with one hand with ease, and even breaking free of the Bee Bots' honeycomb cage without trouble. Additionally, Rocky's composition gives his great durability as he was not even affected by Knuckles' headbutts, and he can make roars strong enough to create powerful gusts of wind. As a Granifier Giganticus, Rocky also has an incredible long lifespan, lasting over a thousand years.[1]

A noticeable skill Rock has is his ability to disassemble and reassemble his entire body at will. This skill lets him camouflage himself as a pile of boulders, possibly to remain undisturbed while he sleeps.[1]


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