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Quotation1 Anyway-- found the robo-cyborg-golem-rock-thing! Quotation2
Sticks the Badger, Sonic Boom #1

The Rock-cyborg, also called the Robo-golem, is a character that appears in the Sonic Boom comic series published by Archie Comics. It was a colossal Eggman robot made of rock which stole Tails' House, but was obliterated by Sonic and his team.


The Rock-cyborg is a colossal golem, over five times the size of Tails' House and towers over even the tallest trees. It is mainly made of brown rock, with a round and bulky torso, plated shoulders, thick forearms and lower legs, and round feet. Additionally, its upper arm, tights and fingers are made of thick green vines. It possesses no head, instead wearing Tails' House on the top of its torso like a hat, and it has a single robotic eye with a rectangular pupil on its chest.


Archie Comics

The Rock-cyborg was created by Dr. Eggman, initially as some form of device, and secretly snuck under Tails' House. According to Amy, the device then began gathering up the surrounding rocks, creating the Rock-cyborg's body. After being completed, it rose out of the ground, with Tails' House pierce on top of its head, and walked away.[1]

Rock-cyborg destroyed

The Rock-cyborg destroyed, from Sonic Boom #1.

Shortly after the Rock-cyborg left, Team Sonic located the robot to get Tails' House back. Sonic thus faced the Rock-cyborg to lure it into an ambush. When the Rock-cyborg saw Sonic, its programming made it chase after him. It followed Sonic back to the open lot where Knuckles and Amy struck its legs while Tails and Sticks hit its back, causing it to fall over. Sonic then shot through the Rock-cyborg's torso, destroying its eye and making its body fall apart, with Tails' House landing on its original foundation.[1]


Due to being programmed to hate Sonic's guts, the Rock-cyborg is extremely hostile towards Sonic, breaking out of its oblivious and directionless walk and starting to chase after him as soon as it saw him.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Rock-cyborg is able to draw in surrounding rocks to form its body. With its colossal body, it is incredibly strong, capable of bearing Tails' entire house and all its contents on top of it with no visible effort. However, it is rather slow for its size as it could not keep up with Sonic's running speed.[1] As an Eggman robot, it is also able to receive power remotely from Eggman's lair.[2]


Being an Eggman robot, the Rock-cyborg relies on Eggman's lair to provide it with power. As such, should the lair run out of power, then it will too.[2]


"I saw it! It came up out of the ground and carried off Tails' house on its head!"
Sticks telling about the Rock-cyborg, Sonic Boom #1
"So since you're a giant Eggman robot and you were snuck in under my best buddy's house, I'm going to assume...'re programmed to hate my guts."
Sonic commenting on the Rock-cyborg, Sonic Boom #1


  • According to Knuckles, the Rock-cyborg has a foot size about 160.[1]
  • Though termed a "cyborg", the Rock-cyborg actually does not qualify as one, as a cyborg has both mechanical and biological components. This fact was pointed out in its debut appearance.


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