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Sonic Boom
Robots From The Sky Part 4 (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Robots From The Sky Part 4".

[Scene: Morristown lead-lined bunker, day.]

Mighton: Well, it's been a pleasure bringing the world back from the brink of disaster with you. Now, let's show you guys a night on the town, Morristown style.
Sonic: We should probably head home.
[Sonic's Communicator beeps.]
Amy: [On communicator] Sonic, when are you coming back?
Mighton: Who's that? She your girlfriend or something?
Sonic: Wh-what? No.
Bolts: Oh I get it. She wears the pants in the relationship.
Sonic: Nobody wears pants! Nobody. [Turns to his communicator] Hey Ames, I think I'm gonna hang back in M-town, see the sights with my bros...
Amy: [On communicator] No problem. But don't forget, we have that...
[Sonic turns off his Communicator, embarrassed. Mighton and Bolts look at him.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[A Frozen Hypnobot is taken to Eggman's Lair. Orbot and Cubot attempt to break the ice surrounding the robot.]
Dr. Eggman Carefully you dolts! There's a robot that's actually worth it's weight in tin in there.
[The ice breaks and Hypnobot starts moving. Eggman opens a flap on Hypnobot and connects some electrical clips, booting up the robot.]
Hypnobot: Back off fleshy! Robots, defend me!
[Hypnobot fires his antenna laser towards Orbot and Cubot, but it fails to hit them.]
Cubot: Hmm... You make a good point, but I'm not convinced.
Dr. Eggman: Remember me, Hypnobot? Uncle Eggman. I took you over once and used you for the forces of evil.
Orbot: You might want to try a different approach.
Dr. Eggman: I mean, you were trapped in a frozen lake and I rescued you.
[A chime sounds as Orbot gives Eggman a thumbs up.]
Hypnobot: Hmm... So you didn't just leave me there to rust, like that turncoat Tails?
Dr. Eggman: You hate Tails too? What a co-inky-dink. I loathe that double-rodded goober!
Hypnobot: And what do you think of his blue companion? Because...
Dr. Eggman and Hypnobot: ...I despise him with a fury of a thousand suns!
Dr. Eggman: Did we just become besties?

[Scene Change: Eggman's lair, inside the lab, day.]

Dr. Eggman: Here you go, buddy. Good as new. And that's not all. I also took the liberty of installing a special feature at no extra charge!
[Eggman presses a button of Hypnobot's back, revealing a laser cannon on a stick.]
Hypnobot: I propose an alliance. Together, we can conquer Morristown and destroy Sonic and Tails once and for all!
Orbot: Did you hear that, Cubot? We're finally going to see Morristown!
Dr. Eggman: You two aren't coming. There's more important work for you back here.
[Orbot and Cubot stand up straight.]
Dr. Eggman: Make sure the DVR records my stories while I'm gone. The box is kind of finicky.
[Orbot and Cubot both groan, but Hypnobot's ray makes them recompose themselves.]

[Scene Change: Outside Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Hypnobot uses his ray to alert all the robots gathered outside Eggman's Lair. The robots fly their way up towards Morristown.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[While Amy, Knuckles, Sticks and FriendBot clean up the rubbish they notice a group of robots flying up towards Morristown.]
Amy: They're heading for Morristown. Sonic and Tails must be in trouble. They're gonna need reinforcements!
[A ray attracts FriendBot. FriendBot launches up with Knuckles holding on. Amy fires an Enerbeam towards FriendBot and grabs Sticks, taking them both up.]

[Scene Change: Morristown, day.]

[Sonic and Tails are on a tour with Mighton and Bolts. Tails takes pictures with his camera.]
Bolts: Here's the Library. The Police Station. And the building for the committee to ensure all buildings look exactly the same.
Tails: Ooh!
Mighton: Morristown truly is a place of beauty.
[Suddenly, the group hear some hammering outside Morristown. The the residential robots run for cover. The glass breaks and all the robots from Eggman's lair infiltrate Morristown, including Dr. Eggman.]
Dr. Eggman: Did somebody call for an invasion?
Bolts: Sorry. I think you have the wrong city in the clouds.
Hypnobot: No. This is definitely the right place.
Sonic: You seriously back for more you piece of hunk-a-junk?
Hypnobot: I'm in peak physical form thanks to the improvement made by Eggman.
[Hypnobot reveals his new weapon]
Dr. Eggman: And what better way to test them out! Robots, attack!
[All the robots remain stationary]
Dr. Eggman: Erm... Hypnobot? A little help here.
[Hypnobot lands and fires his neck-mounted laser towards Sonic.]
Sonic: We can take these guys!
[Sonic knocks down a Bee Bot, but is overlooked by a shadow. Cowbot lands and deploys more Badniks ]
Sonic: Now that on the other hand...
[Sonic dodges a laser. FriendBot along with Amy, Knuckles and Sticks arrive at the scene and prepare for combat.]
Amy: Anyone need some backup?
[Amy, Knuckles and Sticks charge down and destroy some robots. Sonic dashes towards Amy.]
Sonic: Amy! I'm so happy you're here! I mean, [Hits a Ball Bot] in a totally non-romantic [Hits another Ball Bot] comrades-in-arms kind of way.
Amy: Oh, Sonic. [Attacks another robot]
Sticks: [Unimpressed] Isn't that lovely.
[Mighton hits another Ball Bot heading for Sticks]
Mighton: Less bellyaching, more enemy breaking!
[Mighton punches a Mantis Bot. Knuckles throws Sticks towards the Mega. She lands on Mega's hand and runs and tries to attack its head with her bo until she gets caught by Moth Bot. The Cubot prototypes onboard Moth Bot laugh in appreciation. Tails flies up and releases Sticks with his wrench. Knuckles catches her. A Spider Bomb walk up to them, but Amy spots it and hammers it away towards a Bee Bot, destroying it. Friendbot, under the control of Hypnobot, fires a missile towards Sonic. Sonic runs back and redirects it towards a Mantis Bot. Bolts wraps his arm around two Scorpion Bots, releasing the cord and re-growing his arm. Cowbot moos and shoots missiles at Bolts, directly hitting and paralyzing him.]
Mighton: You just signed your death warranty, you milk-filled miscreant!
[Mighton retaliates by shooting both of his arm rockets. They hit Cowbot's nostrils, making it fall to the ground. Mighton retrieves his arms. Eggman grunts in anger.]
Hypnobot: Time to up the ante!
[Hypnobot fires rays towards Morristown's residents, and Mighton. Bolts dodges the attack. Mighton, now under the control of Hypnobot, shoots his arm rockets towards Sonic and Tails.]
Sonic: Tails, grab the gang and fall back!
[Sonic, in slow-motion, jumps over Mighton's arm rocket, grabs Bolts and runs to the corridor in the hiding place, Sonic opens the chute and drops into it. The rocket arm hits a wall. The rest of Team Sonic run to the same corridor and hide in a safe place. Once all the enemy robots leave, they notice Sonic and Bolts at the entrance to the lead-lined bunker. They all jump into the chute.]
Knuckles: I think that went pretty well.
Sticks: Are you kidding? It was a disaster! But, I must say that I'm very impressed with your doomsday bunker.
Bolts: Even if I was able to re-program my fellow robots, they'd get re-infected when they left this lead-lined bunker.
Sticks: Ahh! Sprung for the lead upgrade too.
Tails: Only organic life can survive Hypnobot, but the five of us just aren't enough.
Bolts: That's it! I'll make more of you!
Amy: You can't just build robot duplicates of us and transfter our software into their system.
Bolts: Of course not! That'd be ridiculous! I'm going to build robotic dupicates of you, and transfer your DNA into their system.
Tails: If a cyborg's brain are made of organic matter, that should protect them from Hypnobot's signals.
Knuckles: [Lounging on Bolts' computer] Can my clone be wearing a bolo tie? I've always wondered what I'd look like in a bolo tie.
Sticks: [Angrily] First, you drop me right in the middle of a robot civil war. And now you're asking me to give up my DNA so some mechanical alien can make a robo-duplicate of me?
Amy: If you don't do this, the robo-apocalypse wins.
Sticks: Well, when you put it that way...
[Bolts and Tails get to work on creating robo-duplicartes of Team Sonic, each one covered by a sheet. Bolts collects the DNA of Sticks and Knuckles.]
Bolts: Team Sonic, may I present to you: Team Cybonic!
Amy: Haven't got any better at naming things, huh?
[Bolts unravels the sheet and reveals Team Cybonic. Sticks walks up to her robotic clone.]
Sticks: I still don't trust this thing.
Cyborg Sticks: I don't trust me either. I mean, cyborg duplicates? Whose wacka-ding idea was that?
Sticks: Though I gotta hand it to her, she's got spunk!

[Scene Change: Morristown, outside the bunker, day.]

Dr. Eggman: Alright everyone. As soon as that latch opens, blast those chipmunks to kingdom come!
[The latch is forcefully kicked open. Team Cybonic rise from the bunker and fight the robots. Hypnobot, who it outside discovers some robot parts flying out of the corridor and looks up at Team Cybonic.]
Hypnobot: Oh good. More puppets for my army.
[Hypnobot uses his malware ray on Team Cybonic, who are unaffected.]
Cyborg Sonic: Your hypnowaves have no affect on us!
[The rest of the robots join Hypnobot to combat Team Cybonic.]
Cyborg Sonic: Gotta get to Hypnobot. But we have to smash through these chumps first!
[Team Sonic join forces with Team Cybonic. The two Sonics run towards their opposition, punching robots out of the way. The two Knuckles run on Mega's wheels in opposite directions, spinning the robot around.]
Knuckles: Who says I skip leg day?
[The two Knuckles grind to a halt, detaching the robot. They both give each one a high-five. Sticks battles Burnbot. Cyborg Sticks joins in, generates a metallic bo and hits Burnbot from behind.]
Sticks: You know, you're really starting to grow on me. It's like we finish each other's...
Cyborg Sticks: ...paranoid diatribes and conspiracy theories?
Sticks: Sister!
[Both Sticks decapitate Burnbot's head with their bos. Meanwhile the two Sonics dash around in a circle, destroying more robots in the process. Friendbot scans the two Sonics and fires homing missiles towards them. The two Amys pull out a claw from two Crab Bots. They nail the claws to Obliterator Bot's feet, trapping it. The two Sonics dash and relocate the missiles to Obliterator Bot, destroying it. The two Tails focus on Moth Bot. Tails unleashes an Enerbeam, wrapping it around Moth Bot's body. Afterwards, Cyborg Tails separates Moth Bot's wings from its body. Tails releases his Enerbeam, making Moth Bot fall and collapse on the ground. The Cubot prototypes jump out and faint. Sonic charges towards Hypnobot, but is stopped in his tracks by Mighton's rocket arm, hitting Sonic's injured leg.]
Sonic: Ow!
Hypnobot: Mighton, finish him!
[Mighton relaunches his rocket arm towards Sonic.]
Tails: Sonic, no!
[Knowing that Sonic is in danger Tails flies as quickly as possible towards Hypnobot. Dodging all the weapons, he makes it to Hypnobot's malware raygun, bashing it with his wrench. The raygun detaches, disabling all the weapons, with Mighton's rocket arm being returned just before it hits Sonic. Hypnobot falls to the ground. Team Sonic, Team Cybonic and all the robots celebrate at Tails' heroics.]
Dr. Eggman: I think I'll just call it an early night.
[Eggman flies away in his Eggmobile with some of his remaining robots.]
Mighton: With the help of your cyborg duplicates, next time trouble comes-a-knockin', we'll be ready.
Sticks: Your cyborgs aren't coming with us?
Cyborg Sticks: Nah. If we went back to your planet we'd probably get corrupted somehow and enslave you all.
Sticks: Yeah. That's what I would do if I was a robot.
Sonic: Mighton, Bolts. Any time Morristown needs us, we'll be there.
Bolts: Actually, we took your advice. It's not called Morristown anymore.
Tails: What do you call it now?
Mighton: Behold! The city of Roboken.
[The rest of Team Sonic discuss and agree with each other. They all return to the spaceship, with Sonic and Tails waving goodbye. Tails boots up the spaceship, which takes off and departs Roboken.]
Knuckles: [inside the spaceship shaking] Ah, hey cool! Vibrating seats! [laughs]