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Sonic Boom
Robots From The Sky Part 3 (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Robots From The Sky Part 3".

[Scene: Morristown, day]

[This episode continues where the previous episode left off, with Sonic and Tails arriving in Morristown and walking out of the spaceship, only to find the place in ruin.]
Sonic: I think Mighton and Bolts might have been a little generous with their use of the word "utopia".
Tails: This place looks more depressing than Comedy Chimp's holiday special the year his wife left him.
Sonic: Alright. This entire operation hinges on nobody noticing we're here.
[Sonic steps onto the Morristown platform, which turns out to be an invisible laser; an alarm sounds as he steps back onto the spaceship ramp]
Sonic: ...So much for that.
Robot: Carbon-based lifeforms detected!
[Several robots turn up after the alarm sounds. Tails investigates the malware on each robot.]
Tails: These guys are infected too! They're probably just innocent Morristown civilians. Better not destroy them.
[The robots attack Sonic with their lasers.]
Robot: They're not fighting back! They must be afraid of our superior power and intellect.
Sonic: You sure we can't destroy them?
[Sonic and Tails dodge another laser]
Sonic: Come on. This way!
[Sonic and Tails hurry towards an entrance to a corridor with the robots chasing them. They eventually come across a dead end, and look back at the robots coming for them. They hear a voice coming out of the chute.]
Bolts: Over here!
Tails: Oh, thank goodness. A stranger in a dark alley!
[Bolts drags both Sonic and Tails into the chute with his long arms, and closes the chute behind them. Sonic and Tails fall and land into another room, soon to be followed by robots.]
Sonic: Stay back!
[The robots prepare to attack, but hear Mighton in the distance.]
Mighton: Stand down, troops! These two are allies.
Sonic: Mighton, Bolts, are we glad to see you? [holds his hand up for a high-five]
Mighton: No time for pleasantries.
[camera cuts to Sonic, who awaits a high-five]
Mighton: I ain't no frat boy and this ain't no ice cream social.
Sonic: What kind of weak frat party are you going to?
Bolts: You have to forgive Mighton. He's been under a lot of stress ever since he was made leader of the Robot Resistance.
Mighton: I ain't gonna sugarcoat it. We're really in a soup.
Sonic: Who sugarcoats soup?
Mighton: A surface bot has taken over Morristown, projecting a viral signal for miles in every direction.
Tails: Which is why the robots on the ground are infected.
Bolts: We're safe here, but once we leave this bunker's lead-lined walls...
Mighton: Our brains will be so scrambled you can serve them with hotcakes and a cup of joe for $5.99.
Tails: You guys might not be able to leave the bunker, but we can!
Sonic: Sonic and Tails, reporting for duty!
[Sonic and Tails salute.]
Mighton: We ain't a potty language, privates! Now, according to our intel, the leader of the enemy forces is located at Morristown's central power core.
Bolts: I'm transferring a map wirelessly right now.
[Bolts hands over a map to Tails]
Mighton: Give 'em heck, boys.
[Mighton, Bolts and the rest of the robots salute Sonic and Tails, who return the favor with a salute of their own.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[The Village Center residents are under attack from malware-infected robots. Wild Cat running from a giant swatter, Lady Goat is screaming at a Crab Bot, and Wolfie is running away from a Motobug. Soon after, the Beaver Policeman and Wolf Policeman stand back to back surrounded by a group of Mantis Bots]
Beaver Policeman: All right. Just stay calm and remember our training.
[The Mantis Bots lunge forwards and both Policemen scream. The Fennec Garbage Man throws a sack towards Cubot holding a trash can. He dodges it and slams the can upside-down on top of the Fennec Garbage Man's head, tipping him over. Obliterator Bot confronts the Lightning Bolt Society, making them panic and hide behind the bushes. Knuckles punches the robot but as he lands, he get struck by milk from Cowbot. Knuckles turns around, spots him and dodges more milk missiles. Child Monkey and Beth the Shrew scream while they are being chased by three Motobugs but Og leaps in between them and stops the Motobugs in their tracks.]
Og: Normally, I'm a pacifist. But today, I'll be passing fists.
[Og jumps between the Motobugs and takes each one down. FriendBot shoots missiles towards Amy and Sticks, forcing them to run away.]
Sticks: Do you seriously call this thing "FriendBot"?!
Amy: He's got a great personality once you get to know him.
FriendBot: Destroy. Obliterate. Exterminate.
[The girls fall into a wooden crate.]
Sticks: You were saying...?
[Two sentry spaceships fly down to the Village Center and fire lasers at the girls.]

[Scene Change: Inside a Morristown building, day.]

Tails: If I'm reading this map correctly, the central power core should be straight ahead. [Pauses in front of a dead end] I did say if.
Sonic: [Angrily] Ugh... Everywhere in Morristown looks exactly like everywhere else in Morristown. And what's with all these jug handles. Why can't we just make a left?
Tails: We're never gonna find the robot leader's stronghold.
[Suddenly, an alarm sounds. The infected robots approach Sonic and Tails]
Robot: Intruders! Get them! And take them directly to our leader's stronghold.
Tails: [Hesitantly] Uhh... Okay. If you say so.
[Sonic agrees and gives five to Tails.]

[Scene Change: Morristown central power core, day.]

Robot: Sir, we found these two surface dwellers loitering in Sector 7G.
Tails: Hey! We weren't loitering. If anything, we were trespassing!
Sonic: You got a real knack for negotiation, Tails.
[A turnstile in the stronghold turns and reveals the leader, which turns out to be Hypnobot.]
Hypnobot: Sonic, Tails. How sweet of you to travel all this way.
Tails: Hypnobot? Is that you? I don't remember programming you to be sentient.
Hypnobot: That's because you didn't.
[A Flashback of "Robot Battle Royale" shows up on the screen.]
Hypnobot: You created me to be your instrument of destruction for some childish competition. In the end, I was defeated by some back-flipping canine. I spent weeks waiting for you to rescue me. Thankfully, a local scouting vessel showed up. They made repairs and improvements, granting me sentience. And more important... the ability to understand how much you betrayed me.
[The next Flashback shows the previous episode. Hypnobot continues his explanation.]
Hypnobot: So, I used my hypnotic powers to manipulate ground forces to attack you surface dwellers. While at the same time creating a stronghold here in Morristown, which you think they'd named it something better, like "Sky-tropolis"?
Tails: I didn't realize. I'm sorry.
Hypnobot: Oh, did you hear that everyone? Tails is sorry. Guess I should cancel my world domination plans. Engage condescending laugh mode!
[Hypnobot fires his laser towards the infected robots, making them laugh in descending order of pitch.]
Hypnobot: Your kind will soon be wiped out.
Sonic: You're the one who's going to be wiped, Hypno-butt!
[The robots laugh again.]
Hypnobot: Disable condescending laugh mode!
[Hypnobot fires his laser again.]
Tails: It's me you have a beef with. Leave everyone else out of it.
Sonic: And where do you get off turning the robots that rescued and repaired you into mindless zombie minions? Not cool, dude!
Hypnobot: I lost all hope of being "cool" the day Tails built me in his image.
Tails: Aww...
Hypnobot: Now, my minions, attack!
[The infected robots surround Sonic and Tails while Hypnobot is laughing. The two members of Team Sonic try to fight off the robots.]
Sonic: There's too many of them!

[Scene Change: Village Center]

[Eggman's robots continue their onslaught against the other three members of Team Sonic. ]
Sticks: There's too many of them!
Amy: We can't do this all by ourselves.
Knuckles: Terrified villagers! I know you've all perfected the art of cowering in fear. But today, I'm going to ask more of you...
Mike: Do you need us to run around with our arms flailing?
Knuckles: No, my bovine amigo. Whether you're a hero, [points to Amy, Sticks and Og] a villain, [points to the Lightning Bolt Society] or re-occuring background character, [looks at Old Monkey, Wild Cat and Wolfie, the latter two of whom celebrate and give high-fives] today we ask you to stand and fight! Not for your family, not for your friends, but because look at all these things these robots ruined. Those were our things! Our knick-knacks! Our tchotchkes! Our doodads!
Wolf Sidekick: Not our doodads!
Knuckles: It's time to tell our enemies that they may break our spirits, but they can never break our stuff!
[Knuckles raises his fist into the air. The residents celebrate and do the same too. They all engage in combat against the robots. Mrs. Vandersnout hits a Crab Bot with a rolling pin. Zooey hits a Mantis Bot with a frying pan. Dave the Intern shoots hamburgers towards a Motobug, which Old Monkey whacks with his cane, breaking the Motobug. Comedy Chimp squeezes water out from his sunflower badge towards a Bee Bot, destroying it.]

[Scene Change: Morristown central power core, day.]

[Sonic and Tails continue to fight, but Tails notices Hypnobot escaping.]
Tails: He's getting away!
[Tails chases after Hypnobot, leaving Sonic to battle the robots. HypnoBot passes through some guards, who block Tails. Back in the room, Sonic eventually takes down all the robots and follows Tails. They are both surrounded by guards as they move outside.]
Sonic: There's no end to these guys! The only way to stop them is to take out Hypnobot!
[Sonic pushes the guards out of the way, with one of them dropping an antenna-based lance that Tails picks up. He flies towards Hypnobot but stops half-way.]
Sonic: What are you waiting for, Tails?
Tails: [Nervous] He's my creation. I can't do it!
[Hypnobot launches a bola from a gun which hits the antenna. The antenna fires a shot towards the glass dome, blowing a hole in it. Sonic continues to fight the guards, but gets struck on the leg by one of the guards. Tails notices Sonic is down and flies towards Hypnobot, but get struck and tangled by another bola, causing him to fall through the hole in the glass dome.]
Sonic: Tails!
[Tails hangs on to the city's edge and looks down towards the sky in fear. Hypnobot laughs evilly. Sonic hears it, clears the guards and dashes towards Hypnobot and brakes. He unleashes his rage and strikes Hypnobot. Hypnobot falls out of Morristown, and down from the sky. Tails loses his grip and falls too, but Sonic grabs him just in the nick of time. A guard robot stomps on Sonic's injured leg. Hypnobot eventually lands in a frozen lake.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day]

[As Hypnobot falls into the lake, all of Eggman's robots cease to attack.]
Old Monkey We did it!
[The Village residents celebrate.]
Cubot: Cubot smash!
[Orbot and Cubot both hold a trash can. They look at the camera, look at each other and start laughing, continuing their rampage.]
Amy: Great job, everybody. I'm really proud of how we all worked together.
[The Village residents celebrate again.]
Amy: Now all we have to do is clean up this mess and restore our town to its former glory. Who's with me?
[The Village residents hesitate, and leave to avoid clearing up the mess. Amy groans.]

[Scene Change: Morristown, day.]

[Sonic (with a guard robot holding his injured leg down) tries to pull Tails back into Morristown. The guard robot lets go of Sonic's leg, but he keeps holding onto Tails. Mighton and Bolts arrive at the scene, and Sonic expresses a sight of relief. Bolts uses his extendable arms to pull Tails to safety.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Eggman is in his dressing gown, eating a bowl of cereal]
Dr. Eggman: This store brand stuff tastes terrible. Uh, an evil doctor without evil menus doesn't deserve any name-brand cereal.
[Eggman's radar shows up. Eggman takes a look at the radar.]
Dr. Eggman: Huh? My robots! They're coming back! I knew they wouldn't want to miss "Crazy Hat Day".
[Eggman puts on a party hat]
Dr. Eggman: It's Crazy Hat Day, Crazy Hat Day...
[Eggman dances, but stops when he hears a signal.]
Eggman: Huh?

[Scene Change: Morristown medical room, day.]

[Bolts wraps some duct tape on Sonic's leg]
Sonic: Ow! You sure you know how to treat injuries to non-robots?
Bolts: No, but I have duct tape. Duct tape fixes everything.
Sonic: [Groans in pain]
Mighton: Pah! You think that's bad? I did a stint in Guatamañana. Woke up one morning to find the whole platoon decapitated! Of course, they were all robots, so I was able to just screw their head back on, but still...
Tails: Sonic, I feel terrible about all this.
Sonic: It's not your fault.
Tails: First I created and inadvertently abandoned a robot that nearly led to the destruction of the world. And on top of that, because of my hesitation to stop him, you got your leg busted up.
Sonic: OK good point, it is your fault, but hey. At least everything turned fine in the end.

[Scene Change: Frozen lake, day.]

[Eggman is beneath the frozen lake in his water-protected Eggmobile. He finds Hypnobot inside an ice block and retrieves it with his claw weapon.]
Dr. Eggman: Welcome to team Eggman! Hahahahaha!
[Screen fades to black.]
Knuckles: Aw, man. TO be continued? I hate that.