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Sonic Boom
Robots From The Sky Part 2 (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Robots From The Sky Part 2".

[Scene: Outside Tails' Workshop, day.]

[The series carries on where the last episode ended, with Tails unconscious on the ground and Team Sonic surrounding him. The lasers stop. Sonic takes a closer look and investigates]
Sonic: Tails, buddy? You OK?
[Laughter is heard and a trio of robotic eyes are seen from behind the bushes. Tails opens his eyes slowly and responds, relieving the rest of Team Sonic.]
Tails: [Sitting up] I'll be fine. Thankfully, I had Wolf Sidekick's autobiography Just Settle for Second-best in my strap.
[Lasers start firing again]
Sonic: Hold you ground, team.
Sticks: Forget the ground. Hold your weapons!
[The group reveal themselves as part of the Cubot prototypes. Two more approach from the roof of Tails' Workshop, with one firing a laser towards Knuckles and Tails.]
Knuckles: What the heck? These Cubot prototypes should be cute and friendly, like Amy. Now they're bloodthirsty and vindictive, like Amy when I move her throw pillows.
Amy: I put those pillows in their spot for a reason. When you throw them aside you ruin the whole tableau.
Knuckles: Ugh, but they're throw pillows!
[Knuckles gets zapped by an electric prod by one of the Cubot prototypes. As the prototype laughs and retreats, the rest of Team Sonic fight, but Sticks also gets zapped by the prod.]
Sonic: [Kicks a gun off a robot and blocks a headbutt attack] We gotta figure out how to corral these guys without hurting them
[Suddenly, Sonic presses a button on top of the Cubot prototype's head, destroying it completely]
Sonic: Or that.
Tails: Of course. Go for the self-destruct buttons on their head. [Dodges a prod and presses the button on another Cubot prototype] I'll put them back together later.
[Soon all the members press the buttons, with Sticks using her bo, Amy using the back of her hammer and Sonic spinning round before finally pressing the button.]
Sticks: I'm worried, Tails.
Tails: It's OK, Sticks. I'll rebuild them and they'll be as good as new.
Sticks: That's what I was worried about.
Amy: What's caused them to go crazy?
Tails: Maybe I should run some tests on these Cubots. See what got them all worked up.

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Dr Eggman is having a bath with Orbot and Cubot keeping him company.]
Dr. Eggman: Lousy Sonic! Freeing my robot's prisoners! Who do you think he's dealing with? I'm supposed to be respected and feared.
Cubot: [Picks up a rubber duck] Rubber ducky respects and fears you. Don't you?
[Cubot squeezes the rubber duck, and makes duck sounds.]
Dr. Eggman: Guess that did make me feel a little bit better.
Orbot: That's the spirit. Now once we finish conditioning your back hair, you can get started on a new diabolical scheme.
Dr. Eggman: You know what? I don't need those Mighton and Bolts losers. As long as I got my robots, the sky's the limit.
[A laser of rings hypnotizes Orbot and Cubot, who leave Eggman behind in the bath.]
Dr. Eggman: Hey! Where're you going? These bunnions aren't gonna massage themselves.
[The door to Eggman's lair opens up and a group of robots turn up outside the lair. Decimator Bot steps on the camera to end the scene.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Inside Tails' Workshop, Tails has just finished repairing the Cubot prototypes.]
Tails: Well, that's the last of the Cubots. Man. I've never seen so much malware before.
Sonic: Clearly you've never downloaded the Meh Burger app.
Tails: And the crazy part is the Cubots' malware was identical to the virus I found on Mighton and Bolts' ship.
Amy: [On the Communicator] Sonic, Tails, get down here! It's a code teal!
Sonic: The cable company's raising rates again?!
Amy: [On the Communicator] That's a code turquoise.
Sonic: There're the same color!
Amy: [Kicks a robot] No. One's greenish blue, the other's bluish green. [Dodges a Bee Bot] Do I have to take you to the hardware to look at swatches again?
Sonic: Please, no!
[Decimator Bot approaches Amy. She prepares for combat.]
Amy: Oh, a tough guy, huh?
[Amy screams. The screaming is heard on Sonic and Tails' Communicators.]
Tails: How can this day get any worse?
[Lasers of rings approach the repaired Cubot prototypes, sparking them to life again.]
Sonic: Haven't you learned by now not to tee up action like that?
[The Cubot prototypes surround Sonic and Tails. They both run outside and close the door behind them. ]
Tails: Think they'll be okay until we get back?
[Leroy the Turtle turns up with his bike and mail cart]
Sonic: Leroy, keep an eye on that door. Make sure the robots don't get out.
Leroy: You got it, Sonic!
[As Sonic and Tails runs away, the door breaks down, releasing the Cubot prototypes. Leroy ignores them, and cycles away.]
Leroy: Meh. Not my problem.

[Scene Change: Village Center]

[Sonic and Tails arrive at the Village Center, with Knuckles, Amy and Sticks continuing to battle.]
Amy: [Hits a robot on the head with a hammer] Oh, hi guys!
[Amy notices that a group of residents are running away from Octopus Bot.]
Orbot: Ha ha ha ha! Octa-pie Main Street!
[Male Fennec protects himself from a Mantis Bot with a broom. Lady Walrus runs with her baby Chumley from Bee Bots.]
Soar: It's pandemonium... is what I'd say if we were being attacked by pandas. But in this case, it's Robo-monium.
[A Crab Bot tries to steal Mrs. Vandersnout's handbag.]
Soar: Residents young and old are all falling victims to this mechanical onslaught. [Turns to Mrs. Vandersnout] Ma'am, care to comment?
Mrs. Vandersnout: Don't just stand there. Help me!
Soar the Eagle: Oh, what a sad world we live in where this poor old woman could be brutalized by senseless robot violence while people just stand by allowing it to happen. Tsk! Tsk! Society, [slowly] Shame, on, you!
[As soon as Soar walks away, Sonic destroys the Crab Bot, and bows to Mrs. Vandersnout before running towards Octopus Bot, dodging its attacks.]
Sonic: An hour ago, you were snitching on Eggman, and now you're the ringleaders in his baseless blitzkrieg? You do more flip-flopping than the mayor during campaign season. Man, that guy loves open-toed shoes.
Orbot: Dr. Eggman does not dictate our directive.
Cubot: Yeah, and he doesn't give our orders either.
[Octopus Bot soots ink at Sonic's head, agitating him. Sonic destroys Octopus Bot with a Homing Attack, tipping it over. Cubot and Orbot jump off the roof of the bot, laughing and kicking a trash can over.]
Tails: The malware signals are everywhere!
Wild Cat: You know, it's wierd. My cousin lives two towns over; they never get attacked by remorseless killing machines.
[Tails redirects a drainpipe filled with water from a house towards Fire Bot, short-circuiting it and destroying it.]
Mayor Fink: You gotta do something. These robots are destroying our town. I need our town. It's where 20% of my campaign contributions comes from.
Tails: Morristown is the source of the malware. We have to go there to get to the bottom of this. Thankfully, I've downloaded the GPS co-ordinates for Mighton and Bolts' ship.
Mayor Fink: I only understood a handful of those words, but you seem pretty confident. Have at it!
Sonic: Knuckles, Amy, Sticks! Can you guys hold the fort down here?
Amy: No problem!
Sticks: You got it!
Knuckles: Regular force or blanket?
Sonic: Tails and I are going to Morristown! Man, I wish they picked a cooler sounding name.

[Scene Change: Sky, day.]

[Sonic and Tails are on board Tails' Plane, with Tails as pilot]
Tails: Morristown should be just ahead.
Sonic: You know, Tails. It would really improve the travel experience if you offered some in-flight entertainment, or, a least a bag of peanuts.
Tails: Sorry, Sonic, but cutting amenities is how we keep our prices so low.
Sonic: It's a load balony and you know it!
Tails: [Notices Morristown and some sentry spaceships] Look at all those sentries! They got the place on lockdown!
Sonic: Those Morristown's bots must be pretty serious about defense. Could've used them on our kickball team, mister "give up eight runs in an inning" Tails!
[A group of spaceships start firing towards Tails' Plane.]
Sonic: Looks like we've been spotted!
Tails: You think?
[Tails steers and tilts the plane away, dodging lasers]
Tails: Blue Leader, this is Yellow Sky. I got three boogies hot on my tail!
Sonic: Yeah, I know, dude. I'm right here.
[Tails lines up his plane to fly in-between the spaceships.]
Sonic: Tails, uh, what are you doing?
[Tails dodges a laser by pulling the plane upwards. A laser strikes an ally sentry, setting it on fire. The pilot of the burning ship uses his ejector seat to evacuate, flying his way back to Morristown.]
Sonic: Ah! Woohoo! [Notices more firing lasers] Do a barrel roll!
Tails: [Barrel rolling the plane] Hey, Sonic. Want to pay this guy a visit?
Sonic: Sure, I'd love to "drop in"! [Takes off his seatbelt] Don't try this at home, kids.
[Tails rotates the plane upside-down. Sonic jumps down onto the sentry, winks, and does a Homing Attack, taking down the second sentry in the process, and bouncing back off, falling towards the canyon.]
Sonic: Arghh! Any time now, Tails! Woah!
[Tails' Plane swoops down and manages to rescue Sonic.]
Tails: How's that for in-flight entertainment?!
Sonic: Yep, you still could do the bag of peanuts.
[Tails has one more sentry on his tail. He flies inside the canyon, steering around a rock wall. With the sentry confused, Tails ends up behind the sentry, and aims the target to hit the middle of the radar. Tails fires the Unbolterizer, paralyzing the last sentry. The pilot uses an ejector seat to get out. The ship falls into the sand. Tails' Plane lands on the site of the fallen spaceship. Tails jumps off.]
Sonic: What are you doing? Morristown's that way!
Tails: Yeah, but if there are more sentries, my plane's got no chance of making it through. Time for plan C.
Sonic: What happened to plan B?
Tails: Where are we gonna find bowling shoes filled with pudding on such short notice? [Runs towards the sentry's ship]
Sonic: Wait, Tails. You're being irresponsible and totally reckless!
Tails: And...?
Sonic: And wait for me!
[Sonic jumps of the plane and joins Tails in the ship.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Back at the Village Center, Sticks, Amy and Knuckles continue to battle against Eggman's robots. Sticks knocks a Mantis Bot's head off with her bo. Amy hits two Bee Bots with one swing of her hammer, along with a Scorpion Bot. Knuckles rides on a Beetle Bot like a rodeo, much to Sticks' dismay. The bot launches Knuckles up in the air, but he sits on top of it, destroying it, while eating from a shoe.]
Amy: Great job, Knuckles! Things are looking up. We might actually be able to pull this off!
[As Sticks knocks another Bee Bot out, both she and Amy become nervous when FriendBot arrives.]
Amy: FriendBot. Am I glad to see you! We really could use your help here.
FriendBot: Friendbot, destroy. [Prepares to attack]
Sticks: Take cover!
[FriendBot fires a missile towards the girls. They dodge it, and it hits a Scorpion Bot instead. They hide behind a wooden table.]
Amy: Sonic. Wherever you are, you better be kicking butt right now!

[Scene Change: Sentry spaceship, day.]

[Tails works on setting up the ship, while Sonic tests the chair's features.]
Sonic: Elevator up, elevator down. [laughing]
Tails: I think I figured out how to fly this thing.
Sonic: Great job, Tails! I knew if we work together we'd figure it out. [shaking] Oh, massage function. Ahh...
[The spaceship boots up, reverses out of the sand, turns around and flies back up towards Morristown.]
Sonic and Tails: Woohoo!
Tails: I gotta get me one of these!
Sonic: Hah, looks like it worked. Those chumps don't suspect a thing.
[The Plane's HUD changes]
Sonic: Tails, what's happening?
Tails: It's an auto docking sequence. They're bringing us in.
[The ship closes in on Morristown]
Tails: Here it is. The robot-utopia in the clouds.
[The ship enters, explores and lands in Morristown. When Sonic and Tails pop out of the door they are shocked to find out this place is deserted and in smoke.]
Sonic: Whoa, what happened here?
[Dramatic music plays as the screen fades to black]
Knuckles: To be continued again? Hah, the nerve of these writers.