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"Robots From The Sky Part 2" is the seventy-ninth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 9 April 2017 in France and on 13 May 2017 in the United States.


Robots all over the planet have turned evil. Sonic & Tails travel to the city in the clouds to get help curing the infected robots.[4]







The episode begins where the previous episode ended, with a seemingly injured Tails surrounded by the rest of Team Sonic near his workshop. Sonic asks if he is okay, and he and the others are relieved when Tails stirs and reveals a book he had in his strap took the laser hit, sparing him from injury. The team again assumes fighting positions, and their attackers emerge from the bushes, revealing themselves to be the Cubot prototypes; Knuckles is curious about why they are suddenly hostile, given their history. While holding one of the prototypes back, Sonic accidentally presses the self-destruct button on his head, which gives Tails the idea to tell the others to press the rest of the prototypes' buttons; after all of the prototypes are subdued, Tails decides to fix them so he can figure out what is making them behave like this (the idea of which worries Sticks).

Meanwhile, at Eggman's lair, Eggman is taking a bath, fuming over his failure to get the location of Morristown from Mighton and Bolts; Orbot and Cubot help cheer him up, and he decides he does not need Mighton and Bolts as long as he has his robots. However, at that point, Orbot and Cubot are affected by a mysterious signal and exit the bathroom, leaving Eggman confused and angry; the two minions join the rest of Eggman's robots in leaving the lair. Back at Tails' Workshop, Tails has repaired the Cubot prototypes and removed malware from their systems, noting to a nearby Sonic that it is the same as the malware that affected Mighton and Bolts' ship. At that moment, they get a call from Amy on their Communicators as the rest of the team is dealing with a sudden invasion of Eggman's robots in the Village Center. Soon after, the Cubot prototypes are affected by the signal and reactivate; however, Sonic and Tails decide helping their friends is more important, and they shut the prototypes in, with Sonic telling a passing Leroy the Turtle to watch the door before they leave. The prototypes eventually break down the door, and Leroy leaves, deciding it is not his problem anymore.

In the Village Center, Team Sonic deals with the robot invasion as the villagers run for cover (and Soar the Eagle reports on it, calling out society for not helping out while himself not helping Mrs. Vandersnout reclaim her purse from a Crab Bot, which Sonic eventually destroys). Eventually, Orbot and Cubot arrive in the Octopus Bot, and Sonic calls them out for tattling on Eggman an hour ago and then attacking Hedgehog Village for him; however, the two say Eggman did not give them their orders before Sonic destroys Octopus Bot. Meanwhile, Tails finds out that all of the robots are affected by the reoccurring malware signal. Mayor Fink runs to Sonic and Tails and asks them to stop the robots and save his town (though mostly for political reasons); Tails explains that Morristown is the source of the malware and that he downloaded the GPS coordinates from Mighton and Bolts' ship, so they can go there and take care of the issue at its source. Sonic asks Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks to stay behind and defend Hedgehog Village while he and Tails head to Morristown, and they are more than happy to do so.

Later, Sonic and Tails are flying toward Morristown in Tails' Plane and are soon confronted by the town's sentries, which fly in to attack; a dogfight ensues, with Sonic eventually jumping out of the plane to spin attack a ship, after which Tails catches him to prevent him from landing in the canyon below them. They end up behind a sentry, allowing Tails to blast it; like the other ships they destroyed, the robot pilot ejects, leaving the ship to crash-land into the canyon. Tails lands his plane and gets out to commandeer the ship, explaining that if there are more sentries ahead, his plane will never get through them; Sonic soon joins him inside. Back in the Village Center, Knuckles, Amy, and Sticks continue to fight off the robots, with Amy certain of their eventual victory. It is at that point that FriendBot appears, and Amy is happy to see him, asking for his help. However, FriendBot has also been infected with the malware and attacks her and Sticks. As they huddle behind a toppled table, Amy hopes Sonic is out there fighting.

Sonic is instead playing with his chair inside the ship he and Tails commandeered as Tails attempts to get the ship to fly, which he eventually does; once they get close to Morristown, the sentries being none the wiser of their presence, the ship begins an auto-docking sequence. They enter Morristown only to be shocked when they find the city in ruin; the ship lands, and Sonic and Tails step out to better survey the destruction. After Sonic asks what happened, the episode fades to black (and Knuckles complains about another cliffhanger ending, annoyed at "the nerve of these writers").



  • The shade of the Cubot Series' yellow color scheme differs between their bodies and gloves in various scenes.


The concept for the "Robots From The Sky" story arc (sentient robots coming from a floating island in the sky) was formulated by Bill Freiberger.[5] The story arc itself came out of a desire to tell a longer story and "get extra mileage out of production concerns like new characters and locations."[6]

The inclusion of the quote "Blue Leader, this is Yellow Sky" was added as a callback to "The Sidekick".[7]

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Les robots venus du ciel – partie 2 Robots from the Sky – Part 2
Italian Piovono robot - parte 2 Rain robots - Part 2
Polish Roboty z nieba, część druga Robots from the sky, part two
Spanich (Latin America) Robots del cielo - parte 2 Robots from the sky, part 2
Ukrainian Роботи з неба, частина друга Robots from the sky, part two


  • Ten days before this episode aired on Boomerang, Bill Freiberger released the title card for this episode on Twitter as a teaser.[8]
  • With this episode, the Sonic Boom television series has aired more episodes than any other Sonic-related television series, surpassing Sonic X, which aired a total of seventy-eight episodes.
  • In the middle of the dogfight sequence, Sonic shouts "Do a barrel roll!", a popular line from Star Fox 64.
  • The dogfight between the Tails' Plane and the Morristown sentries features several nods to Independence Day and Star Wars, the most overtly of which include Sonic and Tails' hijacking of the alien ship, and Tails' quote "I got to get me one of these".[9][10]
  • This is the second episode that Knuckles breaks the fourth wall criticizing the end.


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