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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Sonic the Hedgehog (TV series) continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
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Robotropolis[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Formerly known as Mobotropolis,[1] this city was originally a glorious city ruled by the King and inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. However, it was taken over by Dr. Robotnik in 3224, becoming the capital of his empire of pollution and dangerous robots.


Mobotropolis, before Robotnik's takeover.

Before Dr. Robotnik’s takeover, Mobotropolis was a beautiful city where civilization and advanced technology existed in harmony with nature. One particularly characteristic building in the city was the royal palace, which was reminiscent of a multi-storied pyramid. In addition, the city also held a laboratory for Sir Charles Hedgehog.[1]

After being transformed into Robotropolis, the city became dark and infested with technology and industry. Most of the buildings became factories or industrial centers of different types, where robots or Worker-Bots from Mobotropolis work.[2] Dark clouds also cover the sky over Robotropolis, which leaves the entire city cloaked in eternal darkness. Robotropolis also has an extensive system of underground tunnels,[3] a large junkyard/dump,[2] robot hangars,[3] railway lines,[4] and prison facilities where people scheduled for roboticization are kept.[5] The palace building was also transformed, becoming a great egg-shaped fortress where Dr. Robonik’s war room is located. This room includes a swiveling chair and a large monitor.

In one of Robotropolis’s districts lies the entrance to the Forbidden Zone,[6] and under the city lies Lower Mobius, an underground town created by refugees.[7] Sir Charles has as well two hideouts in Robotropolis, both hidden under piles of scrap metal.[8]


TV series


Sir Charles’ lab in Mobotropolis.

In the old days, Mobotropolis was ruled by Sally’s royal family. At the time of Sally’s father, the King, the city was embroiled in a Great War, which ended sometime around or before 3224. In 3224 however, Julian, the head of the War Ministry, made a coup and seized power over the city. During the ensuing takeover, about 85% of the city's population was captured and roboticized. Meanwhile, a flying ship called the Destroyer would destroy the natural environment in and around the city. In addition, the King of Mobotropolis was banished to the Void by Robotnik. From then on, Mobotropolis became known as Robotropolis, and for over a decade, it remained as Dr. Robotnik’s seat of power.[1][9] Rising up to stop Robotnik’s tyranny, the Knothole Freedom Fighters would repeatedly visit Robotropolis to perform various forms of sabotage within it.

Season one

Robotnik and Snively in Robotropolis's war room.

One day, Dr. Robotnik and Cluck returned to Robotropolis after being gone for a while. Upon their arrival, Snively greeted them. Inside their headquarters, Robotnik and Snively located Tails and sent a Buzz-Bomber after him. However, the Buzz-Bomber was destroyed by Sonic, whom Robotnik promised revenge. Later, Sonic and Tails snuck into Robotropolis to get some part Sally needed to complete the catapults in Knothole Village. There, the heroes escaped from some Swat-Bots, only to come across Muttski, Sonic's roboticized dog. When Muttski ultimately ended up attacking them, Sonic and Tails had to run away. While escaping, they jumped into a ventilation shaft that took them to Dr. Robotnik's headquarters. There, Robotnik told his Swat-Bots his plan to unveil the location of Knothole Village by destroying the Great Forest with chemicals deployed by his Buzz-Bombers. Although Sonic and Tails ended up falling into Robotnik's room and got caught by Swat-Bots, they managed to escape. During the heroes' escape, Robotnik and his forces surrounded them again. However, Sonic used a Power Ring that helped him and Tails flee back to Knothole Village. The next day, Robotnik deployed his chemical wielding Buzz-Bomber from Robotropolis. However, the Buzz-Bombers were repelled by the Knothole Freedom Fighters and could thus not spread the chemicals across the Great Forest.[2] Sonic, Cat, Antoine and Sally later infiltrated the Stealthbot hangar in Robotropolis with the intention of sabotaging the Stealthbots. While there though, Sally intercepted a message left by the King. Antoine soon after gave away their position, forcing the group to flee from the Swat-Bots. During the heroes' escape, Cat was caught and brought to Dr. Robotnik. When Cat refused to speak, Robotnik had Cat put in prison. Sonic returned briefly to Robotropolis to save Cat, but he told him to save Sally and Antoine first, who were being followed by Robotnik's forces. Sonic thus followed his friends to Ironlock Prison, from where the heroes returned to Robotropolis's Stealthbot hangar using to the system of underground tunnels under the city. After sabotaging the Stealthbots, Sonic left to save Cat. However, he could not find him in his cell and had to run away. Robotnik soon after sent Robotropolis's Stealthbots after Sonic and his friends, but these were destroyed by the sabotage Sally had carried out in Sonic's absence.[3]

Sonic, Sally, and Bunnie soon after attacked the Swat-Bot factory in Robotropolis. After Bunnie turned off the power, Sonic set up explosives around the factory. He and Bunnie then retreated. However, Sally was caught by Robotnik's forces before she could detonate the charges. With Sally in his captivity, Robotnik used her to create robot duplicate of Sally, which he left for the Knothole Freedom Fighters to rescue so he could infiltrate their ranks. Sally, in turn, was set to be roboticized, but the Roboticizer malfunctioned, forcing Robotnik to postpone Sally's roboticization until the next day. Sonic soon after returned to Robotropolis and rescued the "Sallybot", whom he mistook for the real thing. Sonic, Bunnie, Rotor and the Sallybot later went to Robotropolis again to complete the destruction of the Swat-Bot factory. After noticing that they were constantly being attacked by robots however, they realized that the Sallybot was an imposter and managed to disable her. Rotor then reprogrammed the Sallybot, which Sonic used to get to Sally. Sonic then had the Sallybot take Sally's place in the Roboticizer, allowing him to save Sally unnoticed. Meanwhile, the Sallybot went out of control after being roboticized and began attacking Robotnik's machinery. Meanwhile, Bunnie and Rotor managed to destroy the Swat-Bot factory.[10] Sonic and Sally later snuck into Robotropolis to sabotage Robotnik's Roboticizer. However, Snively detected them and sent Swat-Bots after them. Fortunately, Sonic and Sally managed to escape into the city's subway, where they met up with Antoine, Rotor and Bunnie. Together, the group went by rail car to the Crystal Mine to escape the Swat-Bots chasing them and find Sir Charles after seeing him head there by train.[4]

Robotnik and Snively at the entrance to the Forbidden Zone in Robotropolis.

Sonic and Sally later went to Robotropolis to get some spare parts for Nicole. While Sonic distracted the Swat-Bots, Sally broke into one of Robotnik's factories, where she acquired the necessary part. However, she was detected by the local robots, who sent a Swat-Bot after her. Sally eventually escaped to the Forbidden Zone, where she was saved by the guardian of the wizard Lazaar. Learning about the existence of Laazar, Robotnik went to the Forbidden Zone to steal Lazaar's Computer. Sonic later came through Robotropolis to find the Forbidden Zone so he could acquire Lazaar's Computer as well, but he arrived too late, as Robotnik had already gotten it. Returning to his headquarters in Robotropolis with Lazaar's magical computer, Robotnik used it to teleport Sally and Bunnie to him and then hypnotized them into serving him. Sonic soon after snuck into Robotnik's headquarters, only for Sally and Bunnie to catch him and take him towards the Roboticizer. Ultimately though, Sonic managed to recover Lazaar's Computer and restore Sally and Bunnie to normal. Sonic, Sally and Bunnie then fled from Robotropolis to the Forbidden Zone.[6] Sonic, Sally and Bunnie later destroyed Robotropolis's power generator, but Dr. Robotnik quickly had his backup generator brought online. Later, following one of Snively's suggestions, Robotnik organized a race in Robotropolis in order to lure Sonic into a trap. Robotnik hoped that he could destroy Sonic by having a super-fast and deadly robot-cheetah compete alongside Sonic while Snively executed a series of traps. As the race went underway, Sally, Bunnie and Antoine snuck into the backup generator's power plant. Eventually though, Sonic abandoned the race to help his friends destroy the backup generator and save Antoine when the latter got himself into a pickle. After the backup generator was destroyed, Robotropolis was left without electricity for a long time.[11]

After falling to get the energy needed for the Sonic Radar, Snively and the Swat-Bot commander returned to Robotropolis. There, Robotnik destroyed his commander for its incompetence. He then learned from Snively that his Shredder had been destroyed and immediately ordered Snively to build a new one. Some time later, Robotnik was working on his Sonic Radar while Antoine snuck into Robotropolis with a Power Ring. When Antoine then contacted Robotnik to offer him a Power Ring, the doctor ordered Swat-Bots to follow him. However, when the Swat-Bots proved unable to find Antoine, Robotnik was forced to comply to Antoine's demands and meet him alone. Although he would walk into a trap, Robotnik quickly overcame Antoine's trap and managed to both kidnap Antoine and take the Power Ring. In Robotropolis, Robotnik placed the Power Ring in his Sonic Radar, allowing it to track the approaching Sonic and shoot powerful lasers at him. After Robotnik thought Sonic was destroyed, he, Snively and an army of Swat-Bots prepared the new Shredder and flew to the Great Forest. In the meantime, Sonic, who had survived the Sonic radar's onslaught, managed to get to Robotropolis and saved Antoine from roboticization. The duo then went to the Great Forest to stop Robotnik, and eventually managed to ruin all his plans.[12] Dr. Robotnik later sent his Sky Spy from Robotropolis into space so his space station could discover the location of Knothole Village using its spy devices. Robotnik later sent a Stealthbot from Robotropolis to the Great Forest to find Knothole Village, but the robot got destroyed. Robotnik later learned that Sonic and Rotor had infiltrated the Sky Spy. The space station was soon after compromised and crashed into the wasteland, leaving Robotnik's plan thwarted.[13]

Robotropolis's traffic control center.

Sonic, Sally and Antoine, with the help of Nicole, later broke into the traffic control center in Robotropolis and destroyed the central control computer. During the heroes' escape however, they were cut off by Swat-Bots. Fortunately, they were saved by Griff, who took them to Lower Mobius, a hidden underground city underneath Robotropolis, through a system of underground pipes.[7] Dr. Robotnik, Snively, and a group of Stealthbots later set off from Robotropolis to capture a herd of migrating Terapods.[14]

Season two

Ari and Robotnik meeting in Robotnik's war room.

Dr. Robotnik and Snively later watched from their headquarters in Robotropolis as Ari convinced Sonic to help him save his group of Freedom Fighters from Robotnik's Fortress. After Ari trapped Sonic in the fortress though, he flew to Robotropolis, with Sally and Dulcy following him in secret. While Robotnik watched Sonic's struggle on his pinball table in the Fortress, Ari came for his Freedom Fighters, expecting Robotnik to release them as promised after helping him capture Sonic. However, Robotnik revealed that he had deceived him and that he had already roboticized Ari's Freedom Fighters. He then sentenced Ari to the same fate, but Sally and Dulcy stopped Robotnik. After rescuing Ari, the trio left Robotropolis and got Sonic out of the doctor's Fortress.[15] Sonic and Sally later visited Robotropolis when Sonic noticed his Uncle Chuck working on the Shriek-Bot. Sonic tried to approach Chuck, but was discovered by Robotnik, who sent the Shriek-Bot after him. Sonic and Sally managed to escape with the aid of a Power Ring though. With the heroes having escaped, Robotnik ordered Snively to improve the Shriek-Bot. Sonic soon after returned to Robotropolis and brought Chuck to Knothole Village by temporarily restoring Chuck's free will with a Power Ring. Later, Sonic had to return to Robotropolis to get some spare parts for the De-Roboticizer. Giving himself over to the Swat-Bots, Sonic was led to the original Roboticizer and stole the necessary parts from it. Later, a roboticized Chuck kidnapped Tails and Antoine and brought them to Robotropolis. There, Sonic managed to restore Chuck's free will permanently. When the Swat-Bots then arrived, Chuck and Sonic pretended to be fighting each other in order to cover up Chuck's new state of mind. Sonic would afterward escape from the Shriek-Bot sent after him, which was destroyed during the ensuing pursuit. Sonic then rescued Tails and Antoine, whom he returned to Knothole, while Chuck became a spy for the Knothole Freedom Fighters in Robotropolis.[16]

Dr. Robotnik later left Robotropolis to put an end to the Freedom Fighters uprising up north, although not before leaving the city in the hands of Snively. Meanwhile, Chuck left a message for the Knothole Freedom Fighters at a pick-up point that Sonic got to. After Sally, Bunnie and Dulcy received Chuck's message from Sonic, Sonic went to a vending machine in Robotropolis's sewers to get a chili dog. There, he noticed some Freedom Fighters being led towards the Roboticizer. While Sonic managed to save these Freedom Fighters, he got hit by a Memory Scrambler during the ensuing scuffle and lost his memory. Snively soon after found him and intended to use him to locate Knothole Village. When Sonic did not return, Sally and Chuck began looking for Sonic all over the city until they found him in Snively's company. After Snively sent Sonic to the Great Forest, he followed his coordinates from Robotnik's headquarters in Robotropolis. He soon after received the location of Knothole Village and set off with a team of Swat-Bots to pacify the inhabitants while also sending a squadron of Stealthbots to destroy the village. Snively's plan was stopped, however, and he was treated to the Memory Scrambler. Afterward, Sonic, Chuck and Sally took him back to Robotropolis and changed Knothole Village's coordinates in Robotnik's database. When Dr. Robotnik returned, the amnesiac Snively attacked him upon Sonic's instructions before regaining some of his memories. Snively then told Robotnik that he had found Knothole Village, not knowing that the coordinates he now had were fake.[5]

Mobotropolis shortly after being transformed into Robotropolis.

Sonic, Sally, and two Freedom Fighters later snuck into Robotropolis. During the mission, however, they were detected by Swat-Bots. Meanwhile, Sonic failed to save the other two Freedom Fighters, who were captured and roboticized. Afterward, the heroes returned to Knothole Village. Later, Sonic and Sally arrived in Mobotropolis in 3224 with the aid of the Time Stones, with the intention of stopping Robotnik before he rose to power. There, they met their younger counterparts, as well as their uncle Chuck, whom they told their story to. However, it turned out that Sonic and Sally had arrived too late, as Robotnik's coup would occur today. As such, Chuck called for Rosie, whom he met in a hut on the outskirts of the city. Chuck then told Rosie to evacuate the children to Knothole Village in case something bad happened. Sonic, Sally and Chuck then had an audience with the King, whom they tried to warn about Robotnik's plans to take over. However, they were too late. Robotnik soon after began taking over the city. In addition, his forces captured the younger versions of the future Knothole Freedom Fighters.[1] While Sonic and Sally managed to escape from the palace, they were caught by Swat-Bots and thrown in prison after they arrived at Rosie's hut. Regardless, they managed to escape and halt the first roboticization of the citizens by turning the Roboticizer off for two hours. At the same time, they realized that they had to stop the Destroyer, which had already transformed Mobotropolis into Robotropolis, before it could destroy the Great Forest. Along the way, they saved Sabina. After destroying the Destroyer, the heroes returned to Robotropolis, where they saved their younger counterparts from roboticization. However, they failed to save Chuck from being roboticized. Sonic and Sally then fled to a hut on the outskirts of the city and helped evacuate Rosie and the young Knothole Freedom Fighters, before returning to their own time with the Time Stones.[9]

Antoine later snuck into Robotropolis to collect a message from Chuck, but when a Swat-Bot discovered him, he almost gave away Chuck's hiding spot for the messages. Sonic, however, managed to help save Antoine and help get Chuck's message for him, after which they both returned to Knothole Village.[17] Sonic and Dulcy later helped Chuck get into Robotnik's base, where he sat up a bug. Sonic would then begin running away from Robotnik's forces until they caught him with Mega Muck. When Robotnik personally appeared to supervise the capture of Sonic though, Dulcy arrived and froze the doctor and his lackeys, and took Sonic away from Robotropolis. After this event, Robotnik decided to make sure that the remaining dragons on Mobius were roboticized and began interrogating his roboticized dragons. Eventually, Robotnik earned about Dragon's Nest, which he decided to go to in order to end the dragon civilization. After Robotnik went to Dragon's Nest, Chuck overheard his plans and passed them on to the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Returning to Robotropolis after capturing a Mother Dragon, Robotnik intended to roboticize her. When he escorted her to the dragon Robotizer however, Chuck called upon the Knothole Freedom Fighters to set a trap for Robotnik. Through eavesdropping, Chuck got an overview of Robotnik's plan for his escort. The heroes subsequently managed to save the Mother Dragon and defeat some members of Robotnik's army.[18] Sonic was later summoned by Chuck to his hideout in Robotropolis. There he learned from him that Robotnik was calling in all his commanders for the new Doomsday Project. Sonic subsequently returned to Knothole with this information. In the meantime, Robotnik learned from Snively that Naugus had recently opened a portal into the Void in the Great Unknown. The doctor thus set off with his fleet from Robotropolis to investigate this matter and prevent Naugus from escaping.[19]

Robotnik reviewing the Doomsday Project.

Dr. Robotnik would later brag about his Doomsday Project in his headquarters in Robotropolis when Snively informed him that the Wolf Pack had damaged the test Doomsday Pod attacking the Great Unknown. The doctor thus sent Snively to repair the machine while he remained in his headquarters in Robotropolis, observing Snively's actions and giving new orders.[20] Sally and Dulcy later met up with Chuck in Robotropolis where they received an incomplete recording of a conversation between Snively and Robotnik about the Deep Power Stones at Drood Henge. Meanwhile, while Snively was excavating Drood Hedge, Robotnik finished translating an old book describing Drood Henge. He then left Robotropolis to personally pick up one of the two Deep Power Stones.[21]

Chuck later worked at one of the factories in Robotropolis. While Snively was patrolling the factory, Chuck hacked into the factory's system and discovered Robotnik's latest plan. Snively, however, almost noticed him, so Chuck was forced to get back to work quickly. Sonic later came to Chuck's hideout in Robotropolis and learned about Robotnik's plan from him. At the same time, Sonic tried convincing his uncle to come live in Knothole Village, but to no avail. A while little later, Robotnik, who was at the Doomsday Machine, contacted Snively and ordered him to send a fuel convoy from Robotropolis. Overhearing their conversation, Chuck gave these news to the Knothole Freedom Fighters who proceeded to attack the convoy. While Sonic distracted the guards, Sally, Antoine and Bunnie sabotaged the Fuel Tankers. However, the heroes had to flee after the Swat-Bots returned to guard the convoy. Robotnik, who suspected that someone was spying on him, returned to Robotropolis and discovered Chuck's bug in his base. He then intended to damage the bug and leave it in the ventilation shaft to lure the spy out of hiding. After Chuck found out about the damage to his bug, he and Sonic managed to fix it. Meanwhile, Sally and Bunnie discovered Robotnik's plan and wanted to warn Chuck. However, the message reached Antoine first, who flew to Robotropolis on Dulcy's back to deliver the message to Chuck. When he did not find Chuck in his hideout however, Antoine went to Robotnik's base. There, he got a scare when he came across Chuck, causing him to fall out of hiding and land right at Snively's feet. Snively then began interrogating Antoine, thinking he was the spy, but Sonic saved his friend and got Dulcy to take him back to Knothole Village. Sonic then went after Chuck, wanting to try convincing him to move to Knothole Village once more. By the time he got to Chuck's hideout however, the Swat-Bots had already found Chuck's hideout and arrested him. With Chuck brought before Robotnik, the doctor was about to learn Knothole Village's location from Chuck. However, Sonic interrupted the interrogation and saved his uncle. After escaping from Robotnik's base. Chuck led Sonic, Sally and Bunnie to his new hideout, and also showed them a Tech-Bot disguise that would allow him to continue to act as a spy. Sonic, Sally and Bunnie thus returned to Knothole Village while Chuck remained in Robotropolis.[8] Robotropolis was later left deserted because all of Robotnik's forces were involved in defending the Doomsday Machine. Using Nicole, Sonic got into Robotnik's base in Robotropolis and stole the doctor's Deep Power Stone, which was used to destroy the Doomsday Machine and defeat Robotnik.[22]

In other media

Archie Comics

Robotropolis, from the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, Mobotropolis was the capital of the Kingdom of Acorn and was a testament to King Alexander Acorn's vision of a nation built upon the talents of all kinds of Mobians. Built to coexist with the land, the city advanced greatly with the invention of the clean energy source of Power RIng, though the technology of the city remained simple. Its resources were enjoyed by the citizens and craved by the Overland to the north. Building off old hostilities and pretenses in equal measure, the Overland initiated the Great War and eventually occupied Mobotropolis. The citizens resisted using the network of sewers to stage guerrilla attacks until the city was reclaimed. The shift came when Overlander defector Julian Kintobor provided his genius to the kingdom. With advanced weaponry and tactics, the Great War was ended and the city was rebuilt. This was all in preparation for Julian's second betrayal. In one fell swoop his gifts were turned against the city and it was transformed into Robotropolis. Robotropolis became dedicated to manufactoring the robots, weapons and machinery Dr. Ivo Robotnik needed to conquer Mobius. The citizens who did not resist his takeover were allowed to live and work in peace for a time, but were eventually rounded up and roboticized. For ten years the city served as his capital while the Knothole Freedom Fighters attempted sabotage. During this time the city suffered a massive earthquake and two small nuclear incidents but managed to limp along. The City was briefly recaptured and renamed "Mobotropolis" at the end of the First Robotnik War. It endured a meteor shower before it was reclaimed by Dr. Eggman at the start of the Second Robotnik War. Dr. Eggman controlled the city until it was attacked in a rogue nuclear strike by G.U.N. Dr. Eggman planned on enduring the assault under a forcefield and letting the outside world suffer, but Sonic and Tails were able to reverse the scenario. The missiles blew up the city and the nuclear ruination was kept contained within the energy dome. All that remains of the original Mobotropolis is a contained wasteland.

After the Super Genesis Wave rebooted the multiverse, Mobotropolis became the capital of the Kingdom of Acorn that span across the Acorn Archipelago. The city got taken by Dr. Eggman following the Eggman Invasion, but the Freedom Fighters were able to reclaim Mobotropolis and resume their way of living there.

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