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Robotropolis is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Formerly known as Mobotropolis, this city was originally the glorious capital of Mobius, ruled by the King. Ten years ago, the city was captured during Dr. Robotnik's coup d'état and became the capital city of Robotnik's global empire, rechristened Robotropolis.


Before Robotnik's takeover, Mobotropolis was a beautiful city with civilization, technology and nature coexisting in perfect harmony. Now a vast city of only technology and pollution, Robotropolis is nothing but factories, warehouses and mining facilities. At the heart of this city of evil lies Robotnik's headquarters, which used to be the royal family's castle.



Mobotropolis, before Robotnik's takeover.

Originally, Mobotropolis was ruled peacefully by the King and his royal family. Shortly after the Great War, on the 13th in the year 3224, the kingdom's War Minister, Julian, took over the city using his hordes of Swat-Bots, while the king was sentenced to exile in the Void. The majority of the city's population was captured and roboticized, though some managed to escape to the sanctuary of Knothole in the Great Forest, including the children who would later become the Freedom Fighters. The city was subsequently rechristened Robotropolis, and became the capital of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's global empire. Under the Destroyer's influence, most of the city was converted into factories to produce Robotnik's legions of robots.[1][2]


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