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Various Egg Pawns that have been subjected to Robotomy Treatment, from Sonic Forces.

Robotomy Treatment[1] is a subject that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It refers to the process used by the Eggman Empire in which living beings are turned into robots.


Little is know about the Robotomy Treatment process. It appears that it consists of living beings having their entire body mechanized. As described by Dr. Eggman, Robotomy Treatment also appears to leave its patients mentally disabled following the process, making them unable to think independently, and therefore turns them into mindless robotic slaves working for Eggman. Also, due to its patients having been turned into battle robots, they have weapons equipped in their bodies; and never have to eat, sleep, and breathe clean air ever again.[1]


In Sonic Forces, Robotomy Treatment is not mentioned by name in-game. However, it appears in the propaganda video "Come Join the Eggman Empire" to promote the game, in which it is the only method for surviving in the polluted enviroments of the Eggman Empire.[1]


  • The name for Robotomy Treatment might be a reference to lobotomy, a neurosurgical treatment that was introduced in the early 20th century and scrapped soon afterwards. Like Robotomy Treatment, lobotomy left most of its patients mentally disabled, with limited self-awareness and control over themselves.
  • Before the term appeared, a similar process, known as "roboticization", appeared in Sonic spin-off media in the West during the early 1990s. Like Robotomy Treatment, roboticization mechanized its subjects and turned them into mindless slaves working for Dr. Robotnik.


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