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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Robotnikland (episode)

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Robotnikland".

Note: scenes that were cut from certain reruns are highlighted in red.

[The episode begins with a view outside Robotnik's fortress as the camera zooms in on it. The screen then transitions to a view of a curtain. Scratch and Grounder, both of whom are wearing Chef hats and aprons, walk in. Grounder is holding a menu in his left arm, which he unfolds with both his drills.]

Scratch What's on Dr. Robotnik's breakfast menu for this morning?
Grounder: Eggs.
Scratch: He had eggs yesterday!
Grounder: Yeah, he's had eggs every day for the last ten years!
Scratch: Say, why don't we surprise him with something different?

[Grounder nods his head, "Yes", and Scratch turns around and opens the curtains. he and Grounder walk into the kitchen, where Robotnik, who is dressed in a purple robe and a purple and yellow fez, is reading a newspaper that says, MOBIUS TODAY at the counter. Scratch is at the stove, where he hands Grounder a lidded plate.]

Scratch: Here, you surprise him!

[Grounder pushes the plate away with his right drill.]

Grounder: Oh, no! The last time I surprised him, he demoted me to yacht anchor for a week!
Scratch: How'd you like a scrambled nose?

[Scratch holds an eggbeater up to Grounder's nose with his left hand. Grounder groans as Scratch spins it with his right, bending his nose. Scratch then pulls the eggbeater away.]

Grounder: Okay, I'll surprise him, I'll surprise him!

[As Robotnik picks up a cup of tea with his right hand, Grounder pops up at the counter and points at Robotnik with his left drill.]

Grounder: Uh, Dr. Robotnik, Scratch made you something special for breakfast!

[Robotnik grins happily.]

Dr. Robotnik: Let me guess; Eggs Mobius?

[Grounder nods his head, "No" as he hides both his drills behind his back.]

Robotnik: Chocolate-covered hard-boiled eggs?

[Grounder nods his head, "No" again.]

Robotnik: Canary omelette?

[Grounder nods his head, "No" yet again.]

Robotnik: Well, what then?!

[Grounder now has both his drills turned into hands, and as he uses his left one to hold the lidded plate, he removes the lid with his right one, revealing a stack of hotcakes underneath.]

Grounder: Hotcakes!

[Robotnik stares at the hotcakes in surprise.]

Robotnik: Hotcakes! Isn't that nice? You know what I like on my hotcakes?

[Robotnik grabs Scratch by his neck with his right hand and pulls him forward.]

Scratch: What?

[Scratch screams as Robotnik dunks his head into the hotcakes.]

Robotnik: Chopped chicken brains!

[Robotnik then takes the lid from Grounder with his right hand and puts it over Scratch's head. He then beats the lid twice with a ladle he is holding in his left hand. As he continues beating the lid, Grounder dances until Scratch falls over and syrup drips from the hotcakes.]

Scratch: Ow-how-how!

[Grounder laughs until Robotnik's shadow looms over him. He screams when he sees Robotnik and stares in shock at him.]

Robotnik: Think that's funny, huh? You know what I like with my chicken brains?

[Grounder nods his head, "No".]

Robotnik: Fried eggs.

[Grounder wipes his head with his left drill.]

Grounder: Phew! For a minute there, I thought you were going to say, "Fried robot brains"!
Robotnik: No, that's what I cook my fried eggs on!

[Robotnik points at Grounder with his right index finger. Grounder screams as Robotnik removes his apron with his right hand, revealing a stove knob underneath. Robotnik then uses his right hand to turn the knob clockwise, and Grounder's head turns red with heat. Steam emits from his head, and his chef hat burns off. A flame emits from Grounder's head, and Robotnik slams a frying pan onto it with his right hand.]

Robotnik: Now get me my eggs!

[Grounder rolls away. Robotnik turns around and picks up his newspaper with his left hand. As he looks through it, an article gets his attention.]

Robotnik: Just a minute! Scratch! Grounder! Do you realize what day this is?

[Scratch, who still has his head in Robotnik's hotcakes, is at Grounder, holding the frying pan in his right hand. He flips a fried egg in it.]

Scratch [in a muffled voice]: No, what day is it?

[Scratch sets the frying pan down.]

Robotnik: It's Sonic's birthday!
Grounder [in a muffled voice]: Terrific!
Robotnik: Yes, a teriffic time to give him a little surprise party!

[Robotnik laughs evilly. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic and Tails are sitting at a table near a hot dog stand. Sonic is feeling miserable.]

Sonic: Looks like this is gonna be a way uncool birthday, Tails. You're the only one who remembered!

[Tails grins happily when he sees a Bear Chef bring in a chili dog with a candle on it. The Bear Chef sets it down on the table.]

Tails: Happy Birthday, Sonic! Make a wish!
Sonic: I wish I had a real party!

[Sonic inhales deeply, then blows the candle out. The sound of Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic hovercraft can be heard as he flies it into the Mobiusland amusement park. Once inside the park, he stops his Egg-O-Matic and fires a laser from its headlight. The laser zaps two citizens; a light blue one in an orange shirt and teal pants, and a pink one in a red bow and yellow dress. The word, ZOM appears in the first one, and the word, BIE appears in the second. They do an Egyptian dance as Egyptian music plays, and two more citizens, both of whom are dressed in white sailor suits, stare at them in shock. Robotnik then zaps them, and they do an Egyptian dance as well. Three more citizens follow them, also doing an Egyptian dance, and soon, all the hypnotized citizens do an Egyptian dance out of the park in a single-file line.]

Scratch: We've zapped everyone, your humbugness!
Grounder: The Amusement Park is ours!
Robotnik: Good! Now all we have to do is lure Sonic to the park!

[Robotnik flies his Egg-O-Matic away. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic and Tails miserably eat their halves of the chili dog. Tails then looks over at his left wrist, puts down the remains of his half of the chili dog and jumps out of his chair.]

Tails: Uh, I've got to go to the little fox's room!

[Tails points to his left side with his left index finger, then flies away.]

Tails: Be back in a minute!
Sonic: No one's fast enough to get past this hedgehog!

[Sonic points at himself with his right thumb.]

Sonic: Tails has set me up for the big surprise!

[Scratch, who is disguised as a rat, hands Sonic a ticket to Mobiusland with his right hand.]

Scratch [in a nasal voice]: Hey, blue guy! You look like you could use a free ticket to Mobiusland!
Sonic: Thanks!

[Scratch waves both his fists in excitement, then walks away.]

Sonic: A party at the park! Cool move, Tails!

[Sonic runs away. Scratch then pulls his mask off with both his hands and walks away. Tails walks in with Miss Possum from "Magnificent Sonic", Leo from "Baby-Sitter Jitters", a Raccoon citizen, and an Elephant citizen.]

Tails: Surprise!

[Tails, Miss Possum, Leo, the Raccoon Citizen, and the Elephant Citizen all gasp and stare in shock when they find Sonic is not at the table.]

Tails: Sonic?
Miss Possum: Where could he have gone?

[The screen transitions to a view outside Mobiusland. Sonic runs up to the ticket booth, Where Grounder is seen in disguise. Sonic hands Grounder his ticket with his left hand. Grounder then puts the ticket in his pocket with his right hand and pulls out a radio receiver with his left hand. He pushes his mask up with his right index finger and speaks into the receiver.]

Grounder: He's entered the park!

[Sonic runs into the park and looks around.]

Sonic: Hmm. I wonder where I'm gonna get my surprise!

[The shadow of Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic looms over Sonic.]

Robotnik: Surpri-ise!
Sonic: Robotnik?
Robotnik: I've got something special planned for you!

[Robotnik points at Sonic with his right index finger. He then ducks into his Egg-O-Matic and pulls out a remote control with his left hand. He pulls the lever on it with his right hand and a blue beam emits from it. Sonic looks up and gasps as an iron gate closes over the hole in the dome. The camera moves down to Sonic and Robotnik.]

Robotnik: You didn't think I'd forget your birthday, did you, Hedgehog?

[Sonic looks behind him, then back at Robotnik. Outside Mobiusland, the sign that says, MOBIUSLAND falls, revealing a sign that says, ROBOTNIKLAND underneath it.]

Robotnik: Welcome to Robotnikland, where every ride has been redesigned to give you a birthday you'll never forget, and never survive, either!

[Robotnik laughs evilly. Sonic points up at him with his left index finger.]

Sonic: I've got a surprise for you too, Robuttnik!

[Sonic jumps and spins at Robotnik. Robotnik growls and reaches into his Egg-O-Matic. He pulls out a monkey wrench with both his hands and hits Sonic with it. Sonic grunts as he gets hit, then again as he lands with a thud. Robotnik flies away, and when Sonic gets back up, he gasps as he stares in shock. He runs and spins at the iron gate blocking the entrance, but to no avail, as he grunts as he lands with a thud. His quills are now red and bent out of shape. Steam emits from them as they turn blue again.]

Sonic: Yeow! Tempered steel!

[Sonic jumps and spins on the ground like a tornado, until he turns flat and stops spinning.]

Sonic: Reinforced concrete!

[The now-unflattened Sonic gets back up.]

Sonic: That mustached menace has beefed up the exits! Oh, well.

[Sonic points behind him with his left thumb.]

Sonic: Guess I'll make the best of my free pass and have some fun on the rides!

[Sonic runs away. Static appears on the screen, which is used as a transition to the security monitor room, where Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all are.]

Robotnik: Not as much fun as I'll have controlling them!

[Robotnik laughs evilly, then pulls a lever with his left hand. Static appears onscreen, and in the next scene, a giant pinball table that says, PIN-BALL BLIZZARD is shown. The camera moves down to Sonic as he runs up to it.]

Sonic: Pinball! This ought to be cool!

[Sonic spin jumps into the machine, and the lever pushes him forwards. He bounces off the bumpers, and the machine dings and lights up. Robotnik watches from the security room.]

Robotnik: We'll see how that pesky hedgehog enjoys this!

[The machine growls at Sonic and laughs wickedly. Electric sparks emit from the bumpers, and Sonic stares in shock.]

Sonic: Huh?

[Sonic loses his balance.]

Sonic: Whoa!

[A lightning bolt zaps. Sonic rides the lightning bolt until it disappears, then he looks down.]

Sonic: Whoa!

[Sonic lands with a thud, and a pinball flipper pushes him forward. A set of spinning blades pops up in a hole as Sonic grunts and screeches to a halt near it.]

Sonic: Whoa!

[Sonic's left foot stops over the hole, and the blades cut off half his left shoe, exposing his toes. He looks at them in concern.]

Sonic: My little piggies almost went to the market, as ground meat!

[Sonic grabs the other half of his left shoe with both his hands and pulls it forward, repairing his shoe.]

Robotnik [heard over loudspeaker]: You're not out of this yet, Sonic!

[Sonic turns his attention to the monitor, which Robotnik appears in.]

Robotnik: It's time for you to meet the real pinball wizard; me!

[Robotnik pulls a lever back with his right hand. A giant pinball appears, and Robotnik pushes the lever forward with his right hand. The lever pushes the pinball forward, and Sonic turns his attention to it. He stares at it in shock.]

Sonic: Yikes!

[The pinball gets closer to Sonic, but Sonic jumps over it just in time. A flipper pushes the pinball in the opposite direction, and as Sonic dusts off his left arm with his right hand, the Pinball runs into him and pushes him away. Sonic screams.]

Sonic: Whoa-oa-oa!

[Sonic gets pushed into some bumpers, and he grunts as they ding. Two score meters are shown, one labelled ROBOTNIK, and the other labelled, SONIC. Robotnik's score adds up to 88,965,714 points.]

Robotnik: Yes! A few more of those, and I'll get a free game!

[Robotnik is revealed to be holding a remote control in his right hand, and he moves the joystick with his left. Sonic groans as he walks dizzily, then dodges the pinball as it rolls past him.]

Sonic: So, you want to play for keeps, eh, Robotnik? In that case, it's time to take a little spin!

[Sonic spins and bounces around the pinball table, causing his score to add up to 99,999,999 points. He screeches to a halt, and Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder are all revealed to have seen this on the monitor.]

Sonic: Beat that, slow-mo!
Robotnik: I will, with my secret weapons!

[Scratch and Grounder nod their heads, "Yes" in approval.]

Grounder: Give him your secret weapons, Dr. Robotnik!
Scratch: Hey, what are your secret weapons anyway?

[Robotnik walks out of his chair.]

Robotnik: Why, you two, of course!

[Robotnik tosses Scratch and Grounder each a laser that resembles the Subatomic Slow Go Beam Weapon from "Slowwww Going." They grunt as the weapons hit them, then hold them in their arms. Robotnik holds out his left hand as he pulls the lever next to him with his right hand. Scratch holds up his right hand and Grounder holds up his right drill as they fall through a trap door, leaving their lasers spinning in mid-air. They scream, and the lasers fall. Scratch, Grounder, and the lasers slither through a set of pipes, then land in the pinball table. The lever moves back.]

Grounder: Hey, that wasn't so bad!

[Robotnik is now revealed to be holding the remote control in his left hand and pulls the joystick back with his right.]

Robotnik: That's what you think!

[Scratch and Grounder look behind themselves, and scream as they stare in shock. The lever pushes them forwards. They continue screaming as they slide across the table and bounce in the bumpers. Sonic is revealed to be standing behind a pinball flipper.]

Sonic: I really flip out over this game!

[Sonic pulls the lever back with both his hands, and lets go. Scratch and Grounder grunt as the flipper pushes them fowards. Sonic scores 100,000,000 points, and a sign below that says, FREE GAME flashes. Robotnik sees this, growls, and steam emits from his ears. He then gets on his hands and knees and pounds his fists and feet.]

Robotnik: No fair! I wanted a free game!

[The giant pinball table dings, lights up, and rumbles.]

Sonic: I'm outta here!

[Sonic spins into the hole, which no longer has the spinning blades in it. He spins out of the giant pinball table, and lands on the ground below.]

Sonic: That was cool! Wonder what other rides I might enjoy.

[Sonic walks away. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Sonic walks up to a boat dock underneath a sign that says, JUNGLE RIDE.]

Sonic: A jungle ride! Cool!

[Sonic jumps into the nearby boat and spins the wheel with both his hands. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Robotnik is in the security room, watching one of the monitors, which has static on it.]

Robotnik [in a mocking tone]: A jungle ride! Cool! [in his normal voice] We'll see how cool it is when you meet up with the wild robo-animals!

[Robotnik laughs evilly. He then pulls a lever foward with his left hand and pushes a button next to it with his right. Static appears onscreen, transitioning to the next scene where, in a nod to Steamboat Willie, Sonic hums as he spins the wheel. A giant robot hippo emerges from the water, and Sonic stops near it. The hippo roars at Sonic.]

Sonic: Wow! I bet the kids get a real kick out of watching these robot animals!

[The robot hippo stands upright, then picks up Sonic's boat with its left hand. It squeezes Sonic out of the boat with both its hands.]

Sonic: Hey!

[Sonic lands in the water below. He wearily pokes his head out from it, and a robot python emerges from the water.]

Sonic: Huh?

[The robot python wraps Sonic in its coils, and Sonic screams as it squeezes him.]

Sonic: Robotnik must have reprogrammed these robots!

[A monitor with Robotnik in it emerges from the water, and Sonic turns his attention to it.]

Robotnik: That's right, hedgehog! Enjoy the ride!

[As Robotnik laughs evilly, the camera zooms out on his monitor, revealing a robot vulture standing atop the branch next to it, and a robot crocodile swimming towards it. In the island nearby, Scratch and Grounder, both of whom are dressed as cannibals, walk in. The former is holding a scepter in his right hand, and a shield in his left.]

Scratch: Happy Birthday, Sonic! Bwahaha!
Grounder: Ha ha ha ha!

[Sonic grunts as the robot python pulls him into the water.]

Sonic: You guys better save me!
Scratch: Don't be ridiculous! We're here to make sure you don't get saved!
Sonic: Have it your way, but if you don't save me, then I won't be able to save you!
Grounder: Ha! From what?
Scratch: Yeah, from what?

[The camera zooms out, revealing a giant robot elephant behind them. The robot elephant trumpets at them, and they scream as they run from it in fear. Scratch swims towards Sonic, with Grounder on his back.]

Scratch: Save us, So-onic!
Sonic: All right! Pull this snake off me!

[Scratch pulls on the robot python's tail with both his hands, untying Sonic from its coils, and launching him into the air.]

Scratch: Whoa-ho!

[Sonic lands in Scratch's arms.]

Sonic: Thanks!

[Sonic points at Scratch with his right index finger.]

Sonic: Now I'll save you! Only first, you'll have to be in more danger.

[Sonic points up with his left index finger. Scratch stares at Sonic in confusion.]

Grounder: Huh?
Sonic: Sure! Otherwise, it's no challenge for me.
Scratch: Well... okay!

[Sonic wraps Scratch and Grounder in the robot python's coils.]

Scratch: Can you save us now?
Sonic: Not yet!

[Sonic dives into the water, then the robot crocodile emerges from the water, and Sonic is revealed to be standing on its nose. The robot crocodile opens its mouth and roars.]

Grounder: Now?
Sonic: Almost.

[Sonic jumps onto the nose of the robot hippo, who is now revealed to be on the other side. The robot hippo opens its mouth as the robot vulture lands on the robot crocodile's nose and licks his beak.]

Scratch and Grounder: Now?

[Sonic is revealed to be in the tree branch, holding a camera in both his hands.]

Sonic: Gotta get a picture first! Smile!

[Scratch and Grounder smile nervously, and the robot hippo, crocodile, and vulture all smile as well. Sonic takes their picture.]

Scratch: All right, now you'll save us, ri-hight?
Sonic: Nah, changed my mind!

[Scratch and Grounder scream as the robot hippo, crocodile, and vulture all attack them. Sonic flinches, then shrugs his shoulders. He then runs away. A montior with Robotnik in it emerges.]

Robotnik: Scratch? Grounder? What's going on?

[Sonic runs up to the monitor. He points back at Scratch and Grounder with his left index finger.]

Sonic: They're busy having lunch. Or is it being lunch? Speaking of which, I hope you've got some good chili-dogs in this park! All these games make me hungry!

[Sonic runs away. Robotnik's monitor moves towards Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Can't you bolt-heads do anything right?!

[The robot python, with Scratch and Grounder still in its coils, emerges from the water.]

Scratch [wearily]: Sure, we can do something right!
Grounder [wearily]: Yeah, we're terrific at fouling things up!
Scratch [wearily]: And we're great at being smashed, bashed, and trashed!
Robotnik: Are you finished?!

[Scratch and Grounder look at each other.]

Scratch and Grounder [wearily]: Totally.

[The robot python falls over, and it, Scratch, and Grounder sink into the water. A bubble floats out of the water and pops. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Tails, along with Leo, Cleaver Beaver from "Baby-Sitter Jitters", Harry the Hucker from "The Mystery of the Missing Hi-tops", and the Racoon Citizen, are walking through a tunnel.]

Tails: Good thing we found this underground passage into Mobiusland. There we can find Sonic!

[In the security room, Robotnik is revealed to have been watching Tails and the rest of Sonic's friends from a monitor. The camera moves down to him]

Robotnik: So, that two-tailed freak is trying to rescue his blue buddy, eh? This is just the break I need to lure Sonic into another trap! I'll just open this hatch here!

[Robotnik presses a button on the control panel with his right index finger. A trap door opens above Tails, who looks up it and gasps. A ladder then lowers next to him, Leo, and one of the Beach Bunnies from "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme". Tails turns to face them and smiles, then climbs up the ladder. He looks around, then stares in delight when he sees the roller coaster track.]

Tails: All right! We're inside the park!

[Tails jumps out of the hole. Miss Possum and Leo poke their heads out of it, then static appears on the monitor ahead. When the static clears, a puppet of Sonic can be seen on a roller coaster car.]

Sonic Puppet: Help! I'm stuck on the roller coaster track!

[Tails stares in shock, then turns to face Miss Possum, Leo, and the Beach Bunny as he points at the monitor with his left index finger.]

Tails: It's Sonic! Let's go!

[Miss Possum, Leo, the Beach Bunny, and the Raccoon all talk indistinctly as they jump into the roller coaster cars. The roller coaster starts up, and Professor Caninestein, the Elephant Lady, Cleaver Beaver, and Harry the Hucker are also revealed to be riding it. As the roller coaster moves across the tracks, Robotnik is still operating the Sonic puppet from inside the security room.]

Robotnik: Robotnik's got me! Help!

[Robotnik laughs evilly.]

Robotnik: The fools fell for it!

[Robotnik punches his right hand with his left, destroying the puppet, but also injuring his hand.]

Robotnik: Ow! Stupid puppet!

[The roller coaster continues moving across the tracks, and through a volcano tunnel.]

Professor Caninestein: Hmmm. This doesn't look like where we saw Sonic!

[A giant hologram of Robotnik appears. Tails, Miss Possum, Professor Caninestein, and the Raccoon all turn their attention to it.]

Robotnik Hologram: It's not! It's my greatest ride of all!

[Tails and Miss Possum gasp as the metal bar secures them in.]

Robotnik Hologram: Robotnik's rollercoaster ride to oblivion!

[The Robotnik Hologram laughs evilly. Static appears on the monitors in the park, and when they stop, Robotnik appears on them.]

Robotnik: Did you hear that, Sonic?

[Sonic runs up to the monitors.]

Robotnik: You've only got a few seconds to save your friends from a hot bath they'll never forget!

[Robotnik laughs evilly as the roller coaster rolls towards an erupting volcano. Tails and Miss Possum stare in shock.]

Sonic: Tails!

[Tails and Miss Possum scream as they get closer to the volcano. The screen fades to black. The next scene continues where the previous one left off, as Tails and Miss Possum are still screaming in fear. The roller coaster continues rolling down the track and gets closer to a flow of lava. Sonic has witnessed this from the monitor.]

Sonic: I'd better get juicin' before Tails gets cookin'!

[Sonic runs away.]

Robotnik: That's right, Sonic, run as fast as you can, right into my trap!

[Sonic runs across the roller coaster tracks, until he catches up to the roller coaster.]

Tails: Sonic!
Sonic: Hang on, folks! I'll have you rolling off this coaster in half a second!

[Sonic spins and cuts off a piece of the tracks leading to the lava flow. Tails, Miss Possum, and the other citizens scream as the roller coaster falls off the tracks and onto the tracks below it. Sonic then spins through the metal bars of the roller coaster cars, first, the one on Harry and Leo's car, then Cleaver and the Beach Bunny's, and finally, Tails and Miss Possum's. He then jumps into their car.]

Sonic: Surprise!
Tails: We were supposed to say that to you, Sonic!
Sonic: Roblimpnik beat you to it!

[Sonic turns to face Miss Possum.]

Miss Possum: Some birthday party this is turning out to be!

[A trap door on the roller coaster car opens, and a monitor rises from it. Sonic, Tails, and Miss Possum all stare at it in shock. Robotnik is revealed to be on the monitor.]

Robotnik: It isn't over yet! I haven't given Sonic my present!

[Robotnik reveals that he is holding a remote control in his right hand, and laughs evilly as he presses the red button with his right thumb. Sonic, Tails, Miss Possum, and the rest of the citizens all scream as the roller coaster goes down the track. It rolls towards a brick wall, which opens, and stops inside a station. Robotnik is revealed to be on the monitor inside.]

Robotnik: You didn't think I was going to trash your roller coaster cars, did you?

[Everyone nods their head, "Yes" in unison. Robotnik waves his left index finger at them.]

Robotnik: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Shame on you! If you would kindy walk to the windows,

[Robotnik points behind himself with his left thumb.]

Robotnik: You'll see I got Sonic just what he deserves!

[Everyone turns to their left side. Sonic, Tails, and Professor Caninestein all jump out of their cars and walk up to the windows. The camera cuts to a view outside, revealing the station to be inside a giant birthday cake, and zooms out on it.]

Tails: Wow! It's the biggest one I've ever seen!

[Robotnik flies his Egg-O-Matic up to the giant cake. He, Scratch, and Grounder all wave their right hands at Sonic and his friends.]

Robotnik: Happy birthday, Sonic!

[Robotnik flies his Egg-O-Matic to the top of the cake, and Grounder uses his right drill to light the candles. Robotnik then flies his Egg-O-Matic to the windows.]

Robotnik: Oh, there is one thing I forgot to tell you; I couldn't find any ten-foot candles, so I had to use 10-foot sticks of dynamite instead!

[The exterior of the dynamite sticks melt, revealing the words, DYNAMITE underneath.]

Robotnik: Make a wish!

[Robotnik laughs evilly, then flies away. The camera zooms in on Sonic, then Tails grunts as he pounds on the windows with both his fists. Sonic walks away from Tails.]

Professor Caninestein: We are trapped in a giant steel reinforced birthday cake!

[Sonic picks up a piece of the frosting on the walls with his right index finger, then puts it in his mouth and spits it out.]

Sonic: And it's not even my favorite flavor of frosting!
Tails: Get serious, Sonic! If we don't blow out those candles, they're gonna blow out us!
Sonic: Okay, okay, I'll give it some thought.

[Sonic taps his left foot while Tails and Miss Possum walk up to him. The camera cuts to a view outside the cake and moves up to the top of it, with the fire burning down the fuses of the dynamite.]

Sonic: Hmmm, I wonder...

[Sonic picks up a grate with both his hands, revealing pipes of steam underneath. He turns the valve of one of them with his right hand, then does the same with another. Steam fills up the room, and it dampens Tails, who wipes his eyes with both his hands.]

Sonic: Aha! Steam!
Tails: what good is that to us?
Sonic: I'll tell you in a minute!

[Sonic looks up at the other end of the dynamite above.]

Sonic: Perfect!

[Tails and Professor Caninestein look up.]

Tails: What's perfect?

[Sonic builds a pipeline up to the sticks of dynamite.]

Tails: I get it!

[Sonic jumps down and lands next to Tails, who points at him with his right index finger.]

Tails: You're gonna use the steam power to blow the candles out!

[Sonic gives Tails a thumbs-up with his left hand.]

Sonic: Bingo! Here goes nothin'!

[Sonic turns the valve with his right hand. The flames continue moving down the fuses, and everyone looks up in anticipation. Sonic crosses his arms and taps his right foot impatiently.]

Sonic: I'm waiting!

[Robotnik stops his Egg-O-Matic, and looks at the watch on his left wrist.]

Robotnik: Any second now.
Sonic: Any second now.

[Steam fills up the pipes, and the sticks of dynamite shoot off like rockets.]

Robotnik: No!

[The sticks of dynamite land on Robotnik and destroy his Egg-O-Matic, creating a cloud of dust. When the dust clears, the pieces of the Egg-O-Matic, Robotnik, Scratch, Grounder, and one of the sticks of dynamite land on the ground below. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all grunt as they land, and one of the pieces of the Egg-O-Matic bounces off Grounder's head. Sonic and Tails poke their heads out of the holes where the sticks of dynamite once were.]

Tails: Hot move, Sonic! Real hot!

[Sonic, Tails, and Miss Possum all climb out of the holes.]

Miss Possum: Uh, did you make a wish before you blew out the candles?
Sonic: Yep! Hope it comes true!

[Grounder puts his nose back on with his right drill, and picks up the last stick of dynamite with the same drill.]

Grounder: Hey, look! Sonic didn't blow out one of the candles! Ha ha! His wish won't come true now!

[Robotnik and Scratch stare at the stick of dynamite in shock, and try to knock it out of Grounder's drill, but it explodes before they can, creating a cloud of dust. When the dust clears, Scratch sighs unhappily. Tails walks up to Sonic, who watches as a cloud of grey smoke emits from the impact site.]

Sonic: It just did!
Miss Possum: Let's get em', boys!

[Miss Possum, Leo, Harry, and the Raccoon all yell unintelligibly as they run to the edge of the cake. They, along with Sonic, Tails, and Professor Caninestein jump down the cake. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder stare at them in shock, and Robotnik screams as he, Scratch, and Grounder run away in fear. Robotnik runs up to the exit, which has its gates shut, and grunts as he pulls on the bars with both his hands and feet. Scratch and Grounder catch up to him.]

Robotnik: It won't open! We're locked in!
Sonic: That's right, blimp-breath!

[Sonic is revealed to be on the monitor, as he is now in the control room. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all turn to face the monitor.]

Sonic: And I've got a surprise for you!

[Sonic points at Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder with his left index finger. Inside the control room, Tails watches as Sonic pulls the lever in front of him with his left hand. Outside the park, the ROBOTNIKLAND sign falls, revealing a SONICLAND sign underneath.]

Sonic: Welcome to Sonicland!

[Sonic looks over at Tails, who presses a button on the control panel with his right index finger. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all grunt as the roller coaster rolls up to them, causing them to land inside it.]

Sonic: And the ride of your life!

[Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all scream as the roller coaster rolls onto a ferris wheel. Scratch and Grounder cry hysterically as they hold each other. Sonic then runs up to the lever next to the ferris wheel and pulls it with his left hand. The ferris wheel speeds up, and tosses the roller coaster. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all scream as the roller coaster flies through the air and lands in the water. After it resurfaces, Robotnik and Scratch try to empty the water out with buckets they are holding in both their hands. The Robot Hippo swims up to them and roars at them, and they scream as they stare in shock at it. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder paddle the roller coaster away from the Robot Hippo, and Scratch screams as the roller coaster rolls on the island. It rolls into a giant cannon, which rises up, and Sonic lights the fuse with a match he is holding in his left hand. The cannon fires the roller coaster, and Robotnik screams as it flies towards the giant pinball table. Sonic then pulls the lever with both his hands, and Robotnik screams as he, Scratch, and Grounder stare in shock. The lever pushes the roller coaster fowards, and Robotnik stares in shock again as the roller coaster bounces across the pinball table, lighting up the bumpers. Robotnik screams again as Sonic pushes the flipper at him, Scratch, and Grounder with both his hands, sending the roller coaster flying again. Robotnik grunts as the roller coaster lands on a track leading to a tunnel shaped like Sonic's head, next to a flag that says, SONIC RIDE. The roller coaster goes into the tunnel, which winks its left eye at the viewers. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder scream as the latter two jump into the former's car, just in time as a bussaw cuts through the last two cars. Scratch stares in shock as Robotnik and Grounder hold each other.]

Scratch: Oh-ho-ho no! Not that!

[Ghosts laugh wickedly as the roller coaster car moves across the track. The roller coaster car goes into a tunnel, and Robotnik yells as it goes down a slope. Grounder screams as it goes up the slope, and he, Robotnik, and Scratch all scream as the car jumps off the slope and lands on the ground below. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all fly out of the car and grunt as they land near an elevator. The doors open, and they all run inside. The doors close when they get inside. The arrow spins clockwise until it points down, and Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all pant heavily. Robotnik wipes his head with his right hand, and the doors open. A devil is revealed to be on the other side, and Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all stare in shock at it. The doors close, and they all hold each other. The elevator goes back up, and the arrow spins clockwise again, until it flies off. The doors open, and Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all run out of the elevator. As they run across the screen, in a nod to Halloween is Grinch Night, monsters laugh evilly as they fly across the screen. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder stop near a door, which Robotnik opens with both his hands. A golden door opens, revealing a safe underneath. Robotnik opens the safe with his right hand, and a mouth is revealed to be behind it. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder hold each other and grunt as the mouth swallows them. The mouth then licks its lips, and the doors close. Scratch screams as he, Robotnik, and Grounder slide down the slide, until they land in a dark red room. Robotnik screams as he, Grounder, and Scratch run away, until a buzzsaw slices off the head of Scratch's shadow. Scratch stares at his shadow, which tries to put its head back on with both its hands, and screams. Scratch runs away, through a corridor, and narrowly avoids axes chopping down. Scratch's heart flies out of his body, and he grabs it with his left hand. He stares at it in shock, then swallows it. Scratch screams as he falls into a trap door, and he, Robotnik, and Grounder scream as they fall through it. A roller coaster car stops under the tunnel, and Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all grunt as they land in it. The roller coaster car stops under a giant pinball, which flattens Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder.]

Robotnik: Ow!

[The roller coaster car starts up again, and Robotnik grunts as fireballs fly past him.]

Robotnik: Huh?

[Robotnik looks up and screams as Buzzbombers fire at him, Scratch, and Grounder. He ducks into the car, and Scratch and Grounder grunt as they try to get under Robotnik. One fireball hits the roller coaster car, causing it to explode. The roller coaster car then flies out of the tunnel shaped like Sonic's head as steam emits from its mouth. Robotnik grunts as he bounces into a loop, and Sonic appears on a monitor.]

Sonic: Up,

[Sonic watches from a monitor as the spring pushes Robotnik through the loop. Robotnik screams as he flies through the loop, and over the monitor with Sonic in it.]

Sonic: Over,

[Scratch and Grounder scream as they stare in shock at Robotnik, who lands on them. The monitor with Sonic in it pops up next to them and spins.]

Sonic: And gone!

[Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all grunt as they land with a crash. The screen transitions to a view inside the security room as Sonic and Tails high-five each other with their left and right hands, respectively.]

Tails: Way to go, Sonic!

[Miss Possum, Leo, Beach Bunny, Harry, Cleaver, and the Raccoon all run up to each other outside.]

Miss Possum, Leo, Beach Bunny, Harry, Cleaver, and the Raccoon: Happy birthday, Sonic! Surprise!

[Miss Possum walks forward.]

Miss Possum: Now that we've got the park to ourselves, we thought it might be nice to celebrate!

[The Elephant Lady and Professor Caninestein are revealed to be standing next to a cake.]

Professor Caninestein: And have a real birthday cake!
Sonic: Thanks, guys! I thought you forgot!

[Miss Possum walks up to Sonic, and he hugs her. Below, Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder are looking for a way out of the park. Robotnik is holding a flashlight in his right hand.]

Robotnik: There must be a way out of this stupid park somewhere!

[Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all walk forwards, and Robotnik shines his flashlight on a nearby ladder.]

Robotnik: Ha! Found it!
Tails: Go on, Sonic! Make a wish and blow out the candles!
Sonic: Whatever you say!

[Sonic inhales, and blows out the candles. Robotnik pokes his head out of the cake.]

Robotnik: Ah!

[Scratch and Grounder poke their heads out of the cake. Robotnik then pounds his fists and starts wailing hysterically.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!
Sonic: Hey, just what I wished for! To have my cake, and beat him, too!

[Tails laughs as the camera zooms in on Sonic, who winks his right eye at the viewers. The screen fades to black, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Scratch and Grounder, both of whom are wearing chef hats and aprons, are in Robotnik's kitchen. Scratch cracks an egg and pours the yolk into the frying pan on the left front burner, while Grounder is holding a bowl in his right drill and stirring the batter with a spoon he is holding in his left.]

Scratch: Dr. Robotnik loves omelettes!

[Grounder turns to face Scratch.]

Grounder: Yeah, and he likes eggs, too!

[Scratch picks up the frying pan with his left hand.]

Scratch: Ahem! Chef to co-chef!

[Fire emits from all four burners.]

Scratch: Light my fires!

[Grounder rolls over to the stove.]

Grounder: Roger!

[Fire emits from all four burners again.]

Grounder: Burners on!

[Scratch and Grounder's chef hats catch fire. They scream, and Grounder tries to put the fire in his hat out with both his drills. Sonic, who is dressed in a fireman's hat and coat, runs in, holding a fire extinguisher in his right hand. He squeezes the trigger with his left hand, and the fire extinguisher emits fire-fighting foam, putting out the fires in the stove and Scratch and Grounder's chef hats, which by this time, have disintegrated.]

Sonic: Don't you dumb-bots know you should never cook without supervision?

[Sonic turns to face the viewers.]

Sonic [to the viewers]: That goes for you too, pals! Never try to cook or use the stove without your parents helping you!