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The Robotnik Intelligence Agency, or R.I.A., is an organization that is briefly shown in the Sonic Underground episode "The Price of Freedom". It is mainly operated by Doctor Robotnik and Agent N. Since it is a secret organization, not much is known about it.


Mindy LaTour's father, Mr. LaTour, was forced into the R.I.A. by Robotnik. Overseen by Agent N, he had no choice but to create watches that would spy on anyone who bought them, also selling them very cheap so nearly everyone would buy one. Sleet and Dingo are shown to dislike the organization, as Sleet mentions that the Robotnik Intelligence Agency "are always trying to steal all the glory!"


  • In "The Price of Freedom", Sleet says "Those RIA metalheads are always trying to hog the glory". This implies that Agent N is not the only operative of the agency.
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