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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Robotnik, Jr.

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This is the transcript for the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog episode, "Robotnik, Jr."

Note: Scenes that were cut from certain reruns are highligted in red.

[The episode begins with a view of Dr. Robotnik in his Egg-O-Matic hovercraft, looking through a pair of binoculars he is holding in both his hands. He looks around, and below, Grounder has the Super Sonic-Sucking Vacuum Ray's power supply on his back. Scratch is holding the hose in both his hands. Sonic can be heard running in the distance, and Robotnik, who is now holding the binoculars in his left hand, picks up the Egg-O-Matic's phone with his right hand and holds it up to his right ear.]

Dr. Robotnik: Scratch! Grounder! Here he comes! Get ready!

[Sonic runs through the forest past Scratch and Grounder.]

Scratch: Hey, hey!
Grounder: Hey! Watch it! Oh, boy! I'm sure glad Dr. Robotnik is watching. I know we're gonna catch Sonic this time!

[Scratch jumps into the air excitedly.]

Scratch: Activate the Super Sonic-Sucking Vacuum Ray!

[Grounder turns his right drill into a hand, which he uses to pull the lever on the Super Sonic-Sucking Vacuum Ray down with. The Super Sonic-Sucking Vacuum Ray turns on and a blue beam emits from it. Sonic, who is running through the forest, turns his head around and stares in shock at the beam.]

Sonic: Whoa!

[Sonic turns his head back and runs away as the beam, which has now sprouted a right hand, catches up to him and grabs him.]

Sonic: Yikes!

[The beam pulls Sonic towards Scratch and Grounder. However, Sonic tries to run anyway, hoping to pull himself out of the beam. He runs toward and reaches for a boulder in front of him.]

Sonic: Ugh! Ugh! Oof! Ugh! Ugh! Oh, they've got me!
Scratch: We did it! He's stopped in his tracks! Bwahaha!
Grounder: Yay! Hooray!

[Meanwhile, Sonic gets even closer to the boulder.]

Sonic: Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

[Sonic grabs the boulder with both his hands.]

Sonic: Ugh!

[The beam pulls Sonic, who is holding the boulder, away.]

Sonic: Whoa!
Scratch: He's coming! The hedgehog's coming right back at us!
Grounder: All right!

[Sonic, who is still holding the boulder, jumps out of the beam, and spins the boulder into its grip.]

Sonic: Ugh!

[Scratch stares in shock at the boulder coming towards him and Grounder.]

Scratch: Oh-ho-ho! We nabbed a boulder, too! We're gonna get smushed! Shut it o-hoff!

[Grounder pulls on the lever with his right hand, but it won't go down.]

Grounder: I can't! It's stuck! Quick! Aim it up!
Scratch: Good idea!

[Scratch aims the hose up, and the beam lets go of the boulder, causing it and Sonic to fall to the ground.]

Sonic: Oof!

[Sonic jumps off the boulder.]

Scratch: Oh! We're safe! The boulder stopped!

[Above Scratch and Grounder, Robotnik growls. He is suddenly pulled into the Super Sonic-Sucking Vacuum Ray's beam.]

Robotnik: Whoa!

[Scratch and Grounder scream as Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic falls on them, crashing itself flattening them.]

Robotnik: Rotten morons! It's impossible to build good help these days!

[The screen transitions to a view outside Robotnik's fortress that night.]

Scratch [heard offscreen]: Please, Dr. Robotnik! We apologize! Let us in!

[Scratch and Grounder are revealed to be standing outside the moat as Robotnik raises the drawbridge. Grounder has turned his right drill into a megaphone, which he talks into.]

Grounder: Yeah! Please lower the drawbridge! We're rusting!

[Inside Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik is holding the lever to the drawbridge in his left hand.]

Robotnik: Why can't I find a helper as vicious, mean, and underhanded as myself? Someone as much like me as my own son? That's it! I'll build myself a son!

[Robotnik lets go of the lever, causing the drawbridge to lower. He then runs away.]

Scratch [heard offscreen]: Look! He's letting us in! Maybe he likes us again!

[The drawbridge lands on Scratch and Grounder, flattening them. Scratch pulls himself out from under the drawbridge.]

Scratch [in a muffled voice]: Then again, maybe not!

[The screen then transitions to the next scene, where Robotnik is in his lab, creating Robotnik Junior, who is bolted to a table underneath a white sheet, a la Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Robotnik is holding a wrench in his left hand and goes under the sheet.]

Robotnik: One final adjustment, and I'll finally have someone I can trust! Someone to carry on my rotten ways!

[Robotnik pulls himself out from under the sheet.]

Robotnik: Behold! Robotnik Junior!

[Robotnik unbolts the table and pulls the sheet off, revealing Robotnik Junior, a robot that resembles a smaller, younger version of himself, having his same suit, and a red mohawk. Robotnik Junior opens his left eye.]

Robotnik Jr.: Hey, ugly dude! Who are you!

[As Robotnik talks, he drops the wrench, picks Junior up with both his arms and sets him down.]

Robotnik: I'm your father!
Junior: Big whoop!

[Junior nudges Robotnik in the stomach with his left elbow.]

Robotnik: Ah!

[Robotnik laughs evilly as Scratch and Grounder open the door. They then peer behind it.]

Scratch: Pardon us, your nastiness, could we come in?
Grounder: Yeah, we've been practicing another great apology!

[Scratch nods his head, "Yes". Robotnik then points at him and Grounder with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: Just get your miserable metal behinds in here! I need witnesses to this historic moment!

[As Robotnik talks to Scratch and Grounder, Junior reaches behind his back with his right arm, and pulls out a can of graffiti, which he is holding in his right hand. He shakes the can, and as Robotnik continues talking to Scratch and Grounder, the former of which has his right arm in a cast and sling, Junior sprays graffiti on Robotnik's butt.]

Robotnik: Feast your eyes on the most wonderful son any man has ever built!
Scratch: Uh, Dr. Robotnik, there's something you should know!

[As Grounder talks, Junior chuckles to himself. Robotnik's butt now has the words, KICK ME HARD in green letters, and WIDE LOAD in orange letters.]

Grounder [heard offscreen]: Yeah, next time you sit down, you're gonna get graffiti all over your chair!
Robotnik: What?

[Robotnik looks behind himself and sees what Junior wrote on his butt. He stares in shock at it.]

Robotnik: [screams] You miserable, no-good, thankless brat!

[Robotnik then hugs Junior.]

Robotnik: You're just like me when I was your age! Perfect!

[The next scene takes place outside Robotnik's fortress, as Robotnik and Junior are standing near Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic, and a sheet next to it.]

Robotnik: Here's a little something to help you follow in my footsteps, Junior! Ah!

[Robotnik pulls the sheet off with his right hand, revealing a miniature version of the Egg-O-Matic.]

Junior: Cool ride! Let's steal it!
Robotnik: Don't have to, it's yours!

[Robotnik holds out his left hand, which has a key in its index finger. Junior runs up to the miniature Egg-O-Matic.]

Junior: Let's steal it anyway!

[Junior lifts up the headlight with both his hands. He then pulls on the wires with both his hands.]

Robotnik: Isn't it wonderful? He's rotten! He's evil! He's mean! He makes me feel so proud!

[Robotnik's mustache is used as a transition to the next scene, where Robotnik and Junior are flying their Egg-O-Matics across Mobius.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Someday, Junior, all this will be yours to plunder, to terrorize, to... conquer! But first, we're going camping!

[Robotnik points with his right index finger, and he and Junior fly away. The screen then transitions to the next scene, where Robotnik and Junior are standing in the forest.]

Robotnik: See this peaceful meadow? It's the perfect campsite! Scratch, Grounder, cover it with asphalt!

[Junior stares in shock as Scratch and Grounder drive a steamroller similar to the one in the "Sonic Says" from "Sonic's Song", but with an asphalt spreader in front.]

Junior [heard offscreen]: Asphalt?
Robotnik: Of course! We need someplace to park our Egg-O-Matic R.V.! Then we'll need to lay down a freeway so we can get down there!

[Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic R.V. is revealed to be parked next to where Scratch and Grounder are spreading the Asphalt.]

Robotnik: And while we're at it, we might as well construct an airport to cut down on all the piece and quiet!

[Robotnik and Junior walk up to the R.V..]

Robotnik: Come, Junior! We'll wait here while they get the great outdoors ready for our camping!

[Scratch and Grounder drive their steamroller across the forest. The black smoke it emits is used as a transition to the next scene, where Sonic and Tails are watching in the distance. Tails points with his right index finger.]

Tails: Look, Sonic! Smoke!

[Sure enough, the black smoke from the steamroller can be seen in the distance. Sonic points at Tails with his left index finger.]

Sonic: And you know what they say; "Where there's Smoke..."

[Tails shrugs his shoulders.]

Tails: "There's Robotnik!"
Sonic: Right!

[Sonic runs in place.]

Sonic: Hang tight, keed! I'm off to clean the air!

[Sonic runs towards the steamroller.]

Grounder: Aw, it's no fair! Dr. Robotnik never took us camping!
Scratch: D'oh, face it! Junior's his favorite now!

[Scratch and Grounder stare in shock.]

Scratch and Grounder: Huh?

[Scratch and Grounder stop their steamroller.]

Grounder: Ugh!
Scratch: Oh-ho-ho!

[Scratch and Grounder look down at Sonic, who is disguised as a foreman, and holding a stop sign in his left hand as he holds his right hand out like a stop sign. He is standing in front of the steamroller.]

Scratch: Hey! Get out of the way! We've got orders to pave this meadow!

[Scratch points to the meadow below with his left index finger. Sonic runs up to the left side of the steamroller.]

Sonic: Well, it's a good thing I caught you! I'm from the Asphalt Supply Company!
Scratch: So?
Sonic: We've ordered a recall; the stuff's defective!

[As Scratch talks, he climbs down the ladder.]

Scratch: What's defective about it?
Sonic: It's not sticky!
Scratch: It's not?

[Sonic points at Scratch with his right index finger.]

Sonic: See for yourself!

[Scratch walks towards the asphalt.]

Scratch: I will!

[Scratch walks into the asphalt and sticks in it.]

Scratch: You're nuts; this stuff is perfectly sticky!

[Scratch points at Sonic with his right index finger.]

Scratch: See? I can't even move!
Sonic: You're right! My mistake! It's the steamroller that's defective!

[Sonic points up with his right index finger.]

Grounder: Yeah?

[Grounder climbs down the ladder. He turns to face Sonic, then hits the Steamroller's front drum with his left drill four times.]

Grounder: What's wrong with it?

[Grounder rolls up to the steamroller's rear drum and hits it with his right drill and right tread. As he rolls behind the drum, Sonic runs up the ladder and gets in the cab. He is now holding the lever in his right hand.]

Sonic: It jumps into reverse without warning!

[Sonic looks down at Scratch and Grounder, who are now both stuck in the asphalt, and struggling to get out, but to no avail.]

Scratch: Hey, hey!
Grounder: Hey, watch it!
Scratch: Watch it!

[Sonic pulls the lever back, starting up the steamroller. He drives it in reverse, causing it to flatten Scratch and Grounder.]

Grounder: [screams]
Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho-ho! Oh-ho-ho-ho, ho-ho!
Grounder: Oh! Oh!

[Back at the R.V., Junior is holding a glass in his right hand, which he is drinking from, when the loud rumble from the steamroller rumbles the ground near the R.V., rumbling him and causing the drink to fly in the air.]

Junior: Ow!
Robotnik [heard offscreen]: What's that loud, obnoxious noise?

[Robotnik walks up to Junior and points upwards with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: Oh, it's just what this place needed!

[Robotnik turns around and stares in shock.]

Robotnik: [screams] What's the meaning of this?!

[The steamroller runs over the R.V., flattening it. Robotnik and Junior look down at the flattened R.V., and Sonic runs out of the steamroller and up to them. He points at them with his right index finger]

Sonic: Try a tent next time you go camping; at least they're collapsible!

[Robotnik peers down at Sonic.]

Robotnik: Why, you!
Sonic: Why me?

[Robotnik growls.]

Sonic: Cause it's what I do best! So tell me, Robotwit, who's the ugly kid?

[Sonic points at Junior with his left thumb.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: That's my son, Junior!

[Junior reaches behind his back with his left hand and pulls out a can of graffiti.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: And together, we're going to stomp you out, once and for all!

[Robotnik grins with assurance as Junior aims the spray can at Sonic, who runs out of the way just in time, causing Junior to spray Robotnik.]

Robotnik: Aaargh!
Sonic: Like father, like son; slow!

[Sonic runs away. Robotnik, whose face is now covered in purple grafitti, pulls on his mustache with both his hands.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

[Robotnik wipes the graffiti off his face with his mustache, and Junior walks up to him. Robotnik then puts his left arm around Junior's back.]

Junior: Who was that, Pops?
Robotnik: Sonic the Hedgehog, my arch-enemy! But, enough of this. Playtime is over! It's time to get to work, Junior!

[Robotnik holds up his right index finger, and junior's mohawk forms a pair of arms, which touch his head as he screams.]

Junior: Work?!
Robotnik: A Robotnik's most important work; catching that hedgehog!

[The screen transitions to a view inside Robotnik's fortress, which now looks like a classroom. Junior is sitting in one of the desks, and Robotnik is holding a pointer in his right hand.]

Robotnik: Pay close attention, Junior. As my son, it is essential that you learn to capture Sonic!

[Robotnik pulls down the screen with his right hand, revealing a picture of Sonic's head crossed out.]

Robotnik: Here he is! And this is how we're going to catch him!

[Robotnik presses the button on his pointer with his left thumb, extending it. The screen rolls up, and Robotnik pulls it back down with his right hand, revealing a map of a maze with a big X in the middle. Robotnik points to the X with his pointer.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Riding my twin Egg-O-Matic motorcycles, Scratch and Grounder will herd the hedgehog into this labyrinth!

[Junior, who is holding a peashooter in his right hand, blows into it, firing a spitball, which hits Robotnik on the head. Robotnik growls, then turns back to look at Junior, who grins nervously, with a halo above his head. Junior is hiding the peashooter in his right hand behind his back. Robotnik then turns back to the map.]

Robotnik: The only way out is through the underground water reclamation channel.

[As Robotnik continues talking, Junior fires another spitball at him. Robotnik growls, and once again, he turns to face Junior, who grins nervously, with a halo above his head. Junior then holds up his left index finger.]

Junior: You mean the sewer, right?
Robotnik: Of course, and once he's in the sewer, we'll seal him in and flood it! The hedgehog will be a has-been!

[Robotnik turns to face the map again. Junior pulls out his peashooter, but before he can fire it, Robotnik turns to face him.]

Robotnik: Aha! Caught you!

[Junior fires a spitball at Robotnik, who growls as he pulls it off with his left hand. He then grins happily.]

Robotnik: My son! You're just like me when I was in school!

[Robotnik's mustache is used as a transition to the next scene, which takes place outside the labyrinth.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Here they come! Right on schedule!

[Sonic runs through the desert, with Scratch and Grounder following behind him on their Egg-O-Matic motorcycles.]

Scratch: Bwahaha!

[Sonic screeches to a halt.]

Sonic [to the viewers]: I feel kinda guilty knowing I'm about to ruin all their fun... not!

[Sonic runs away. Robotnik and Junior are standing behind the doors to the labyrinth. Specifically, Junior is behind the leftmost door and Robotnik is behind the rightmost door. Robotnik looks at Junior.]

Robotnik: Remember, Junior, as soon as Scratch and Grounder chase Sonic into the labyrinth, slam it shut!

[Junior holds up his right thumb.]

Junior: Sure, Pops, whatever you say!

[Sonic runs towards the labyrinth. He then looks back at Scratch and Grounder.]

Sonic: Trying to trick me into that trap, eh? Well, I'd hate to disappoint them!

[Scratch and Grounder catch up to Sonic, who runs away.]

Scratch: He's fallin' for it!

[Sonic runs into the labyrinth.]

Scratch: We did it!
Grounder: Hey hey! We've got Sonic at last!

[Scratch and Grounder perfom wheelies on their motorcycles as Scratch holds up his left thumb and Grounder holds up his right thumb.] Robotnik: Quick! Shut him in! [Robotnik and Junior push the doors shut. They both stare in shock at Scratch and Grounder, who drive their motorcycles towards them.]

Robotnik: [screams]

[Robotnik and Junior run away as Scratch and Grounder give each other a high-four, with Scratch's left hand and Grounder's right. They then stare in shock at the doors.]

Scratch: Uh-oh!
Grounder: Yipe!

[Scratch and Grounder continue to stare in shock as they get closer to the doors.]

Scratch: Aaah-ha-ha!
Grounder: [screams]

[Scratch and Grounder crash into the doors.]

Grounder: Ooof!
Scratch: Oh-ho-ho!

[Robotnik walks up to the pieces of Scratch, Grounder, and their motorcycles.]

Robotnik: I guess that's the price I have to pay for catching the hedgehog.

[Robotnik picks up Grounder's head with his left hand.]

Grounder: The price he has to pay?

[Inside the labyrinth, Sonic is revealed to be behind the doors.]

Sonic: I think I've let them enjoy their moment long enough! And now for a little triple spin!

[Sonic spins through the rightmost door, and past Robotnik.]

Robotnik: Huh? Oof!

[As Sonic runs away, he waves to Robotnik with his left hand.]

Sonic: Gotta go, slow-mos!
Robotnik: He's getting away!
Junior: Big whoop, Pops! You didn't make me Robotnik Jr. for nothing!

[Robotnik turns his head to face Junior. As Sonic runs away, Junior is revealed to be holding a remote control in his right hand.]

Junior: I put in an extra trap door to the sewer, out there!

[Junior presses the button on the remote with his right index finger. Sonic suddenly stops running, then runs in place.]

Sonic: Hey! What's happened to my traction?

[A trap door opens below Sonic, who looks down.]

Sonic: Isn't thi the pi-i-i-i-its?

[Sonic falls into the trap door. The screen fades to black.The next scene continues where the last one left off, as Sonic is still falling.]

Sonic: [screams]

[Sonic bounces off the pipes leading to the sewer, until he reaches the end.]

Sonic: [screams]

[Sonic falls into the sewer water and sinks. Back above the drap door, Scratch and Grounder are both sweating as they carry a manhole cover with both their hands to put over the hole.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Seal him in!
Scratch [in a strained voice]: Almost... got it!
Grounder: Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

[Both Grounder's arms detach from his body, causing him to drop the manhole cover, which falls on Scratch's right foot. Scratch jumps onto the manhole cover, holding his right foot in both his hands.]

Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho! Whoa-ho! Ow ow!

[Robotnik holds up his left index finger.]

Robotnik: If you don't take better care of your body parts, I'm not going to replace them next time!

[Grounder turns his head to face Robotnik.]

Grounder: Sorry, Dr. Robotnik!
Robotnik: You'd better be sorry! And you'd be in big trouble if I wasn't so happy!

[Robotnik jumps onto the manhole cover and jumps into the air for joy.]

Robotnik: Because the Hedgehog is finally history!

[Robotnik laughs evilly. Junior walks up to the manhole cover and pulls Grounder's right arm out from under it. He then uses Grounder's right arm to scratch his back with.]

Junior: So Pops, since you don't need your Super Special Sonic Search and Smash Squad anymore, let's do something really mean to em'!

[Junior points at Scratch and Grounder with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: Junior, you're brilliant! From now on, you dumbots are on laundry duty!

[Robotnik points at Scratch and Grounder with his right index finger. Back in the sewer, Sonic is holding his breath. When he comes to a giant bubble, he inhales it, much like he does in the games.]

Sonic: If Robotnik thinks I'm all washed up...

[Before Sonic can finish, another giant bubble floats up to him, which he inhales. He then holds up his left index finger.]

Sonic: He's got another spin comin'!

[Sonic spins inside the sewer,creating a whirlpool that sends him out of the water and up the pipes. A geyser pushes the manhole cover off the hole, and Sonic is now seen at the top of the geyser.]

Tails [heard offscreen]: Sonic! There you are! I've been worried sick!

[Tails flies up to Sonic, grabs his left hand with his right hand, and flies away, with him in tow. They land on the ground.]

Sonic: Thanks, kid!

[Sonic puts his left hand over his head and pants heavily.]

Tails: Gee, Sonic, what happened? You look kinda flushed!

[As Sonic talks, he hits his left ear with his left hand, causing water to fall from his right ear.]

Sonic: Yeah, you could say that!

[The screen transitions to the next scene, which shows a view outside Robotnik's fortress. Inside the fortress, Scratch and Grounder are washing all of Robotnik's dirty laundry in the sink. Grounder has turned his left drill into a washboard, and his stomach has been converted into a dryer.]

Grounder: Aw, this stinks! We're hedgehog chasers, not laundry-bots!

[Scratch turns to face Grounder. He opens Grounder's dryer door with his right hand and puts some of the wet laundry he is holding in his right hand into Grounder's stomach. He then shuts Grounder's dryer drawer with his left hand.]

Scratch: D'oh, it's all Junior's fault!

[Scratch presses the button on Grounder's stomach with his right index finger. Grounder jitters as his stomach dries the laundry.]

Grounder: No! No no no no! Not the sp-sp-spin cycle!

[Scratch holds up his left index finger, which has soap suds on it.]

Scratch: As soon as the whites are done, we're gonna get rid of that Junior jerk!

[A bubble that floats past Scratch pops, and is used as a transition to the next scene, where Robotnik is showing Junior pictures of his distant relatives hanging on the wall.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: You should be proud, Junior! You come from a long line of Robotniks! Even if you are the first one made in a lab.

[As Robotnik talks to Junior, he puts his left hand on Junior's back.]

Robotnik: And to show how proud I am of you, I'm going to reward you with a day of fishing!
Junior: What's fishin'?

[Robotnik holds up his right index finger, then turns to face Junior.]

Robotnik: Oh, it's another one of those father/son bonding things, where we get to know each other better, and bridge the generation gap.

[As Robotnik walks away, Junior is now holding a can of graffiti in his right hand, which he shakes.]

Junior: Yeah?

[Robotnik holds up his left index finger.]

Robotnik: Yes, I think I'll have Scratch and Grounder take you!

[Junior has now vandalized all the pictures of Robotnik's distant relatives with his graffiti. He puts an arrow through the head of the last one. The screen then transitions to an overhead view of a pond with a fishing dock over it.]

Junior [heard offscreen]: This looks like a good spot! Let's fish here!

[Junior and Scratch walk up to the end of the dock. They then turn to face Grounder, who is driving a cement mixer. Scratch signals grounder with his right hand]

Scratch: Back it up, Grounder!

[Grounder turns his head towards Scratch and Junior, then pulls the lever with his right hand. As he backs up the cement mixer and Scratch signals him to back up with his right hand, Junior holds up his right index finger.]

Junior: What's with the cement mixer?

[Scratch turns his head to face Junior.]

Scratch: We're gonna fill in the pond with cement! That way, the fish won't have any room to escape your hook!

[Scratch points down at the pond with his left index finger.]

Grounder: And Junior won't be able to escape us!

[Grounder stops the cement mixer just before it gets to the dock.]

Scratch: Junior, you'd better make sure the cement mixture is ripe!

[Scratch points up to the cement mixer with his right hand. Junior climbs the ladder and looks inside the drum. Scratch sneaks up to Grounder.]

Scratch: Now!

[Grounder presses a button on the cement mixer with his right index finger. A trap door opens at the back of the cement mixer, revealing a leg with a boot on it, which kicks Junior into the drum.]

Junior: Hey!

[The drum starts spinning.]

Scratch: That'll show you, you little creep!

[Scratch gives Grounder a high-four with his left hand and Grounder's right hand. He also holds up his right thumb. Grounder then holds up his right thumb.]

Grounder: Now we can get off laundry duty!
Junior [heard inside the drum]: Help! Help me, somebody!

[Sonic and Tails, having witnessed the entire event, are perched atop a tree branch.]

Sonic: I hear my cue! Sonic to the rescue!

[Sonic grabs the vine in front of him with both his hands and swings down on it. He lands on the cement mixer's drum and starts running on it, still holding the vine with both his hands. Scratch and Grounder are now standing near the cement mixer.]

Sonic: Hey, you metallic meat-heads!

[Scratch and Grounder stare in shock at Sonic, with their eyes popping out of their heads and swelling up in size.]

Scratch: Not Sonic!
Grounder: Hey! I thought he was gone for good!

[Sonic jumps off the drum and swings inside. He swings out, with Junior, who is now covered in cement, holding onto his back with both his hands. They land on a tree branch. Sonic is now holding the vine in his right hand.]

Sonic: Well, well, well! Look what the hedgehog dragged in! Robotnik's synthesized son!
Junior: Yeah, and you're that hedgehog my pop hates so much! Big whoop!
Sonic: Fast whoop, too! If you'll excuse me...

[Sonic holds up his left index finger. He then swings on the vine and lands on the drum, which he starts running on again.]

Sonic: Hey, robutts! You wanna mix it up, eh?

[Sonic runs on the drum faster, spinning it faster. Scratch stares in shock, with his eyes popping out of his head.]

Scratch: No-ho!
Grounder: [screams]

[The cement pours on Scratch and Grounder, covering them in it. Sonic then swings off the drum, lets go of the vine, and lands near Junior, who has wiped the cement off him with his right hand. Tails flies down and lands behind Sonic.]

Sonic: If you'd like to thank me for saving your life, I accept chili dogs!

[Sonic holds out his left hand. As Junior talks to Sonic, he pokes his stomach with his right index finger.]

Junior: Yeah, like how come you did that anyway? You're our enemy!
Tails: We don't have to be! Those guys don't look like such good friends!

[Tails holds up his left index finger, and Scratch and Grounder are shown covered in cement.]

Junior: So? I'm bad, and I got bad friends!
Sonic: Maybe, but remember, keed; if your friends are bad, sooner or later, they're gonna be bad to you, too!
Junior: I can handle myself!
Sonic: Like the way you just handled yourself when they kicked you into the cement mixer?

[Sonic kicks with his right foot.]

Junior: Scratch and Grounder kicked me? Hmmm...

[Sonic, Tails, and Junior look up, as Robotnik is now floating above them in his Egg-O-Matic.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Get away from my son, Hedgehog!

[Robotnik lowers a rope with an anchor towards Junior.]

Robotnik: I'm saving you, Junior!

[Robotnik hooks Junior by the back of his suit.]

Junior: Big whoop!

[Robotnik reels Junior in.]

Junior: Hey, Sonic!

[Junior holds up his right thumb.]

Junior: Thanks!
Sonic [heard offscreen]: Hey, just making a point! Maybe you've been hanging with the wrong crowd!
Scratch: Dr. Robotnik!
Grounder: Yeah, save us, too!

[Robotnik sighs annoyed. He flies toward Scratch and Grounder, and Junior grabs Scratch with his right hand and Grounder with his left, carrying them out of the cement, and away. Tails points at Junior with his left index finger.]

Tails: Guess that kid's not all bad after all!

[Sonic holds out his left hand.]

Sonic: Just because his dad is the meanest, ugliest, cruellest, lyin'est, nastiest buttnik villain ever to live, doesn't mean he has to be! Come on!

[Sonic grabs Tails' left hand with his right hand, and runs away, with him in tow, creating a cloud of dust, which is used as a transition to the next scene, which takes place outside Robotnik's fortress as Robotnik and Junior walk towards the Egg-O-Matic.]

Robotnik: I'll teach Sonic not to mess with my kid!

[As Junior talks, he pulls on Robotnik's left arm with both his arms.]

Junior: Get real, Pops! Sonic wasn't the one messing with me, it was...

[Before Junior can finish, Robotnik clamps his right hand over Junior's mouth.]

Robotnik: Shut up, son! Can't you see I'm scheming?

[Robotnik pushes Junior out of the way with his left arm and prepares to walk away.]

Junior: [screams] I'm telling you, Sonic helped me!

[Robotnik stops when he hears what Junior said and mutters unintelligibly.]

Robotnik: [screams]

[Robotnik runs up to Junior and picks him up with both his hands.]

Robotnik: My boy, you're not well! You're feverish! You're imagining things!

[Robotnik drops Junior. He then reaches behind his back with his right hand and pulls out a hankerchief, which he wipes Junior's face with.]

Robotnik: My boy is losing his mind!

[Scratch and Grounder walk up to Robotnik, who tosses the hankerchief aside.]

Robotnik: He thinks Sonic helped a Robotnik! Scratch, Grounder, quick! Call a doctor!

[Grounder turns both his drills into hands.]

Grounder: You're the only doctor we know!

[Junior jumps away from Robotnik and stands up.]

Junior: Gimme a break, would you? There's nothing wrong with me! I'm telling you, Sonic helped me!

[Junior points at Scratch and Grounder with his right index finger.]

Junior: It was these two who...

[Before Junior can finish, Scratch and Grounder stare in shock, then they look at each other and run towards Junior. They wrap him in bandages.]

Scratch: Come here, you!
Junior: Whoa! Hey! Let me go! Hey! Hey!

[Junior is now wrapped in bandages, and his mouth is taped shut. Grounder points at Robotnik with his right index finger.]

Grounder: You're right, Doctor! Junior's sick! Sick!

[Scratch puts his right elbow on Grounder and leans on him.]

Scratch: Gotta keep him tightly bandaged. Don't want him to hurt himself! Bwahaha!

[Grounder turns his left hand into a magnifying glass, which he puts over Junior's right eye.]

Grounder: Eww, look at those eyes! He's definitely sick!

[Robotnik walks up to Grounder and picks him up by his magnifying glass with his left hand.]

Robotnik: There's only one cure that works for a Robotnik; revenge!

[Robotnik drops Grounder.]

Robotnik: It's time to unleash my extendo-tower solar-focusing lens ray, and bake Sonic like a bug!

[Robotnik laughs evilly. The screen transitions to the next scene, where Robotnik's extendo-tower solar-focusing lens ray is assembled.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: The extendo-tower will rise into the atmosphere, and then the rays of the sun into an intense beam which will scorch Sonic once and for all! Is everything ready?

[Grounder holds up his left index finger.]

Grounder: Well, there's one little problem.

[Robotnik grabs Grounder by his collar with his right hand and picks him up.]

Robotnik: What problem?

[Grounder rolls his treads until Robotnik drops him.]

Grounder: Ugh!

[Grounder's face blushes red. He then pulls on his collar with his left hand, causing it to emit black smoke. Scratch runs up to him.]

Scratch: I-i-it's just that we weren't able to focus the lens right!

[Robotnik hops and grumbles unintelligibly as Scratch clamps both his hands over Grounder's mouth. Robotnik turns to face Scratch and Grounder.]

Robotnik: You mean, it won't zap the hedgehog?

[Scratch walks up to Robotnik and holds up his left index finger.]

Scratch: Oh, it'll zap Sonic, all right! But it'll incinerate a hundred square miles around him, too!

[Robotnik grabs Scratch by his neck with his left hand and picks him up.]

Robotnik: So we fry a few innocents. That's not a problem, that's a bonus!

[Robotnik drops Scratch and walks up to Junior, who is sitting on the bleachers.]

Scratch: [yelps] Oof!

[Robotnik turns his head to face Scratch.]

Robotnik: Prepare to extend the lens!

[Robotnik holds up his right index finger, then walks up to Junior, carrying a pair of sunglasses in his left hand, which he puts over Junior's eyes.]

Robotnik: You'll have a perfect view of the action from here!

[Junior struggles and mumbles unintelligibly. Robotnik puts his right arm over Junior's back and pokes Junior's stomach with his left index finger.]

Robotnik: No need to thank me, son! You'll feel much better when Sonic is wiped out! I know I will!

[Robotnik runs away, and Junior struggles to break free of the bandages.]

Junior: Is it, hey! Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!

[Junior spits the tape off his mouth and knocks the sunglasses off his face.]

Junior: Ugh!

[Junior struggles, and breaks free of the bandages. He then hops towards his Egg-O-Matic.]

Junior: If I can fly between Sonic and the lens, I can block the beam and save him!

[Junior flies towards the lens as Robotnik is now in his fortress, sitting at his computer, pressing buttons. Scratch and Grounder run up to him.]

Robotnik: Goodbye, Sonic!

[Robotnik slams his left fist on the computer and laughs evilly as the extendo-tower rises. Sonic and Tails peer from behind the brick wall as the Extendo-tower's shadow casts over them.]

Sonic: Looks like trouble!
Tails: Big trouble!

[The extendo-tower rises towards the son. Back in his fortress, Robotnik presses some buttons on his computer, making the extendo-tower lock onto Sonic and Tails.]

Robotnik: Any second now, and it'll be Sonic sizzled!

[Junior flies his Egg-O-Matic in front of Sonic and Tails.]

Robotnik: Junior! He's in the way!

[Scratch pounds his right fist on a button on the computer.]

Robotnik: No!

[Scratch hides behind Robotnik's chair and trembles in fear.]

Robotnik: You've activated the beam, you fool! Junior is doomed!

[Scratch shrugs his shoulders.]

Scratch: Oops! Ha ha ha!

[The sunlight goes through the extendo-tower's magnifying glass and bounces off a pair of mirrors, which charge energy for the beam, which fires towards Junior. Sonic points at him with his left index finger.]

Sonic: Junior! He's right in the way of that thing!

[Tails ducks as Sonic runs over the wall, and around the Extendo-Tower, causing it to tip over, and the beam to miss Junior. Robotnik, having witnessed everything, slams both his hands on the computer.]

Robotnik: The vertical stabilizers have failed!

[Scratch and Grounder stare in shock, then look at each other.]

Grounder: Is that bad?
Scratch [heard ofscreen]: That's bad!

[The extendo-tower falls towards Robotnik's fortress. Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder all run in place in fear.]

Robotnik, Scratch, and Grounder: [all scream]

[The extendo-tower falls on Robotnik's fortress and explodes. Tails is now standing on the brick wall and jumps for joy.]

Tails: You did it!

[Sonic runs up to Tails.]

Tails: You saved Junior!
Sonic: Not only that, he saved me!

[Junior lands his Egg-O-Matic on the brick wall and runs up to Sonic.]

Junior: How bout' that? I did something good!

[Junior shakes Sonic's right hand with both his hands.]

Robotnik [heard offscreen]: Junior, where are you!

[Sonic, Tails, and Junior stare in shock at Robotnik, who is standing in front of the wall of his destroyed fortress, which Scratch and Grounder are behind. RObotnik shakes his right fist in anger.]

Robotnik: Get in here, young man, and start doing what I tell you to before I disown you!
Junior: Big whoop! I'm disowning you! From now on, I'm on Sonic's side!

[Junior puts his right arm over Sonic's back.]

Sonic: Way to go, Junior! Way to go!

[Sonic waves his left hand and grins mischievously at Robotnik. Robotnik grumbles unintelligibly, and the screen irises out on him. He then pushes the iris open with both his hands and peers out it.]

Robotnik: I hate that hedgehog!

[The screen irises out on Robotnik, ending the episode.]

Sonic Says

[Grounder is standing near a vaccum hose attached to a truck that says, GARBAGE. The hose is pointed at an X which has a plate with a hot dog on it. Sonic reaches towards the hot dog with his left hand, grabs it, and runs onto the X. He chomps on the hot dog, and Scratch and Junior are hiding behind a bush. Scratch is holding a remote control in his left hand.]

Scratch: Press the button, kid!
Junior: But Sonic's my friend!

[Junior cups his left hand to his mouth.]

Junior: Sonic! Look out, it's a trap!

[Sonic runs past Scratch and Junior, collecting Junior and Scratch's remote.]

Scratch: Whoa-ho-ho!

[Sonic, who is now holding the remote in his right hand, kicks the hose towards Scratch, and presses the button. Scratch holds onto the bush, but to no avail, as he gets sucked in.]

Scratch: Oh-ho-ho!

[Sonic is now standing next to Junior.]

Sonic: You did the right thing, Junior! Never do anything you don't think is right, even if other guys say it's cool! That's called peer pressure!