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For the character, see Robotnik Jr.

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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Robotnik, Jr.

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"Robotnik, Jr." is the twenty-ninth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the twenty-ninth episode, it aired as the thirty-fifth episode during the show's original run.





Sonic costumes

  • Asphalt Supply Company Foreman


On his Egg-O-Matic, Dr. Robotnik is waiting for Sonic to show up so Scratch and Grounder can catch him. As he signals them to get ready, Grounder is certain he and Scratch will succeed this time as he turns on the Super Sonic Sucking Vacuum Ray. The ray is in the form of a hand which grabs Sonic. Despite this, he is still able to hang on to a boulder. To their horror, Scratch and Grounder find out they nabbed the boulder and Grounder can't turn off the ray. To avoid getting crushed, Scratch stupidly aims up the ray which not only allows Sonic to escape but grabs the Egg-O-Matic with Robotnik in it and the vehicle crashes down on them. Annoyed with Scratch and Grounder's idiocy, Robotnik gripes how impossible it is to build good help.

Back at the fortress, Robotnik closes the drawbridge on Scratch and Grounder despite their apologies. He then wonders why he can't find a helper "as mean, vicious, and underhanded as [himself]". He then gets the idea of building himself a son while allowing the drawbridge to fall on Scratch and Grounder.

Robotnik puts the finishing on his creation he can trust and carry on his evil ways which he names "Robotnik Jr.". Scratch and Grounder then show up still wanting to come back and Robotnik wants them to see Junior while he spray paints his rear with a note saying "Kick me hard! Wide Load". While a bit shocked, Robotnik tells Junior he's just like him when he was his age.

Outside the fortress, Robotnik shows Junior his own Egg-O-Matic to follow in his footsteps but Junior decides to steal the vehicle instead while sabotaging it. Robotnik feels so proud to know Junior is evil, mean, and rotten. Later, Robotnik and Junior fly in their Egg-O-Matics to the forest as Robotnik tells Junior all the land will be his to plunder but he decides they should camp first.

Robotnik sees the meadow as a perfect camp site and calls Scratch and Grounder to cover it with asphalt using a paver so they'll have a spot to park their Egg-O-Matic RV. He then suggests putting up a freeway and an airport to cut down on all the peace and quiet. He then tell Junior to wait while the great outdoors are ready for camping.

Sonic and Tails see black smoke nearby which means "When there's smoke, there's Robotnik" and Sonic takes it upon himself to clean the air. While operating the paver, Scratch and Grounder are both disappointed that Junior is Robotnik's favorite. Suddenly, they spot Sonic posing as a foreman claiming to be from the Asphalt Supply Company. He claims there's a recall on the paver where "it jumps into reverse without warning" as he drives it while running Scratch and Grounder over.

The noise shakes the Egg-O-Matic RV and to his shock, Robotnik sees the paver coming by and flattening his RV. Sonic advises Robotnik to use a tent for camping. To answer his question, Robotnik introduces Sonic to Junior. Junior tries to spray Sonic but sprays Robotnik instead. As Sonic runs off, Robotnik yells "I hate that hedgehog!". He then tells Junior it's time to work so they can catch Sonic.

After returning to the fortress, Robotnik shows Junior the plans to stop Sonic where Scratch and Grounder in the twin Egg-O-Matic motorcycles will lure Sonic to the labyrinth. They will then make Sonic run to the sewer and seal him in and flood it. During this lesson, Junior makes spitwads at Robotnik. Despite this, Robotnik tells Junior he has the same behavior he did at school.

Under Robotnik's signal, Junior slams the door shut. Neither Scratch or Grounder notice till too late that they're about to crash into the doors. Sonic does a spin to burst through the door. However, Junior activates an extra trap door to the sewer which causes Sonic to plummet.

As Sonic falls to his doom, Scratch and Grounder grab a sewer lid to seal the hedgehog in. The lid's heavy weight causes Grounder's arms to come off and lands on Scratch's foot. Both of them are reminded to take care of their parts by Robotnik who laughs over Sonic's end. Junior suggests doing something means to Scratch and Grounder which is putting them on laundry duty.

Sonic, who is still under water, breathes in air bubbles and does a spin causing the water in the sewer to erupt like a geyser and free him. Tails finds Sonic who has been worried sick.

Meanwhile, Scratch and Grounder are not happy with doing laundry and decide to get rid of Junior. Robotnik tells Junior he comes from a long line of Robotniks. He then decides to have Scratch and Grounder take him fishing while Junior vandalizes every Robotnik portrait.

As Junior finds a good fishing spot, Scratch signals Grounder to come closer with the cement truck. Scratch then tricks Junior into looking inside the mixture and Grounder pushes the button kicking Junior inside. Sonic then hears him call for help and gets him out of the machine. He then takes care of Scratch and Grounder by spinning the mixture, covering them with cement.

Even though Junior sees Sonic as the enemy, Tails points out that Scratch and Grounder aren't such good friends. Robotnik shows up and tells Sonic to get away from Junior. He is also told to save Scratch and Grounder in which Junior grabs both of them. Sonic and Tails both feel Junior isn't as bad as Robotnik and they run off.

Robotnik gets annoyed at the fact that Sonic has corrupted his own son and Junior disagrees. Scratch and Grounder wrap up Junior as they also know Junior is sick. As he sees revenge as a cure for a Robotnik, Dr. Robotnik decides to unleash the Extendo Tower Solar Focusing Lens Ray and "bake Sonic like a bug".

Robotnik explain out that the tower will bring forth a beam that will scorch Sonic for good. Both nervous, Scratch and Grounder point out that the lens will not only zap Sonic but also 100 square miles around him meaning a few innocents will be fried with him which Robotnik considers a bonus. Junior breaks free to fly between Sonic and the lens to save him.

As he sets the tower in place, Robotnik laughs in dark glee as he gets ready to fry Sonic. As they climb up a wall, Sonic and Tails see the lens as "big trouble". Before he can fire at Sonic, Robotnik sees Junior and Scratch activates the beam which is ready to fire at him. Sonic runs in a circle, creating a fissure around the tower. The tower crashes on the fortress with Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder in it.

Tails is impressed that Sonic save Junior and vice versa. Robotnik orders Junior to come back and do what he says before he disowns him. No longer willing to obey his father anymore, Junior say he's on Sonic's side. Sonic congratulates him and sports a teasing grin at Robotnik who grumbles and during the iris out, he yells "I hate that hedgehog!" and the episode ends.

Sonic Says

Scratch has a trap prepared for Sonic. He tells Robotnik Jr. to push the button. Robotnik Jr. objects because he and Sonic are friends. He then warns Sonic of the ambush and the hedgehog turns the trap on Scratch, then tells Robotnik Jr. that he should never give in to peer pressure.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Robotnik Junior Robotnik Junior
German Robotnik Junior Robotnik Junior
Italian Il figlio del Dottor Nick Doctor Nick's son
Japanese 子供のエッグマン Child of Eggman
Portuguese (Portugal) Robotnik Jr. Robotnik Jr.
Spanish (Spain) El hijo de Robotnik Robotnik's son
Spanish (Latin America) Mostaponk Mostaponk


  • The alternate name of this episode is "Son of Robotnik".
  • This episode features Sonic inhaling air bubbles while underwater to breathe, a mechanic from the video games.
  • When aired on Toon Disney, the scene of Sonic being introduced to Robotnik Jr. was edited to remove Robotnik Jr. accidentally spray-painting Robotnik's face.
  • This episode was included on both the second and third volumes of the Shout! Factory Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog DVD releases.
  • Overseas animation for this episode was done by Hong Ying Animation.