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This event exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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The beginning of Robotnik's Coup d'état, from Sonic the Hedgehog #43.

Robotnik's coup d'état is an event that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It was an event which occurred in 3225 on Mobius following the end of the Great War. The coup took place in the city of Robotropolis and was the beginning of the despotic mad scientist Dr. Ivo Robotnik's global takeover. The coup lasted a short time and resulted in the majority of the Kingdom of Acorn's inhabitants captured and roboticized, although some managed to escape to the safety of Knothole Village. This event signified the official start of the First Robotnik War.


Planning and deceit

The planning for the coup took place years before it actually occurred. The Overlander Julian Kintobor had been taken in by the Kingdom of Acorn after fleeing from his own kind, who was planning to imprison him for conspiracy to commit murder on his own people. Once taken in, Julian became the assistant to the Acorn Kingdom's Warlord, Kodos Lion, to assist him in defeating the Overlanders and help win the Great War. Kodos, who was originally planning on launching the coup and taking control, offered Julian to join him. Inspired by the idea of conquest, Julian instead knocked Kodos unconscious with the Atomic Mace and threw him into the Zone of Silence. Following the "disappearance" of Kodos, Julian assumed the mantle of Warlord. From there, he began the construction of various machines and devices which ultimately allowed the Mobians to defeat the Overlanders in the Great War.[1][2][3]

During the war, Julian's wayward nephew Colin "Snively" Kintobor Jr. defected to his side and aided him in both his war tactics and his plans for the coup.[2] Julian, needing an army to overthrow both King Maximillian Acorn, and the Overlord Charlemagne, raided the neutral village of Kar Leung and captured its residents. He turned them all into cyborgs, but only Ken Khan survived the process and rebelled against Julian for killing his people, forcing Julian to lock him up in stasis.[4][5] Julian would later arrange a sword duel between King Max and the Overlord, and the loser's faction would have to surrender. However unknown to the two, Julian planned for this duel to make his takeover easy. He saw that if Max won, Charlemagne's regime would not be a threat to Julian's new order, and if Charlemagne won, Julian would lead the Mobians into endless war. King Max was able to defeat the Overlord and spared his life, however. The Overlanders then surrendered and left Mobius much to Julian's dismay who wanted to enslave his species, and neither one of his political rivals were killed.[6]

Prior to the Great War's end, Julian had discovered the Roboticizer, a device created by Sir Charles Hedgehog in order to prolong the life of the sick and elderly. Believing it could come very useful in his rule, Julian sabotaged the Roboticizer. When Charles roboticized his brother due to an injury the latter received during a battle in the Great War, he discovered Jules lost his free will and that roboticization caused more problems than it solved. Thus, he decided to give away the device to Julian believing he could perfect it more better and end his career as a scientist. Eventually, this would become a fundamental part of Julian's coup.[6][7]

The coup

Robotnik revealing his betrayal to King Acorn and the Royal Court, from Sonic the Hedgehog #43.

Shortly after the end of the Great War, King Maximillian Acorn informed Warlord Julian that he was to dismantle the War Ministry immediately, as the king had made him the Minister of Science and there was no need for the army now. Unbeknownst to King Max, Julian had other plans. By this point, Julian had developed the SWATbot model and had it in full production. That night, Julian gave Snively Robotnik permission to deploy the SWATbots and begin the coup.The Kingdom came under siege in several various locations simultaneously in order to prevent retaliation. King Max was soon brought before Julian, where Julian's schemes were finally revealed. Having renamed himself Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Julian demonstrated to King Max the roboticization process on several captured Mobians. Following this he proceeded to banish King Max into the Zone of Silence as he had with Kodos during the Great War. With the king now disposed of, Robotnik had his SWATbot army round up the remaining citizens of Mobotropolis and the Kingdom then roboticized them. Approximatly ninety percent of the city's population was roboticized, while the rest managed to escape to the Great Forest.[8]


Main article: First Robotnik War

Robotnik's military coup had lasting global impacts and marked the beginning of Robotnik's ten year rule over the entire planet. Following his takeover of Mobotropolis, which he renamed Robotnik - the main city of Robotnik's empire, the despot sent out his hordes of robotic armies to capture and roboticize other Mobians. Not long after taking Mobotropolis, Robotnik had even sent an army of SWATbots to his home city of Megapolis, only to discover it was completely abandoned.[2] From the far off Kingdom of Mercia and Sand Blast City,[9][10] to the wandering Lost Tribe of Echidnas,[11] to the distant continent of Downunda,[12] Robotnik managed to capture and roboticize Mobians all over the globe. From there, he placed various Lieutenants and regional dictators, such as the infamous High Sherif and Crocbot, to ensure that any rebellious acts would be quelled.[9][12]



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