For the final boss in Showdown in the the 8-bit version of Sonic the Hedgehog, see here.

Robotnik's Ship is the final boss of Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball (16-bit). It is located in a section above the Showdown. To reach Robotnik's Ship in its boss room, the player has to gather all five Chaos Emeralds from the level.

Robotnik's Ship is a large orange colored starship that Dr. Robotnik is using to escaping from the Veg-O-Fortress which is at this point crumbling around him. Robotnik's Ship itself contains a pinball table inside itself, where Robotnik located in a large cockpit with a glass dome in the center of the pinball table, which is armed with two grabbing claws and rubber windsocks.


There are three ways to enter the Robotnik's Ship. The player can launch himself above the starship side wings and utilize the Spin Dash to break round windows three times. The player can also get caught to the moving handle below both side wings, which open small hatches and Sonic can enter the starship. The player can also use slowly falling, flat missiles as platforms to reach at the bottom hatch of the starship. This bottom hatch also functions as down hole for the player, if Sonic falls out of the starship during the battle.

Robotnik's Ship is a small pinball table with flippers, a down hole at the bottom (which doubles as an entry point to the boss room) and sling shots. To damage Robotnik's Ship, the player has to launch Sonic above Robotnik's cockpit in the center of the boss room and have him hit the cockpit's glass dome. To do this, the player has to shoot Sonic through the spaces on both sides of Robotnik's cockpit that leads to the glass dome. To defeat Robotnik's ship, the player has to hit the glass dome a total of ten times.

During the battle, Robotnik will activate two types of attachments on each side of his cockpit to throw Sonic out of the starship where the boss room is located. The first of these attachments are grabbing claws, which will snaffle Sonic up in their claws and then drop him off in one of the two side-hatch tunnels in the lower corners of the pinball table that leads outside the starship. The second of these attachments are windsocks (which function similarly in the Showdown), which will fling Sonic into one of the round widows at the side of the room whenever the player attempts to reach the glass dome on the cockpit. These round windows will break after being hit three times, which will cause Sonic to be thrown out the starship the next time he is thrown away by the same windsock, meaning that the player has to reach the starship anew if that happens . When the battle begins, Robotnik also uses both attachments as well.

To make the attachments disappear, the player has to hit the switch that is located on the bottom of Robotnik's cockpit, between the rocket engines, three times (though Urgent orders on the upper part of the screen, will not say if the attachments are removed or not). The attachments will return again after a short amount of time (urgent orders says "Not much time!!"), but if the player also presses the switch again during this time, the attachments will appear again as well. The player then has to press the switch another five times to make them disappear.

After hitting the cockpit's glass dome ten times, Robotnik's ship will explode, and Sonic and Robotnik will fall from the sky. Tails, however, shows up in the Tornado to save Sonic while Robotnik keeps falling down to the grumbling Veg-O-Fortress.


  • It should be noted that following in the direction of the windsock's path toward the round window(s) will actually cause that same window to break faster. This is likely contributed to Sonic's increased speed while being flung.
  • One of the early promotional screenshots in magazines shows the cockpit without Robotnik.[1]
  • Robotnik is oddly scaled up to a size much larger than Sonic himself, and when he is falling with Sonic after being defeated, he is oddly more accurately proportioned and sized in comparison to Sonic.
  • In the original beta version, hints were given as to when the attachments would disappear/reappear and when Robotnik was vulnerable.


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