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Sonic X
Robotnik's Revenge (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic X episode, "Robotnik's Revenge".

Narrator: Last time on Sonic X, Eggman transported Chris to Eggman's space base, where Chris learned a bout a secret orbiting colony built by Eggman's grandfather, the brilliant Professor Gerald Robotnik. Eggman unveiled the Eclipse Cannon, his ultimate weapon, and warned that he'd use it unless the entire population surrender to the Eggman Empire. What are Shadow's mysterious motives? Can Chris' friends find and rescue him? Will Eggman use the Eclipse Cannon and destroy the whole planet? Find out next on Sonic X!

[Scene: A senior's home.]

[Mr. Stewart parks his car outside the senior's home, and both he and Scarlet Garcia get out. Scarlet walks up to a few elderly people on the front porch.]
Scarlet: Excuse me. I'm Scarlet Garcia from SSTV News.

[Scene Change: The senior's home]

[Mr. Stewart and Scarlet are speaking with Mr. Schmitz, a former GUN soldier.]
Mr. Schmitz: Reporter, I have nothing to say to you. I just want to be left alone!
Scarlet: We don't want to trouble you, sir, We'd simply want to ask you a couple of questions.
Mr. Stewart: Can you tell us what happened on Space Colony ARK fifth years ago?
Mr. Schmitz: ... Nothing happened.
Scarlet: I understand your reluctance to talk about it, sir, but you were there when it occurred, and we need to find out all that we can? Please, sir. I need to know.
Mr. Schmitz: You don't have any idea what you're getting involved in, young lady. Just leave it alone before you stir up trouble.

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK- Computer room]

[As the shuttle enters space, Rouge speaks to Eggman on the computer's screen.]
Rouge: Looks like your boys really goofed, didn't they, Doc?
Dr. Eggman: None of your business!
Rouge: Fine. Let's launch the counterattack. How about giving me the password for the colony?
Dr. Eggman: M-A-R-I-A. "Maria". That's the magic word. Meanwhile, I'll be standing by on Crazy Gadget.
[Eggman vanishes from the screen.]
Rouge: Fooling that old fool oughta be a snap. All right, let's start hacking.
[She enters the password.]
Rouge: Maria. M-A-R-I-A. Let's see what pops up here.
[Several boxes appear on the screen.]
Rouge: Come on, come on...
[She locates an entry on Project Shadow.]
Rouge: Ah, here we are. Project Shadow: top secret. Sounds exciting. "The ultimate creature development project." Sure sounds juicy to me... "Shadow... Sealed off...?" But how? If that's true... then who's he?

[Scene Change: Space Colony A.R.K. - Viewport]

[Shadow is looking out the viewport, while a sad Chris is sitting next to him. Sonic's shuttle is soon visible among the asteroids outside.]
Shadow: Here comes your friend.
[Excited, Chris stands up and looks out the window.]
Chris: You mean Sonic?
Shadow: He'd be a fool to challenge me.
Chris: You're the fool, not Sonic!
Shadow: You'll see I'm right. This is one battle your friend cannot win.
[Chris is silent as they both look out the window.]

[Scene Change: The senior's home]

Mr. Schmitz: What you're investigating is much more dangerous than you know! I won't answer any of your questions and that's that!
Scarlet: Please sir, you've just got to tell us what happened! You're the only survivor. Everyone else was... lost. ...Even my father... I'm begging you, please tell us! You owe it to the memory of all those innocent people!
Mr. Stewart: Scarlet.
[He shakes his head. Soon, Scarlet and Mr. Stewart head back to the car.]
Scarlet: I'm sorry. That wasn't very professional of me.
Mr. Stewart: You don't have to apologize. It must bring up a lot of painful memories for you.
[Suddenly they see four government agents in front of them.]
Mr. Stewart: Don't panic. Get to the car as fast as you can.
Scarlet: Why?
Mr. Stewart: Hurry!
[She runs towards the car.]
Agent 1: She's getting away!
[Mr. Stewart kicks the first agent to the ground. The second agent tries to attack him, but Mr. Stewart knocks him out as well.]
Mr. Stewart: Who's next, hm?
[Mr. Stewart turns to see that the fourth agent has grabbed Scarlet.]
Scarlet: What do you want from me?
Mr. Stewart: Scarlet!
[He races towards Scarlet.]
Scarlet: Let go!
Agent 4: Get in the car!
[Agent 4 is suddenly karate-chopped from behind by Mr. Schmitz.]
Scarlet: Thank you.
[Two government cars bear down on them.]
Mr. Schmitz: This way!
[Mr. Stewart and Scarlet follow Mr. Schmitz to safety. Later, they are in a backyard. Mr. Stewart looks around to make sure no one sees them before rejoining Scarlet and Mr. Schmitz.]
Mr. Schmitz: I don't see them anywhere.
Scarlet: [To Mr. Schmitz] I don't know how to thank you.
Mr. Stewart: That was nice work.
[Mr. Schmitz flexes his muscles.]
Mr. Schmitz: I used to be able to handle myself okay. But... that was a long time ago.
[Scarlet is surprised.]

[Scene Change: Outside the Space Colony ARK]

[The shuttle approaches the space colony. There are laser batteries everywhere.]
Tails: I'll bet they're watching us in there.
Sonic: You just takes it slow and steady.
[Knuckles senses the Master Emerald.]
Knuckles: Hurry it up!
[He grabs the shuttle's controls.]
Tails: Knuckles! What's the matter with you?
Knuckles: The Master Emerald! It's nearby! I can feel it!
Amy: Knuckles! Let go of the wheel!
[The batteries open fire, damaging the shuttle's tail. Amy cries out.]
Tanaka: Here comes my breakfast...
Sonic: All right! Calm down, will ya?! We're going to the same place anyway!
Knuckles: Master Emerald, here I come!
[The shuttle makes a crash landing on Space Colony ARK.]

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - Computer Room]

Computer: Intruder alert. Sector M14. Intruder alert. Sector M14.
[The crashed shuttle can be seen on the computer's screen.]
Rouge: I wonder who that could be...

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - Reactor]

[Knuckles breaks down a door to the reactor. There, at the intersection of four narrow bridges, is the Master Emerald. He runs towards the Master Emerald, but Rouge gets in the way.]
Rouge: Uh-uh. This area's off limits, slugger.
Knuckles: I want that Master Emerald!
Rouge: Sorry, guy.
[Rouge attempts to kick and slap Knuckles, but the echidna dodges and attempts to punch her. Rouge simply flips out of the way.]
Rouge: Now that's no way to treat a lady. Didn't you learn any manners?
Knuckles: I've got manners, but you're no lady!
[Knuckles punches Rouge. The momentum knocks her off the bridge. He realizes his mistake and catches Rouge by the hand before she falls too far.]
Knuckles: I've got ya!
[Knuckles pulls Rouge up to the ledge. She immediately withdraws her hand.]
Rouge: Get your hands off me.
Knuckles: Hey, if it weren't for me, you would have fallen on your head!
Rouge: Ha! Were you really trying to save me, or were you just trying to be fresh? I wonder.
Knuckles: You're crazy! What do you mean, "fresh"?! Talk about ungrateful!
Rouge: Whatever. Have it your way if it makes you happy.
[Rouge starts to leave.]
Rouge: See ya.
Knuckles: What about the Emerald?
Rouge: Emerald? Take it. It's yours.
Knuckles: What kind of game are you playing anyway? ... Even for a bat, you're batty.
[He lifts the Master Emerald above his head and prepares to leave.]
Rouge: That's my cue to get out of here.
[She leaves.]

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK]

[Tails is piloting the X-Cyclone through the halls.]
Amy: Sure is a lonely place.
Tanaka: I suspect no one has been here since the accident occurred fifty years ago.
Sonic: We have a big problem. How do we destroy that weapon when we find it?
Tails: Here. Why not give this a try?
[He hands Sonic the fake Chaos Emerald.]
Sonic: A Chaos Emerald?
Tails: Well, it's not a real one. I made a copy to help power the X-Tornado. It's doesn't have the power of a real Chaos Emerald, but if we put it in with a real one, it might cause some kind of reaction and mess up the whole system.
Sonic: Okay! If this little baby does the trick, it'll be goodbye Eclipse Cannon!
[They reach the center of a room. Unknown to them, Eggman, Decoe, and Bocoe are hiding nearby. They utilize a large claw from the Eggmobile.]
Sonic: Hey! What's that?
[The claw speeds towards the back seats of the X-Cyclone, where Tanaka and Amy are. The claw grabs Amy.]
Sonic: Amy!
[A bright light shines on the X-Cyclone as Eggman reveals himself.]
Dr. Eggman: Let's shed some light on things. ... I will set your friend free under one condition: give me the Emerald, and I'll give you the girl.
[He lowers the claw for Sonic to see.]
Sonic: Let's see... Give me a minute to think it over.
[Tails is surprised.]
Amy: What do you mean, "Think it over"?
Dr. Eggman: Well, perhaps this might help you think faster!
[The claw squeezes Amy.]
Amy: Soonicc!
[Sonic jumps down from the X-Cyclone with the fake Chaos Emerald.]
Sonic: It's a deal.
Dr. Eggman: Place the Emerald in the center of that circle.
[Sonic walks towards the middle of the room.]
Sonic: Guess it's just like that old saying, "Easy come, easy go."
[Sonic places the Chaos Emerald on the ground.]
Sonic: Oh well.
[Eggman presses a button, a glass tube descends around him.]
Dr. Eggman: Prepare to be blown into space, my lttle blue friend.
Tails: No, wait! What if I promise to give you a real Chaos Emerald?
Dr. Eggman: [Surprised] What's that? You mean to tell me that that Chaos Emerald is a counterfeit?
[Tails realizes his mistake.]
Dr. Eggman: I shall make Sonic pay for your deception, you crafty creep!
Amy: You let Sonic go right now!
Sonic: Hey. It's okay.
Amy: Sonic...
Sonic: You're in charge, pal. All right?
[Tails is speechless as tears form in his eyes.]
Dr. Eggman: Now, Sonic, it's time to say goodbye!
[It is revealed that the tube is an escape pod, which Eggman jettisons into space.]
Amy: Sonic! No!
[Eggman releases Amy, and she runs over to the window to watch the escape pod.]
Amy: He's gone...
[Suddenly the pod is engulfed in a fiery explosion. Amy lets out an anguished cry.]
Amy: Soooniiic!

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - Viewport]

[Shadow and Chris watch the explosion. Chris does not know that Sonic was inside.]
Shadow: Your friend could not save himself.
Chris: Huh? You mean Sonic was in there?
Shadow: Yes, I'm afraid he was. Perhaps Sonic was not the great hero you thought him to be.
Chris: You're wrong! It's can't be true! Sonic!
[Chris runs from the room.]

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK]

Amy: He's gone...
[She sobs openly.]
Dr. Eggman: Quit your blubbering and hand over that Emerald! I can't sit here all day waiting for your crocodile tears to dry!
Tails: I won't let you down, Sonic. I'll never give him what he wants.
[Eggman listens closer.]
Tails: [Determined] I'll be strong. I won't let myself run away this time! Amy, Mr. Tanaka, stay out of the way!
Tanaka: Amy, follow me.
[They leave.]
Dr. Eggman: You've tried my patience for far too long. You asked for it!
[Eggman fires at the X-Cyclone, which leaps into the air and returns fire. Eggman dodges.]
Dr. Eggman: I'll make you pay for that!

[Scene Change: Station Square]

Mr. Schmitz: Our mission seemed pretty straightforward at the time. I ordered us to close the facility because of some sort of accident.
Scarlet: Go on.
Mr. Schmitz: A couple of us knew they weren't telling the whole story...

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - Flashback]

Mr. Schmitz: [As Narrator] ...but none of us had the guts to speak up. We just did our jobs and went up to space like we were told.
[Several GUN soldiers break into a lab, where scientists are running tests; one of the subjects being a large green lizard. The GUN soldiers point their weapons at the scientists, who raise their hands.]
Mr. Schmitz: [As Narrator] None of us knew what to expect. At that time we had heard all sorts or rumors about the ARK. Some said they were experimenting with the concept of eternal life. Others said they had created something called the ultimate creature.
[One of the GUN soldiers, Mr. Schmitz, spots Maria near a control panel.]
Mr. Schmitz: Stop!
[But Maria takes off running. Mr. Schmitz pursues Maria, who flees through an automatic door. The soldier catches up, but sees several life forms floating in tubes.]
Mr. Schmitz: It's the creature!
[He also notices Maria about to pull a lever.]
Mr. Schmitz: She's setting it free!
[He shoots the control panel, which opens the door, before heading in.]
Mr. Schmitz: Freeze!
[He points his gun at Maria.]
Mr. Schmitz: Take your hand off that lever.
[But Maria grasps the lever with both hands.]
Mr. Schmitz: I'm not fooling around here!
[Maria eventually pulls the lever, and the pods are launched.]

[Scene Change: Station Square]

Mr. Schmitz: She was so young... I'll never forget her face...
[He buries his face in his hands, and Mr. Stewart and Scarlet glance at each other. Back in the flashback, the pods are seen descending towards Earth.]
Mr. Schmitz: We sealed off the area, and they took her away. The mission ended, and we all went home.
Scarlet: But wasn't there any kind of investigation?
Mr. Schmitz: The official report called it "an unfortunate accident", and we were all sworn to secrecy. But I know that it wasn't an accident and nobody can tell me otherwise!
[Mr. Schmitz buries his head in his hands.]
Mr. Schmitz: I volunteered for that force as a young man because I wanted to give back to the country I loved! But then... But then they...
[Mr. Schmitz breaks down and starts crying. Scarlet lays her hand on his shoulder.]
Scarlet: I understand now. Thank you.

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK]

[Meanwhile, Chris is running through the corridors.]
Chris: He's wrong! Sonic wasn't in there! He couldn't be! It's not true! It's not true!
[Meanwhile, Knuckles is carrying the Master Emerald down another hallway. Suddenly a bright light materializes in front of him. Sonic emerges from the light and falls on the ground.]
Knuckles: Sonic!
[He puts down the Master Emerald and bends down to Sonic's level.]
Knuckles: Hey. Are you all right?
[Sonic wakes up.]
Sonic: I'm okay.
[He sits up and holds up the fake Chaos Emerald.]
Sonic: I want to try something.
[In the pod, minutes ago...]
Sonic: Now... Let's see if this works... Chaos Control!
[He vanishes. Back in the present.]
Sonic: This may be a fake, but it works.
Knuckles: You gonna tell me what's going on or not?
Sonic: Yeah, I will, but first things first. I need you to kep an eye on Tails and the others.
Knuckles: OK.
Sonic: Great, and while you're doing that, I'm gonna put this guy to the ultimate test!

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - Computer Room]

[Rouge is communicating with Topaz, who is still at Eggman's base.]
Rouge: [On Radio] Now don't you worry your pretty little head, Topaz. I'm copying all the data as we speak.

[Scene Change: Eggman's Pyramid Base - Outside.]

Topaz: [On Radio] Just be sure that you get every bit of information. Don't leave anything behind, Rouge. ...We need to know all we can.

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - Computer Room]

Rouge: [On Radio] I got it all, honey, and it looos like there's plenty of it. Even that dope Eggman doesn't know the whole story. And it's quite a story.

[Scene Change: Eggman's Pyramid Base - Outside.]

Topaz: [On Radio] You'd better hurry up and get out of there. Have you got the Emeralds?

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - Computer Room]

[Rouge's radio is on the floor]
Topaz: [Over Radio] We can analyze the data when you get back. After that, we can che--
[Suddenly a newly-arrived Shadow crushes Rouge's radio underfoot.]
Shadow: I suggest you keep your hands off those Chaos Emeralds. We wouldn't want them to fall into the wrong hands, now would we, Agent Rouge?
Rouge: [Smirks] Have you been spying on me? Aren't you the naughty little boy?
Shadow: You've been a government spy all this time.
Rouge: Uh-huh. Now that I have my hands on this hot little disc here, I think I'll make my exit if you don't mind.
Shadow: I do mind, you phony!
Rouge: That's pretty funny coming from you.
Shadow: What do you mean by that?

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK]

[Tails and Eggman continue to exchange fire. Soon both their vehicles are nose to nose.]
Tails: This is for Sonic!
[The X-Cyclone fires a massive beam which blows both their vehicles into the opposite walls. Tails exits his vehicle and chokes on the resulting smoke. Tanaka and Amy rush over.]
Amy: You're not hurt, are you, Tails?
Tails: It worked. I did it.
[However, Eggman confiscates the Chaos Emerald using his claw.]
Tails: Oh no! Give that back to me!
[Eggman grins as the door shuts in front of him.]

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - Computer Room]

[Rouge holds up a Project Shadow progress report for Shadow to see.]
Rouge: According to this, the body for the original creature was sealed off fifty years ago.
Shadow: Yes, that's right, but that was the prototype. I was the very first creature created after that one.
Rouge: Ah, but it says here there were two capsules ejected from the ARK when the facility was shut down. Apparently neither of them was ever found. And if those two capsules were never found, then how did you end up on Prison Island? I wonder. ... I have a feeling neither of us is who we say we are.
[Shadow's radio crackles.]
Dr. Eggman: [Over Radio] Good news, Shadow! I've gotten a hold of the Chaos Emeralds!
Shadow: [On Radio] And?
Dr. Eggman: [Over Radio] It appears one of out enemies is headed straight for the Eclipse Cannon. We have no time to waste. Prepare for takeoff immediately!
[Shadow starts to leave.]
Rouge: Come back! Don't you understand you're not the real Shadow?
[Shadow does not answer.]
Rouge: Everything in your memories is as unreal as you are!
Shadow: If it is true that all of my memories are not my own, they are still all that I have. I will do what I must. I promised her.
[Shadow leaves, and Rouge crosses her arms.]

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - Knuckles]

[Knuckles stops running when he sees Shadow moving along a conveyor belt below.]
Knuckles: Him again. He must be going after Sonic.
Chris: [Off-screen] Then Sonic's all right!
[Knuckles turns to see an out-of-breath Chris standing there.]
Chris: Sonic... He's okay...
Tanaka: [Off-screen] Master Chris, it is you!
[Tanaka runs towards Chris.]
Chris: Hi, Mr. Tanaka.
Tanaka: Ah...
[Tanaka embraces Chris in a tearful reunion.]
Tanaka: Master Chris... Are you all right?
Chris: Yeah, except I can't really breathe!
[Knuckles, Amy, and Tails look on.]

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - The Conveyor Belts]

[Sonic is riding one of the conveyor belts.]
Shadow: [Off-screen] What a surprise.
[Sonic sees Shadow nearby.]
Shadow: I could have sworn you were blown to bits just a short time ago.
[Sonic hops onto the other belt and walks against it.]
Sonic: Well, I guess I'm a lot tougher than I look. In fact, it's thanks to you I'm okay.
Shadow: I see. You caused Chaos Control with that phony Emerald there.
Sonic: Yup. I gotta run!
[Sonic begins running, but Shadow catches up to him.]
Shadow: I'm afraid I cannot let you get away from me that easily, my friend. Now, I demand to know who you are.
Sonic: Who, me? I'm just a guy with a need for speed. They call me Sonic the Hedgehog!
Shadow: Ah, yes. I can well understand your love of speed, Sonic, but now your high-speed adventure must come to an end!
[They both take off down the belts.]

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - Computer Room]

[Decoe and Bocoe are typing on the computer.]
Decoe: Eclipse Cannon is nearly ready to launch again, Doctor Eggman!
Bocoe: I will release the safety device.
[Eggman snickers as he holds the last Chaos Emerald.]

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - The Conveyor Belts]

Shadow: Chaos Spear!
[Shadow throws a bolt of pure Chaos energy at Sonic, who dodges. Sonic attempts a Homing attack which misses.]
Shadow: Chaos Spear!
[Shadow throws several Chaos Spears at Sonic, which damage the pipework inside the Eclipse Cannon.]
Sonic: [To Himself] What's he trying to do, barbecue me?

[Scene Change: Space Colony Ark - Viewport]

[Chris and the rest of the gang watch as several parts of the Eclipse Cannon begin glowing.]
Chris: It's the Eclipse Cannon!
Knuckles: Sonic must have done that.
Tails: Now all we have to do is get that Chaos Emerald back from Eggman! Then we'll be in the clear!
[Chris looks sad. Will Sonic and his friends return home this time?]

[Scene Change: Space Colony ARK - Computer Room]

[Decoe and Bocoe assess the situation]
Decoe: Doctor! The Eclipse Cannon has been badly damaged!
Bocoe: What does Shadow think he's doing?
Decoe: Oh no! The gun battery has been hit!
Dr. Eggman: ...Well, fire it anyway!
[He inserts the last Chaos Emerald, then pushes his hench-bots aside.]
Dr. Eggman: Eclipse Cannon, fire!
[He punches through the glass over a button and presses it. The Chaos Emeralds begin glowing, but stop.]
Dr. Eggman: Huh? Huh? Huh?
[A timer reading 00:27:53:00 appears, followes by several images of Gerald Robotnik, who is shown to be in the same prison Sonic was in earlier.]
Dr. Eggman: Grandpa!
[Then Gerald's foreboding voice echoes a grim warning which can be heard throughout the entire space station.]
Gerald: The countdown marking my final revenge on this world has begun! In just a few minutes, you will be destroyed. Soon, Space Colony Ark will hurtle through the atmosphere and crash into this planet with cataclysmic force!
[The countdown begins as the screen turns black and the credits roll.]