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Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme

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"Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme" is the fiftieth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the fiftieth episode, it aired as the thirty-ninth episode during the show's original run. This episode is the third part of the "Quest for the Chaos Emeralds" saga.




  • Ancient Roman Colosseum
  • The Beach
  • Mobigypt
    • Pyramid of Robotnikhotep I


Continuing where "Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table" left off, Dr. Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder are being chased by an angry lion in the middle of a Roman Colosseum. They think they are saved when they see the Cesar is Robotnik's ancestor Julius Robotnikus, but he gives them the thumbs down meaning he won't help them. The trio escape to their time machine and transport themselves away.

Sonic is once again on the beach trying to pick up on Beach Bunnies when he is approached again by Professor Caninestein. The Professor informs Sonic that his family history is being erased because Robotnik is messing with his ancestors. Sonic asks for the Atomic Relativity Boots, but Professor Caninestein gives him instead his newest invention, the Time Warp Boogie Board. Sonic and Tails hop on and go after Robotnik.

Robotnik arrives in Ancient Mobigypt. They see Sonic's ancestor, Masonic the bricklayer. They plan on keeping him from meeting Penelope so they will never have children and generations later Sonic will never be born. Penelope runs the local Chili Dog stand, so Masonic is on his way over to her for a bite to eat. Masonic is intercepted by Scratch who is dressed like a woman and tries to seduce him. Not interested at all, Masonic tries to get away from him, but Grounder pulls out a laser and they capture Masonic.

Sonic and Tails arrive in Mobigypt and see Scratch and Grounder taking Masonic hostage. Sonic flies the Time Warp Boogie Board into them, sending Grounder into a camel pen and Robotnik into a large pile of camel dung. To celebrate their victory, Sonic and Tails go to buy Chili Dogs from Penelope. They arrive just before Masonic who waits in line behind them. Penelope takes a long time preparing the dogs. Sonic gets impatient, but Masonic gets even more impatient and leaves. Sonic and Tails realize they were now responsible for Masonic and Penelope not meeting and Sonic fades away. Robotnik sees Sonic fade away and leaves to go find the Chaos Emerald of Immortality. Tails finds Masonic and launches him at Penelope where they instantly fall in love and Sonic then re-appears.

Robotnik has the Pharaoh of Mobigypt tied up trying to force him to say where the Chaos Emerald is hidden. Since the Pharaoh won't tell, Robotnik makes himself Pharaoh and plans to force people to make Pyramids of him until someone tells him where the Chaos Emerald is. Sonic and Tails rush in to stop him, but they are quickly chained up and taken away by Robotnik's new Mobigyptian guards. Scratch and Grounder read hieroglyphics on the wall to find out the Chaos Emerald is hidden in the pyramid of Robotnikhotep, Robotnik's own ancestor. Penelope spies on them from nearby.

Sonic, Tails and Masonic are performing slave labor, building a pyramid with giant blocks. Penelope comes to them and tells them Robotnik knows where the Chaos Emerald is. Sonic carves a picture of himself in chains on a block and explains that when Professor Caninestein sees it in the future he will send a saw. As Sonic says it, the saw appears in front of him. Sonic uses the saw to cut himself, Tails and Masonic free. they find a carriage with a horse, but they leave the horse and Sonic pulls his friends in the carriage.

Sonic, Tails, Masonic and Penelope make it to the pyramid which Masonic knows well because his grandfather built it. Masonic leads them in and guides them around the many traps.

Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder find a long shaft which leads to the burial chamber. The door says one must fall down and grab enough gold rings for the entrance at the bottom of the shaft to open. Robotnik throws Scratch and Grounder down and they begin grabbing rings. They are one ring short and they hit spikes at the bottom. Robotnik grabs one ring and hops down into the burial chamber. Sonic and friends come in after them. The mummy of Robotnikhotep wakes up and is wearing the Chaos Emerald of immortality. Sonic tries to Spin Attack him, but can't hurt him. A Mummified Hedgehog comes out of a coffin and starts pestering Robotnikhotep. Dr. Robotnik takes the chaos emerald from Robotnikhotep who is glad to be mortal again so as to not have to deal with the Hedgehog mummy for the rest of eternity. Robotnikhotep denigrates into dust.

Robotnik becomes invincible and Sonic's Spin attacks do nothing. The Mummy Hedgehog gives Sonic his necklace with another emerald which gives him a blue energy shield that can protect him from Robotnik's immortality. Sonic defeats Robotnik, takes his Chaos Emerald and returns the other emerald to the Mummy Hedgehog.

Outside the pyramid, Sonic and Tails have Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder mummified and they transport them away in their own time machine. The villains appear on top of a bi-plane in the middle of World War I.

The Pharaoh marries Masonic and Penelope. Sonic and Tails say goodbye and take off on their board. before leaving Mobigypt Sonic resculpts a Robotnik Sphinx to look like both himself and Tails.

Sonic Sez

Sonic teaches Tails to wear pads and a helmet while skateboarding.

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  • The alternate name of this episode is "Quest for the Chaos Emeralds (3); The Pyramid Scheme".
  • Sonic states that he weighed two pounds, three ounces when he was born.
  • This is the only episode that reveals Sonic having a family.
  • In the previous episode, "Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table", while at the beach, Sonic and Tails did not wear clothes, whereas in this episode, they wear swim trunks.
  • The scene where Scratch tries to seduce Masonic was cut out of the episode when it aired on Toon Disney. This was probably because parts of the scene could be interpreted as having a sexual nature, an example Grounder having a gun pop out of his stomach. Since Grounder does not have a crotch, the gun coming out of his stomach kind of looks like a phallic symbol.[1]
  • Sonic's Beach Bunny in this episode is almost identical to Miss Possum.
  • This episode has several references to objects in the Sonic the Hedgehog video games.
    • Sonic and his friends push a cube shaped stone into a lava river and ride on it, this is no doubt inspired by identical instances from Marble Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit).
    • A Chained weight falls from the ceiling and crushed Scratch, this also is inspired by identical instances from Marble Zone in Sonic the Hedgehog (16-bit).
    • The entrance to the burial chamber (where the Chaos Emerald is hidden) requires falling down a long tunnel and collecting enough rings to open the door at the end. This is a reference to the Special Stages of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which also required the players to collect rings to obtain the Chaos Emerald.


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