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This object exists primarily within the Sonic Underground continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

The Roboticizer is an object that appears in the Sonic Underground television series. It is a device utilized by Dr. Robotnik and his empire to create robotic slaves from the citizens of Mobius via the process of roboticization.


The origin of the Roboticizer is unknown, although it is implied to have been invented by Dr. Robotnik.[1] Following his successful takeover of Mobius, Dr. Robotnik, used the Roboticizer to transform the majority of the lower-class citizens into mindless robotic slaves loyal only to him.[2]

Over the next many year, Robotnik would use the Roboticizer to punish any Freedom Fighter he could catch (and threaten his lackeys).

Ifyoucan managed to retain his free will during the roboticization process due to a malfunction in the device, but nevertheless had been biologically mechanized.[3]

When Sleet stole the Chaos Emerald from Robotnik's Fortress of Altitude and accidentally let Dingo shatter it, he went back to Robotropolis in an attempt to ask the scientist for help. Robotnik attempted to have Sleet roboticized twice for his betrayal, only sparing him at the offer to locate Dingo and the broken Emerald.[4] Later, when Robotnik attempted to roboticize Sonia the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna knocked a Swatbot into the machine instead, which caused a overload in the system, as Robotnik noted that one cannot roboticize a robot.[5]

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