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The Roboticizer is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is a device originally created by Sir Charles Hedgehog to increase the lifespan of the elderly and sick via the process of roboticization. However, its properties were corrupted and exploited by Dr. Robotnik and later Dr. Eggman, who utilized it to create Robian slaves.


Invention and First Robotnik War

Sir Charles Hedgehog created the Roboticizer for medical purposes, but unbeknownst to him it was subsequently sabotaged by Warlord Julian Kintobor. Sir Charles abandoned the device when it turned his dying brother Jules Hedgehog into a mindless robot, robbing him of his free will. Charles turned the device and its blueprints over to Julian in hopes that he did better with it, unaware Julian made many modifications to it for his plans for global domination.[1][2][3] Following his successful military coup, Julian, rechristened Dr. Ivo Robotnik, used the Roboticizer to transform much of the Mobian population into Robians - mindless robotic slaves loyal only to him.[4][5]

Portable Roboticizer

A portable Roboticizer, from Sonic & Knuckles: Mecha Madness Special.

A number of portable Roboticizers were created as well, two of which were captured by the Knothole Freedom Fighters only to burn out after some limited use.[3]

Second Robotnik War and neutralization

The Roboticizer's use was abandoned following the death of Dr. Robotnik, though his alternate universe counterpart Robo-Robotnik modified his robotic body to roboticize with a mere touch.[6][7] This ability was removed when the Bem scientist Ceneca 9009 converted him into an organic life form.[8] Additionally, Ceneca 9009 converted all the Robians back to their organic forms with the exception of Jules, who would have died from the wounds he obtained prior to being roboticized during the Great War.[9]

Genesis and aftermath

World Roboticizer

The World Roboticizer onboard the Death Egg Mark 2, from Sonic the Hedgehog #230.

By 3237, Eggman believed he had regained the use of the Roboticizer during Operation: Clean Sweep, which undid the immunity placed upon Mobius' people by the Bem. Eggman then constructed the World Roboticizer, capable of roboticizing the entire world, inside the Death Egg Mark 2. Though Operation: Clean Sweep was reversed, Eggman intended to use the World Roboticizer to eliminate the world powers that opposed him through the machine's side effect of blowing up anything mechanical. As the Roboticizer was fired, Sally and Nicole inverted the beam onto Sally, making her the only victim and heavy damaging the Death Egg Mark 2.[10]

Eggman subsequently discovered that fifty percent of Mobius' population had still been rendered susceptible to roboticization by his efforts. As such, he would reemploy the Roboticizers for enslavement while keeping Legionization as an alternative.[11]

Note: From this point, Roboticizer's history continues from its new existence in the altered timeline.


  • In its first appearance, in the Sonic the Hedgehog miniseries, the Roboticizer is referred to as the Robo-Machine.[12]
  • The Roboticizer was incorrectly referred to as the "Robotizer" in Sonic the Hedgehog #129. Eggman later called it the "Robotizer" during the Genesis arc, but when the world return to normal, Snively corrected him with the proper version of "Robotization". This was likely a stealth pun of the spelling error mentioned above.

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