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Robot Scrap Chests are collectible items found in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. They are Ancient chests containing Robot Scrap.


A Robot Scrap Chest.

The Robot Scrap Chests are ancient metallic chests with a golden, blue and red coloration and light blue lights.


The Robot Scrap Chests are scattered throughout each area and reward the player with Robot Scraps when opened. Sometimes though, they may also award the player with Rings. There are a certain number of Robot Scrap Chests located in each area; some are quite easy to spot whereas some are located at hard-to-reach locations. There are a total of 178 Robot Scrap Chests to be found in the game.

Robot Scrap Chests Per Level

Level No.
Lyric's Tomb 15
Cliff's Excavation Site 20
Abandoned Research Facility 16
Lyric's Weapon Facility 17
The Pit 19
Bygone Island 22
Crater Lake 12
Slowpoke Isle 13
Ocean Purification Plant 12
Creeper Gorge 20
Sky Citadel 9
Lyric's Lair 8


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