The Robot Masters are a series of intelligent, self-aware robots originally made by Dr. Thomas Light and Dr. Albert Wily (before they went their separate ways) in the Mega Man series.


Pre-Worlds Collide

Originally made for the greater good of robotics, doing jobs that humans cannot achieve by themselves, Dr. Wily had stole the six original Robot Masters (with the exception of Rock, Roll, and Blues, who were made before the aforementioned six Robot Masters) to start of his world conquest. Fortunately, Rock Light had transformed into Mega Man to stop the reprogrammed Robot Masters from helping Wily take over the world. (Mega Man #1-4)

After the first Genesis Wave was reversed, the blue Chaos Emerald ended up in Mega Man's world and found by Flash Man in the Amazon Jungle. Using the Emerald, Doctors Eggman and Wily meet and create the Skull Egg Zone. With the help of the Robot Masters, Eggman and Wily constructed the Wily Egg.(WC #1)

Sometime afterwards, Proto Man (under the alias Break Man) attacked Mega City during the celebration of Mega Man's birthday. Mega Man, along with Bomb Man, Guts Man and Cut Man attempted to stop him. The latter 3 went down easy, with Mega Man eventually at his mercy. The fight was interrupted by the Genesis Wave. (Mega Man #23/WC #0)

Worlds Collide

A group of Robot Masters.

Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily revived the Robot Masters thanks to the unstable time-space properties of the Skull Egg Zone, before all of the Roboticized Masters were deroboticized by Mega Man's Sonic Shot. Prior to Sonic, Mega Man and company arriving at the Wily Egg, Copy Robot, The Genesis Unit and Shadow Man (Both the Robot Master and Roboticized Master) were sent to slow them down. (WC #1, #6, #7, #8)

After the 8 Roboticized Master are dealt with, an army of Robot Masters are sent out. Proto Man, Knuckles, Amy, Vector, Espio, Charmy, Blaze, Shadow, E-123 Omega, Silver and a deroboticized Rouge stay behind to fight them. Dr. Light, after his rescue, fixes a blaster to use in order to help.

Sonic, Tails, Mega Man and Rush encounter and defeat the Mega Man Killers within the Wily Egg, though Tails was injured in the process. Shortly after, Dr. Lights remaining Robot Masters arrived to aid those still fighting off the other masters. (#9, #10, #11, #12)

Post-Worlds Collide

After Mega Man's world is restored through Chaos Control, Mega Man along with Bomb Man, Guts Man and Cut Man are without the damaged they suffered from Break Man prior to the Genesis Wave. (Mega Man #28)

List of Robot Master in World's Collide

Robot Masters created by Dr. Light

(Those in bold were working for Dr. Wily & Dr. Eggman.)

Robot Masters created by Dr. Wily

(Those in bold were recreated by Ra Moon and present before the Second Genesis Wave struck. They followed Dr. Wily & Dr. Eggman)

Robot Masters found at the Lanfront Ruins

(All of the following, save for Shadow Man were created by Ra Moon. They were around right before the Second Genesis Wave struck and followed Dr. Wily & Dr. Eggman.)

Robot Masters created by Dr. Cossack

(All of them followed Dr. Wily & Dr. Eggman.)

Robot Masters created by other scientists

(All of them followed Dr. Wily & Dr. Eggman.)

Robot Masters created by King

(All of them followed Dr. Wily & Dr. Eggman.)

Robot Master created by Mega Man Shadow


  • Some fans may consider the Roboticized Masters in Worlds Collide Robot Masters because of the similarities of their looks and names.
  • Prior to the reports of Proto Man fighting the Roboticized Masters, Dr. Light was preparing to create Bond Man, whom he planned to construct during the original line.[3] Bond Man was a robot planned for inclusion in the original Mega Man, but omitted due to limitations.
  • Due to the advancements with Robot Masters (and robotics as a whole), humans themselves can do less and have difficulty performing simple tasks without them. As in Mega Man 10, humans struggled even simple tasks without the help of robots and Robot Masters.


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