Robot Mantis[1] (カマカマ[2] Kamakama?, lit. “Kama-Kama”), is an enemy that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog CD. They are mantis-based Badnik models created by Dr. Eggman.


Based on the real-life mantis, Robot Mantises have a green head with two yellow drop-shaped antennas and large black eyes. They also have a long green straw for a neck, connecting their head to their spherical green chassis. Attached to the chassis are a pair of large yellow wheels with red hub caps, along with an orange abdominal section on the rear and two stubby orange arms with curved grey blades on


Kamakama a

In Sonic the Hedgehog CD, Robot Mantises are stationed throughout Collision Chaos. In gameplay, they roll along the ground in wait for the player, often in tight spaces to complicate attempts to defeat them. For offense, they fling their sickle-like arms at the playable character. However, if the player assumes a Spin Attack or Spin Jump, they can deflect the blades.

In the Bad Future or sometimes in the present timeframe of Collision Chaos, the Robot Mantises show sign of being broken down; their antennas are floppy, they have a depressed look on their faces and they lack their blades. Because they have no blades to throw, these Robot Mantises are completely defenseless. They can easily be defeated with a simple Spin Jump. Like every Badnik in the game, the Robot Mantises are powered by Little Planet flower seeds which will pop out of them after being defeated. A single Robot Mantis also appears in the ending sequence that plays during the credits.





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