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"Robot Battle Royale" is the forty-fifth episode in the Sonic Boom television series. It first aired on 31 August 2015 in France and on 26 September 2015 in the United States.


In order to prove that he is an inventor like Tails, Knuckles challenges Tails to enter the local robot battle; little do they know Eggman has also entered the contest.








For the transcript of this episode, see Robot Battle Royale/Transcript.

At the beginning of the episode, Sonic, Knuckles, Amy and Sticks are watching TV at Amy's House when Tails shows up and introduces his new invention: a Super Antenna that can broadcast programs from the past. He uses it to broadcast an old radio program, and the others are fascinated by it. Then, Knuckles takes the antenna and uses it as a back scratcher. Knuckles feels proud that he invented something new. Later on, Tails is in his workshop when Knuckles comes in and uses a staff to turn the lights on and off. Knuckles looks for new things to invent, but he points at a turkey sandwich and talks about things that already exist.

The team is then eating at Meh Burger when Knuckles arrives with a flyer for Robot Battle Royale, a competition where robots fight each other in no-holds-barred matches. Tails declines to participate at first, and Knuckles burns him by calling Tails "chicken". Knuckles continues to call Tails names, and the rest of the team goes crazy. Finally, Tails accepts Knuckles' offer. The scene shifts to the competition site where Mayor Fink is analyzing the players' robots. Among them is Tails' robot Hypno-bot which can take control of any robot within a certain area and Knuckles' shoddily-made Vacuu-Fan 2000. Dr. Eggman then arrives with his own robot, an enters the competition. The key to the robots' override codes are then placed in a cannonball and shot into the ocean so nobody cheats (though the mayor admits the key actually had nothing to do with the competition). Robot Battle Royale then starts, with eight inventors competing in a single-elimination tournament. Knuckles' Vacuu-Fan 2000 gets defeated in the first round, while Tails and Eggman advance to the finals. As the final match commences, Tails' robot starts malfunctioning, and Eggman reveals that he got the override codes, the reason why being that Eggman Industries made the lockbox. Eggman wins the match, much to everyone's disappointment, and then proceeds to go to Tails' workshop in his Eggmobile, planning to use Hypno-bot to take control of his inventions.

Back at the workshop, Team Sonic hides behind some crates, and then Knuckles and Tails come up with a plan. Tails gets inside the Vacuu-Fan 2000 because of it having no override codes or A.I. to hypnotize, planning to sneak up to the Hypno-bot so he can reverse Eggman's control over it. Amy tries to attack the robot, mistakenly believing it is hypnotized, but she gets pushed aside by Knuckles. While Eggman gloats, Tails is able to reverse the controls. Hypno-bot hypnotizes Eggman's robots, allowing Tails to order it to make them and Tails' hypnotized inventions dance; unable to watch his plan falling apart, Eggman leaves in shame. Tails thanks Knuckles for his hard work, and Sonic remarks that with Tails' Hypno-bot in tow, Eggman's robots are no longer an issue. However, the Hypno-bot is suddenly destroyed by one of the other robots from the competition.



  • In the scenes where Knuckles talks with Tails about collaborating with him in their inventor pursuits, Tails is facing the stairs in his workshop. However, when Tails is saying "I doubt it", he has his back turned at the stairs.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
Finnish Robotit vastakkain Robots faceoff
French Robot contre Robot Robot vs. Robot
Hungarian Robotcsata Robot Battle
Italian´ La battaglia dei robot The battle of robots
Russian Битва роботов Battle of the robots


  • Eggman's line "You sentimental son of a gun." was cut off in the UK.


  • The song that the robots dance to at the end of the episode is based off "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls.
  • Tails' Eye Swatter used the same model as Sonic's Swat-a-pult in "Don't Judge Me".
  • This episode features the largest number of individual characters to appear in a Sonic Boom television series episode yet.
  • This episode aired in France as the forty-sixth episode in the series.


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