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"Robolympics" is the forty-sixth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the forty-sixth episode, it aired as the seventh episode during the show's original run.





Sonic and Tails are about to eat their chili dogs, when a tortoise comes and tells them to follow him. While the tortoise is heading off, Sonic and Tails hilariously do numerous things while the tortoise is heading off. The tortoise then tells them that an asteroid is about to hit Turtle Town. Dr. Robotnik interrupts them and challenges Sonic to compete against him at the Robolympics. If Robotnik wins the most gold medals, he will let the asteroid hit Turtle Town. If Sonic wins the most gold medals, Robotnik will stop the asteroid. The first event is when you jump over the bar. Sonic won this event. In the shot put, Robotnik won. The weight lifting was Sonic's after he tricked Robotnik's super strong robot into lifting eight million pounds. After ten events, Sonic has won five gold medals, and so has Robotnik. The last event is a combination of hurdles, long jump, diving and kayaking. All of which, are booby trapped. Nevertheless, Sonic escapes them all. When Sonic is about to reach the finish line, when Robotnik puts the deal off, and tries to grind Sonic up by magnetizing him. Sonic thinks quick, and tells Tails to toss him a javelin. Sonic uses the javelin to free himself from the machine's magnetic pull. He then tricks Robotnik into pulling the asteroid to himself. With Turtle Town saved, Sonic the is once again the winner, having won six medals to five.

Sonic Says

In this Sonic Says, Sonic tells Tails to exercise as it is a part of being healthy. And to take it slow as they are not robots. Also not to forget safety precautions.

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  • The name "Robolympics" is a portmanteau on the two words "Robot" and "Olympics".
  • Robotnik keeps the gloves from his usual uniform while wearing his athletic outfit.
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