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This location exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Roboken,[2] formerly known as Morristown,[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom series. It is a city in the clouds above earth populated completely by sentient alien robots.[1]

One time, Roboken took in Hypnobot, who seized the city as his stronghold during his attempt to take over the world. Though Hypnobot's reign got overthrown, he eventually returned to retake Roboken with the aid of Dr. Eggman, but was stopped for good by Tails and his allies.

Concept and creation

Roboken's concept was formulated by Bill Freiberger.[3] Many names for the city were brainstormed during the development of "Robots From The Sky Part 1". The writers initially tried to come up with a cool name, but they eventually decided it would be funnier to give an alien city a regular-sounding name.[4] "Morristown" ended up being chosen as its first name because two of the writers for "Robots From The Sky Part 1" (Alan Denton and Greg Hahn) come from New Jersey, which has its own Morristown an hour away from where said writers grew up.[5][6] The writers' other name suggestions were used as the name ideas for Roboken that the characters would come up with in "Robots From The Sky Part 1".[4]

As a continuation of the New Jersey jokes featured over the course of the "Robots From The Sky" story arc, Morristown was renamed "Roboken" (which is a reference to Hoboken, New Jersey) in "Robots From The Sky Part 4".[7][8]


Appearance and architecture

Roboken's central area.

Described as a "technological wonderland",[1] Roboken is an airborne metallic city in yellow, grey and blue. It rests on a massive yellow platform with numerous pipes and exhausts on the bottom, and has a giant glass dome covering it. Most of the city consists of dome-shaped buildings (all purposely designed to be identical[2]), tube-based passages, and round gates. The entrance into the city is through an airstrip-based entrance gate in the glass dome that leads to the town square. The town square serves as the city's hub and airport where the residents park their spaceships and scouting vessels.

The insides of Roboken consists of several identical corridors whose walls are covered in pipes and high-tech machinery. There are also several jughandles instead of left-turns.[9]

Features and defenses

The city of Roboken is able to hover under its own power, keeping it perpetually floating in the sky. It also has an auto-docking sequence that automatically guides its spaceships into its airport.[10]

Roboken has its own defense in the form of a fleet of spaceship-farring sentries sufficient enough to keep the airspace surrounding the city on complete lockdown. Sonic and Tails have noted that this defense is very formidable.[10] Recently, Team Cybonic has also been instated as the city's protectors.[2]


Robots living together in Roboken.

Roboken is a city made exclusively for, and inhabited by robots free to live their lives however they want. It is considered a utopia to robot-kind and has no government or ruling overlord. As put by Mighton, the city is a "well-oiled machine of a society."[1]

In Roboken, the robotic inhabitants live together in harmony and treat each other with dignity and respect, and nobody posts about politics on social media. Furthermore, free healthcare is provided to the inhabitants whenever they break down.[1] The city is also extremely open and kind towards foreign robots, and the residents will gladly offer such robots a chance to stay in Roboken.[1][2][9]

Roboken possesses technology that is completely alien and far more advanced compared to that found on earth.[1] While the residents think highly about themselves due to their superior weapons and intellect though,[9] they are not very creative when it comes to naming things.[1]


TV series


Roboken has been hinted to be extraterrestrial in origin. The inhabitants initially came up with the name "Morristown" for the city after some brainstorming. In time, Mighton and Bolts, two residents of Morristown, became prominent heroes to the population.[1]

Season two

When a scouting ship found Hypnobot in space, it took him to Morristown to be repaired and improved on by the robotic residents. The results granted Hypnobot sentience. During his stay in Morristown, Hypnobot grew bitter from his belief that his creator, Tails, had abandoned him, prompting him to seek revenge on everyone on earth and conquer the world.[9]

Hypnobot takes over Morristown.

While Mighton and Bolts were away from Morristown in their spaceship,[1] Hypnobot made his move.[9] Projecting his malware signal everywhere from Morristown, Hypnobot manipulated the robots on earth to attack the residential organic lifeforms, while at the same time turning Morristown into his personal stronghold by talking control of the residents.[9] Hypnobot's signal also made Mighton and Bolts' ship crash on earth,[1][10] where the duo accidentally inspired Dr. Eggman to conquer Morristown after telling him about it.[1] After Mighton and Bots returned to Morristown, they became a part of the Robot Resistance, a movement consisting of local residents seeking to overthrow Hypnobot. However, they had to stay in a lead-covered bunker in the city, or Hypnobot would take control of them.[9]

Sonic and Tails eventually tried reaching Morristown to stop Hypnobot's signal, but ended up in a dogfight with the city's sentries. Using one of the sentries' ships though, they managed to sneak into Morristown, only to find it in ruin.[10] The infected locals attacked Sonic and Tails soon after, but the duo escaped them when Bolts took them to the Robot Resistance, who let them in on the situation. Offering their help, Sonic and Tails confronted Hypnobot for the resistance, although they did not expect him to be the source of the malware signal. Chasing Hypnobot across Morristown while swarmed by his minions, Sonic stopped Hypnobot and his signal by kicking him off the edge of the city when he tried to kill Tails. With Morristown returning to normal, Sonic and Tails would recuperate from their battle there.[9] The duo were soon after given a tour of Morristown by Mighton and Bolts until Hypnobot returned with Eggman and his army to retake the city. A battle soon ensued, with the rest of Team Sonic joining in. However, the heroes had to fall back to the city's bunker when Hypnobot began overwhelming them with the local robots too (including Mighton). There, Bolts created malware-proof cyborg clones of Team Sonic to aid them. With their help, Team Sonic overpowered Eggman's army and made Eggman retreat, although it was Tails who saved the city by destroying Hypnobot. With the city safe, and with Team Cybonic now here to protect it, Team Sonic left Morristown (now renamed "Roboken" upon the team's suggestion). In addition, FriendBot and the Cubot prototypes took up residence in Roboken after having been forced to aid Hypnobot's invasion.[2] Eventually though, the Cubot prototypes returned to Seaside Island.[11]

Eggman in a meeting with Team Cybonic.

Returning to Roboken, Eggman got a hostile reception from Team Cybonic upon his arrival until he revealed that he had come with a peace offering. During discussions in Roboken however, Eggman tricked Team Cybonic into wearing mind-controllers, which let him use the team for a scheme, until Team Sonic freed them.[12] Having bought a timeshare in Roboken, Mombot later took Eggman, Morpho, Orbot and Cubot on a vacation to Roboken so their family could do some bonding. While exploring the sights though, Eggman was inspired to steal Bolts' intelligence chip and use it to make his robots smarter. With Morpho's help, Eggman pulled off his theft, but Mighton soon caught onto him. This prompted Eggman to leave Roboken with his robot family, only for Mighton and Cyborg Sonic to pursue them and ultimately reclaim Bolts' chip.[13]

Points of interest

  • Bottywood Walk of Fame[13]
  • Building for the committee to ensure all the buildings look the same: A generic-looking Morristown building.[2]
  • Doomsday bunker: An isolated bunker that temporarily served as the secret headquarters of the Robot Resistance. It is only accessible through a ventilation duct and features a single room with several computers and a medical ward for robots. The entire bunker is lined with lead which prevents Hypnobot's malware signals from entering it.[9]
  • Downtown Roboken: A residential area with sub-standard timeshares.[13]
  • Massage parlor[13]
  • Police Station: A generic-looking Morristown building.[2]
  • Library: A generic-looking Morristown building.[2]
  • Roboken's central power core: A large room with a high-tech power plant that supplies all of Roboken with energy through numerous cables. During Hypnobot's rule over Roboken, this area served as his stronghold, and included a throne for him.[9]
  • Sector 7-G: A generic corridor area.[9]



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