A group of Robodillos.

The Robodillo (ロボマジロ Robomajiro?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. They are animals that have undergone the roboticization procedure.[1]


The Robodillo has a line of spikes on top that run from its head to its tail. Its head is orange with yellow edges, its body is red with an orange stripe in the middle that runs from side to side, and its "feet" are orange with gray stripes.


The Robodillos can only be encountered in the Mystic Ruins, when Sonic and his team are searching for Eggman Devices.

If a Robodillo is defeated, but the battle continues due to other enemies still remaining on the opposing side of the battlefield, the defeated Robodillo can initiate "Self Repair", which restores a few of its Health Points and allows it to re-enter the battle. The only way to avoid this is to defeat all enemies present, or all the remaining enemies, at once.

The Robodillos' basic attack is ramming into their opponents. Their POW move is Cyclone (サイクロン Saikuron?).


Number of actions 1[2]
HP 90[2]
Speed 6[2]
Attack 16[2]
Defense 17[2]
Luck 4[2]
Damage 18[2]
Armor 14[2]
Resistance Fire (25%)[2]
Ice (25%)[2]
Lightning (10%)[2]
Wind (10%)[2]
Weakness Earth (25%)[2]
Water (75%)[2]



  1. Tails, after the team defeats the first Robodillo: "That animal seemed to be...roboticized"
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