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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog

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"Robo-Ninjas" is the sixty-fourth episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the sixty-fourth episode, it aired as the sixty-first episode during the show's original run.





Sonic costumes


After a failed attempt to trap Sonic which involved burying him in rubble, Scratch and Grounder decide to beat up an old crane walking down the road to blow off some steam. The crane introduces himself as Kwai Chang Crane then effortlessly beats up the two Badniks. Dr. Robotnik and Coconuts see this through a surveillance camera hanging in a nearby tree. Coconuts gets very excited (because he watches a lot of martial arts movies) and tells Robotnik about Ninjas. Robotnik decides he must capture Kwai Chang Crane and use him to make Scratch and Grounder into great warriors.

While innocently walking and playing his flute, Crane is nabbed by Robotnik's Egg-O-Matic. While enjoying some Chili Dogs Sonic and Tails see Robotnik fly by with Crane. Sonic is suspicious because Robotnik did not attack them and does not usually hang out with a crane.

Back at Dr. Robotnik's fortress, Robotnik completes his Crane Brain Drainer, a machine which will copy the ninja skills from Crane and apply them to Scratch and Grounder. The machine works and Scratch and Grounder become ninjas.

Scratch and Grounder go find Sonic and Tails who are caught a bit off guard. The heroes have a harder time than usual, but are able to escape from the robo-ninjas. Sonic still thinks he can beat them, but is not as confident.

Back at Robotnik's fortress, the evil genius is upset that Scratch and Grounder failed. Crane tells him that they need his philosophy as well. Robotnik puts them back into the machine and makes them gain Crane's ninja beliefs. They come out much more intense and then leave to get Sonic.

Scratch and Grounder find Sonic and Tails who are no match for their new skills. They are even able to see through Sonic's disguises. Sonic and Tails have no choice but to retreat.

After Scratch and Grounder return home again empty handed, Robotnik decides to make a whole army of robo-ninjas.

Meanwhile Sonic and Tails meet Grasshopper who is a student of Crane's and is looking for his master. Together the three go to Robotnik's fortress, but Sonic convinces them to let him go in alone. Sonic first encounters Coconuts whom he easily gets past. Upon getting inside the fortress, Sonic gets scared to see that Robotnik now has six more robo-ninjas. Luckily for Sonic, Scratch and Grounder's ninja powers wear off and they become stupid again. Tails and Grasshopper show up as Sonic's backup and together the three defeat all the robo-ninjas. Sonic goes to free Crane, but he is able to get out himself. The fortress begins to collapse and so Robotnik, Scratch and Grounder run away. The heroes escape just before the entire building explodes.

Sonic asks why Crane didn't free himself earlier and Crane simply explains that it was worth it for the adventure. Sonic then says takes his hat and says they need to go get Chili Dogs.

Sonic Sez

Scratch and Grounder are playing kick ball with Tails. Tails kicks the ball high in the air and the two Badniks back up into the road trying to catch it. A truck drives through and flattens them. Sonic comes and says to never play in the street.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French Les Robots ninjas Ninja Robots
German Sonic bekommt gefährliche Gegner Sonic gets dangerous Enemies
Italian Sonic e i ninja robot Sonic and the robot ninjas
Spanish (Spain) Robo-Ninjas Robo-Ninjas
Spanish (Latin America) Robo-Ninjas Robo-Ninjas