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Roberto Corona, also credited as Bob Corona and occasionally as Rob Corona, is an artist for Sonic the Comic. His first work on the comic was "Zonerunner & The Flock", a Tails story written by Mark Eyles that started in Sonic the Comic #35. Although he provided the art for some main strips, he is best known for his work on back-up strips like Tails, Sonic's World and Amy. He was the main artist on the entire Eternity Ring story arc in the Amy series, beginning in Sonic the Comic #134, "Eternity Ring", and continuing to Sonic the Comic #156, "Full Circle". "Full Circle" was Corona's last contribution to the series, and was also the last non-Sonic strip in the comic, since all but one strip were given over to reprints beginning in Sonic the Comic #157.

Roberto Corona frequently collaborated with other artists as colourists, most often John M Burns and Nigel Dobbyn. Other collaborators included Steve White, Andy Pritchett, Timothy Marx, Gina Hart, and Richard Guildford.

Outside of Sonic the Comic, Roberto Corona also worked on 2000AD, Judge Dredd Magazine and DC Comics. He has also produced logos, illustrations and other commercial graphics. He currently lives in New Zealand with his wife Ailsa and their children, Jeannie and Paolo.[1] He currently works on the Welcome to Heck webcomic.

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