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Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
Road Hog

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"Road Hog" is the fifty-seventh episode of the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog television series. Despite being produced as the fifty-seventh episode, it aired as the fifty-second episode during the show's original run.




  • All over Mobius
  • Mobius Court house
  • Robotnik's Pollen plant
  • A Burger Stand



Sonic and Tails get pulled over by a police officer for speeding. Not being able to pay the fine, Sonic has to go to court where he and Tails are sentenced to thirty days of hard labor on a chain gang.

On the chain gang, the guards are very strict and raise the days of Tails' sentence every time he speaks. The heroes meet a skunk named Colonel Stench who shares with them his flowers he developed. These flowers produce Mind Pollen: pollen that, when inhaled, make people believe whatever they are told. He demonstrates by making Tails believe he is a chicken then cures him with the antidote he invented. Stench says that strangers stole his flowers and put him on the chain gang.

At Dr. Robotnik's Pollen plant, Scratch and Grounder are preparing Robotnik's blimp which will spread the pollen to the whole planet and they will then convince everyone that Robotnik is their ruler. Scratch accidentally lets some pollen out and Robotnik breathes it. Scratch and Grounder have some fun making Robotnik turn into a number of animals. That is until Robotnik takes some the antidote and throws the two into a shredder in revenge.

Sonic realizes the mean guards are under the pollen's control and he breaks free and does a whirlwind around the guards. Tails drips the antidote on the guards and they are back to normal. Sonic goes after Robotnik while Stench and Tails go to make more antidote.

When Sonic arrives at the pollen plant, Robotnik drops pollen on him and convinces him that he is an ordinary slow-mo. Sonic walks off, repeating the phrase "I'm just an ordinary slow-mo". Robotnik flies off in his blimp, spreading the pollen, while Scratch and Grounder drive a truck with a loud speaker announcing that everyone loves Robotnik and he is their supreme ruler. Scratch and Grounder see Sonic on the road and try to run him over. Sonic is saved by Tails, but Tails drops the antidote which is run over by the truck.

Sonic walks to a food stand and orders a hamburger. A no-good biker gang called the Road Hogs show up and pick a fight with Sonic. After saying the words "Juice" Sonic is able to run around for a few seconds. After saying the words "up", "over" and "gone", Sonic is able to be quick and defeat the road hogs. Impressed by his skill, the Road Hogs call him their new leader and because of the pollen, Sonic believes them and rides off with the gang on a motorcycle.

Sonic and the Road Hogs get to a city where they get pollinated by Robotnik's blimp. Tails quickly puts earplugs in all their ears so they don't hear Scratch and Grounder's message. Tails then removes the earplugs from Sonic and tells him who he really is. Sonic then is back to normal and decides to remove the earplugs from the Road Hogs and tell them they are good hogs dedicated to stopping Robotnik.

The Road Hogs use their motorcycles to catch up to Scratch and Grounder and run their truck off the road. Sonic goes to Robotnik's blimp and after pestering the villain, drops a needle which pops the blimp. Sonic falls, but is caught by Tails in the air. Robotnik falls into a swamp where an Alligator starts biting and chasing him.

Sonic Sez

Tails gets in trouble and he calls for a policeman for help. Sonic says Tails did the right thing and that it is your job to tell a police man when you need help.


  • When Tails pours the antidote on the guards his arm is the wrong color.

Title in other languages

Language Title Translation
French S.O.S. pollen S.O.S. pollen
German Operation Pollenflug Operation pollen flight
Italian Via degli Chilidog Street of the Chilidog
Spanish (Spain) Los cerdos motoristas Biker pigs
Spanish (Latin America) Sonic, el motociclista Sonic the biker


  • There is a similar ending where Robotnik is chased by an angry alligator in the episode "Hedgehog of the "Hound" Table". Similar looking alligators are also in "Lovesick Sonic".
  • Robotnik drives a different Blimp in this episode than he does in others.