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Ro-Becca is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. She is a robot created by Rotor. She was made to be Rotor's assistant, but she fell in love with Antoine without consideration.


Ro-Becca is a robot resembling an anthropomorphic cat with a tail. She has gray and purple body armor, pink lips with a speaker in her mouth, and violet eyes. She also has black and white hair that stands up. Also, on her right leg, she has a wheel instead of a foot.


TV series

Season two

Ro-Becca 101

Ro-Becca and Antoine.

Ro-Becca was created by Rotor (with some assistance from Antoine) to be his lab assistant. One stormy night, Rotor was putting the finishing touches on Ro-Becca, but he did not have enough spare parts so he left his workshop to get some. Meanwhile, Antoine accidentally poured various screws and bolts into Ro-Becca, which he then tried to pull out. By the time Rotor returned however, he realized that he was still missing some equipment. When he left his workshop this time, Antoine accidentally turned on the machine that awoke Ro-Becca. Upon awakening, she immediately fell in love with Antoine. Ro-Becca thus began to chase Antoine around, who hid in his hut. Eventually, Ro-Becca knocked down the door to Antoine's hut, but she found no one inside and left. Afterward, she searched for Antoine near Knothole Village's bridge. Eventually, she found Antoine near the river and took him to his home. There, she put him in his bed and fed him a stew containing screws. Later, she wanted to massage Antoine's sore nose, but was rejected. In response, she decided to massage his whole body and began a brutal treatment of Antoine. Fortunately for Antoine, Rotor appeared and turned off Ro-Becca with the off switch on her neck. Taking Ro-Becca home, Rotor tried reprogramming her, only for Ro-Becca to not respond properly to his orders. When Rotor later left his workshop, Ro-Becca broke free of her constraints and went straight to Antoine. Though she firmly held his hand, Antoine managed to take her to Rotor, who decided to dismantle her. As Rotor left to get his tools, Antoine began to speak to Ro-Becca in a crude accent, which disgusted her. Now repulsed by Antoine, Ro-Becca tried to escape him. Along the way, she met Sonic. When Sonic mocked Antoine using his French accent, Ro-Becca fell in love with Sonic and wanted to kiss him. However, Sonic fled and Ro-Becca fell on Antoine, whom she became infatuated with again after hearing him complain in French.[2]


Ro-Becca falls in love with anyone who uses a French accent. However, if the person starts to speak in what could be perceived as a cruder accent, she will get disgusted and run away.[2]

Ro-Becca's love is crazy and knows no boundaries. She obsessively follows or chases down those she has been smitten with and responds solemnly to their every whims, which usually ends rather brutally due to her lack of constraints. In addition, she behaves rather rude towards Rotor, as she does not seem to be interested in listening to his commands.[2]

Powers and abilities

Ro-Becca can move quite fast thanks to the wheel on her right leg. She is also quite strong, being capable of knocking down a wooden door. In addition, she can emit light via a flashlight in her index finger on her left hand.[2]




  • Ro-Becca is largely a reference to the Frankenstein films; Rotor creates an artificial life form on a stormy night like Dr. Frankenstein, Antoine serves Rotor as his assistant like Igor, and Ro-Becca is Rotor's creation, which is brought to life by lightning. Ro-Becca's hairstyle also resembles the one that the Bride of Frankenstein has.


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