Quotation1.svg Take out a Rival with Wisps or shunts Quotation2.svg
— Hint box, Team Sonic Racing

The Rival Takedown is a move that appears in Team Sonic Racing. It is a technique where the user attacks opposing car racers.


The Rival Takedown is a maneuver that can only be pulled off while driving in a race car. When performing the Rival Takedown, the user attacks an rival car racer with either a Wisp's Color Power or by shunting.

In gameplay, the Rival Takedown is used by the player to put their rivals at a disadvantage. In order to perform the Rival Takedown, the player has to successfully hit an opposing rival car racer with a Wisp's Color Power or ram them with the player's own car. This can disorientate the rival car racer at the least, and stun them temporarily at the worst. In addition, pulling off the Rival Takedown will charge both the player's Ultimate Meter and their teammates'.

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