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This location exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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Ritual Chamber

The Ritual Chamber, from Sonic Universe #42.

Ritual Chamber is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is a cave beneath the headquarters of the Council of Acorn, where Ixis Naugus prepared his plan to hypnotize the Council of Acorn members to build a new Order of Ixis. It is accessible through the pit that was created when the Battle Bird Armada destroyed Castle Acorn.


Three members of the Secret Freedom FightersElias Acorn, Leeta and Lyco—found the Ritual Chamber by following Ixis Naugus while he was walking around New Mobotropolis. Leeta and Lyco followed Naugus while Elias set a bomb to help them escape (the entrance had been magically sealed behind them when Naugus walked away). Leeta accidentally revealed their presence by screaming when she saw Naugus' new mutation. Although Elias managed to find the twins, they were hit by the wizard just before escaping, and they fell into the pit.[1]

Shortly afterwards, Geoffrey St. John brought the bones of Ixis Vale to Naugus in the Ritual Chamber. Naugus revealed to Geoffrey that he planned to use the bones to cast a spell to take control of the Council of Acorn. Shocked, Geoffrey said that such an act could lead to chaos and argued with Naugus not to proceed. Naugus, however, wanted to that to happen to New Mobotropolis.[2]

Before Naugus could cast his spell, the Secret Freedom Fighters—Elias, Leeta, Lyco, Silver, and Shard—burst in. During the fight takes place, Ixis Vale's bones were turned to dust by Shard's cannon, and Naugus caused a big fire that destroys parts of the Ritual Chamber. With the spell destroyed and their mission complete, the Secret Freedom Fighters escaped the chamber. Geoffrey would have escaped with them, but Naugus, pleading for mercy, hypnotized Geoffrey to stay behind and he was sealed in the chamber along with the wizard after the battle.[3]


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