Rite of Spring is the fifth and final Challenge Act of City Escape Act 1 in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is unlocked after clearing every Stage in the Dreamcast era and is playable only as Classic Sonic.


Rite of Spring is filled with a variety of obstacles, including large numbers of spike traps, iron balls, Dash Rings, moving platforms, and moving pillars (some of which need a Switch to activate them). There are also two kinds of Time Bonuses here; blue and yellow. In this Act, the majority of the GUN enemies from City Escape appear.

The main theme of this Challenge Act is the usage of the Springs scattered everywhere in the Act, which are needed to reach the Goal Plate. A majority of the Act follows two distinct paths: a lower and upper one. On the lower path, bottomless pits can be encountered.


This Act starts a little ahead of the starting point in City Escape Act 1, but during sunset. From there, the player can either watch their step and take the higher route, or follow the lower path which is filled with enemies (Note that the down path at the beginning of the Act has a yellow Time Bonus on the far left).

If the higher route is chosen, the player can cover a great part of the route by Spin Dashing and jumping at the right time. Upon reaching the first Star Post, the player has to deal with an incoming Gun Hunter, and then go forward. As the camera zooms out while on the run, the path Sonic is on will lead to a downawrd path blocked by several Gun Hunters and two moving platforms over two bottomless pits. Bounce off the Spring at the end of this section to reach the upper route, and continue forward.

The end of this upper route gives the player two options; either cross the higher section filled with spike traps and Springs (which has a yellow Time Bonus at the end), or follow the downward path. After crossing this section, the player will have passed the second Star post and have ended up on a downward hill section. Said section consists of two sets of platforms at different heights following the road. At the end of this section, a Spring will sent the player to the Goal Plate.



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