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The Riptide is a vehicle that appears in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric. It is a battle boat built from the technology of the Ancients.[1] So far, only two known models of this vehicle exist, each owned by Salty and Pepper. Both were used by Team Sonic during their quest to stop Lyric.



The Riptide is a four-seat battle boat with a disk-shaped seat in the center and three similar seats surrounding it. The outer seats are connected by a ring and are as well connected to the central seat. The inner seat serves as the cockpit while the others are equipped with their own cannon.

Features and abilities

The Riptide is very sturdy vessel, capable of sailing through the roughest rapids. However, it does have its limits: falling over a waterfall damaged it enough for it to break down in flames. Each of its outer seats come equipped with it own unique armament:

  • Water Cannon: A zapper that can fire high-pressurized and rapid shots of water. However, it is a weak offensive weapon.
  • Ice Cannon: A gun that can fire extremely cold blasts that freezes enemies.
  • Mortar Shot: A cannon that fires yellow energy blasts. This is the Riptide's most powerful weapon, but also the slowest.



Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric

Originating from the Ancients, two Riptides each came into the possession of Salty and Pepper. When Pepper got trapped in Crater Lake by Swarmer Hives, he was unable to use his Riptide to escape despite attempting.

Salty's Riptide had its own share of issue because it as it lacked parts and as such would not work. At Cliff's Excavation Site, Team Sonic asked Salty if they could use his Riptide to travel to the Pit. While Salty would not sell it, he would let them borrow it if they could repair it with the parts lying around. After Team Sonic completed the deal, they used the Riptide to head down River Rush where they were attacked by Dr. Eggman. While they escaped Eggman by going over a waterfall, the Riptide was left severely damaged, forcing the team to travel on foot.

Pepper's Riptide was also used by Team Sonic when they came to Crater Lake. In an effort to help Pepper escape, the team used his Riptide to take out all the surrounding Swarmers.


In gameplay, the Riptide is where everyone on Sonic's crew join forces. Each of the outer seats has a different weapon, and the person in control of the boat determines which weapon the player can use. Sonic's Water Cannon can shoot very rapid shots, but deals weak damage. Amy's Ice Cannon can immobilize enemies but deals weak damage too. Tails' Mortar deals heavy damage, but its shots are slow to reload. To switch between weapons, the player must press either the L or R buttons and to shoot, the player must use the Right control stick. To steer the Riptide, the player must move the Left control stick.


  • Sonic controlling a water-based weapon on the Riptide is rather ironic since he is unable to swim.
  • An unused character profile for Pepper in Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric says that the reason Pepper could not use his Riptide to escape Crater Lake was because he could no longer fit in it.



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