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Riot Train

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Riot Train (ライオットトレイン[1] Raiottotorein?) is the fourth board that appears in Sonic Shuffle.


The Riot Train's board.

Riot Train is a location within Maginaryworld born from the dreams of those who enjoy the thrill of adventures. During his pursuit of the Precioustone, Void's darkness throws the raging locomotive off-course, and it is going to fly off a cliff and crash unless Sonic and his friends stop it.

Players will be travelling around the train in pursuit of the Precioustones, and have the ability to push containers off of the roof to block paths below. As time passes, new train cars will crash into the train from behind, expanding the board. If players land on a Helicopter space, a helicopter will appear to transport them to another space on the train.

When Sonic and friends finally stop the train, its shell breaks off, revealing its true colours being metallic silver, along with wings to allow it to continue its journey without having to stick to the tracks. The player then moves onto the final board: Fourth Dimension Space.

List of Mini-Games


  • This is shown to be Sonic's Dream World in the game's opening.


Name Artist Length Music Track
With go V-Train N/A 2:35


  1. Sonic Shuffle (Dreamcast) Japanese instruction booklet, pg. 20.

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