Ring of Fire

Quotation1.svg Jump through the fire and collect the rings! Quotation2.svg
— Introduction instruction, Sonic Shuffle

Ring of Fire (火の輪くぐり Hi no wakuguri?, lit. "Ring of fire evasion ") is an Accidents Mini-Game for Nature Zone in Sonic Shuffle.


In Ring of Fire, all four players stand on a large platform while rings of fire pass by. Inside the rings are regular Rings and occasionally a Forcejewel. Jump through the rings of fire to collect the Rings without touching the fire, which will result in a loss of Rings. Some fire rings rotate, making it trickier to get the rings, but these are the ones that usually hold Forcejewels. As the game continues, the platform rises and lowers. When the platform is up, some rings do not have to be jumped through while others are so low that they are unattainable.

The winner receives twenty Rings, second-place receives ten Rings, and third-place receives five Rings.

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