Ring Tide

Quotation1.svg Avoid the waves and the obstacles and collect the rings! Quotation2.svg
— Introduction instruction, Sonic Shuffle

Ring Tide (波打ち際 Namiuchigiwa?, lit. "Beach") is an Accidents Mini-Game for Emerald Coast in Sonic Shuffle.


In Ring Tide, waves come crashing down on the beach, leaving Rings, sea urchins, driftwood and the occasional Forcejewel. Avoid the urchins and wood as well as the crabs because they make the characters lose Rings while collecting the Rings that appear on the beach. If the wave lands on the characters, it is possible to get swept away by the undertow. Press DreamcastA.png repeatedly to get back on land. To prevent this, when a wave comes, move to the bottom of the screen.

Whoever gets the most Rings before time is up wins twenty extra Rings. Second-place gets ten Rings and third-place gets five Rings.

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