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Quotation1 Get through rings to avoid losing time. Pass every checkpoint to win! Quotation2
— In-game description

Ring Race is one of the game modes featured in the World Tour mode of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.



Tails going through a ring, during a Ring Race.

Despite its name, the Ring Race is more of a time-attack than a Race itself. In this game mode, the player uses the air transformation throughout the entire track and must pass through a pattern of large blue rings - under a limited amount of time- that lead to zones, which completes one round of rings, earning the player additional time till the last zone is reached. The player starts off with 180 seconds at first hand and must collect time pieces or complete zones to earn more.

Through each difficulty mode, from Easy to Expert, the course of rings will be far harder to go through and in a much trickier pattern.


Sunshine Coast


Frozen Valley

  • Snaking Skies

Scorching Skies

  • Rogue Rings

Twilight Engine

  • Ruin Run

Moonlight Park

  • Carrier Charge

Superstar Showdown

  • Nightmare Meander

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