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That's a Ring Can! Keep shaking it, and Rings come tumbling out!

Omochao, Sonic Free Riders

The Ring Can[1] (リングカン[2] Ringukan?) is an Action Item that appears in Sonic Free Riders. It can provide the user with extra Rings.


In its simplicity, the Ring Can is a silver can with recesses on the surface, a Ring symbol, and a handle.


The Ring Can can be obtained from the different Item Boxes on the race tracks. When obtaining this item, the user gets a hold of the can which will scatter a cluster of Rings in front of the user when shaken enough. These Rings can be picked up by not only the user, but also other riders. While shaking the Ring Can, it grows extremely large. Also, the Ring Can can be shaken to release up to three clusters of Rings; afterwards, it will disappear.

To use the Ring Can in gameplay, the player has to move one of their hands up and down repeatedly.


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