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The Ring Boomerang is a weapon that appears in Tails Skypatrol. It is extremely identical to normal Rings from many Sonic games, except this ring is utilized by Miles "Tails" Prower as his main weapon through the entire game. The origin of this particular ring has never been explained or how Tails is able to use as a weapon, but it is only known to been used against Witchcart and her minions to take over the undefined island, that Tails finds out at the beginning of the game's storyline.


Tails holding the Ring Boomerang.

In-game, Tails is seen holding the Ring Boomerang, which is the only weapon to use against enemies due to Tails constantly flying in the game. The player can toss the Ring Boomerang towards a certain direction by pressing Game Gear I Button.png or Game Gear II Button.png. When the player does this against enemies, Tails is able to damage them easily and earn points. After tossing it, the Ring Boomerang then returns quickly and magnetically to Tails' hand, who is able to use it again whenever he wants. If the player holds Game Gear I Button.png or Game Gear II Button.png for while, Tails is able to toss the Ring Boomerang even further depending how long the player holds the button.

During the game, Tails can use the Ring Boomerang differently. The player can easily toss it into items to collect or grab onto Poles or other gimmicks. Tails can also break walls with tossing the ring into a switch to activate it. If Tails tosses the Ring on a boss character, he's able to grab it and throw him into the wall or ground. It can also be spun around Tails to avoid grabbing onto things to access different routes and paths through the level.

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