Ring battle 1

Rings Battle loading screen

Rings Battle is is one of the battle mode competitions in Sonic Rivals 2 played in Act 2 of every Zone. During the story, most of the characters (with an exception of Shadow and Rouge) play this battle mode against their rival in Frontier Canyon Zone Act 2.


The objective for the player is to simply collect more Rings than their rival within a time limit. Each time the rings are collected they will respawn after a few moments. Each character has a bar near their face on the screen. When a character collects rings if he/she has more rings than his rival the bar will be filled toward him/ her or else the rival's bar will be decreased. The player can reduce their rival's Rings using Signature moves, attacks and Power-Up.

In Free Play, the player is able to set the time limit for 0:45, 1:30, or 3:00.


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