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This object exists primarily or exclusively within the Post-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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The Ring-Blades are objects that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. They are a pair of blue-colored Rings, created by Dr. Ellidy, which can generate blades for combat. They are the main weapons of Sally Acorn.


StH 267 Ring-Blades

Sally using her Ring-Blades on robotic arms, from Sonic the Hedgehog #267.

The Ring-Blades are blue-colored rings resembling bracelets that can be worn around the wrists. Upon the user's will, the Ring-Blades can each generate a solid, holographic double-edged blue blade. These blades are highly durable and are sharp enough to cut through extremely solid substances with ease, such as metal alloys.


Creation and early usage

SU 71 Ring-Blades

Sally holding up one of her Ring-Blades, from Sonic Universe #71.

The Ring-Blades were created by Dr. Ellidy after his retirement from the Kingdom of Acorn, using his research on magic rings. They were given to Sally Acorn years after Dr. Ellidy's departure, which was the "first time [they've] heard from him in years."[1]

Following Sally's establishment of the Freedom Fighters to combat the Eggman Empire, she would utilize these weapons to combat Dr. Eggman's forces from time to time and would become highly adept at using them.

Shattered World Crisis

Act One

Sally employed the Ring-Blades when Metal Sonic attempted to terminate her in Mobotropolis following her success in stealing several files from Dr. Eggman.[2] She would later use them on a mission to rescue Uncle Chuck and Professor Dillon Pickle from an Bullet Train, though the blades had difficulty cutting through the train's thick roof hatches.[3]

Digital Sally Abilities

Sally using digital recreations of the Ring-Blades.

Sally would later be forced to employ her blades in battle against a group of Dark Gaia Creatures who attacked the Sky Patrol. Later, she would use them again to fight against Dr. Ellidy's Badniks under the control of Phage. Before entering the Digital World via the Digitizer to help Nicole, she returned one of her blades to its creator to help him defend himself. In the Digital World she was able to wield a pair of blades with greater versatility than in reality, using them to generate a shield and sword as opposed to the usual wrist blades.[4][5][6][7]


  • The Ring-Blades were first hinted as Sally's new weapons way back in Sonic the Hedgehog #234, when Dr. Eggman upgraded Sally (who was roboticized into "Mecha Sally" in Sonic the Hedgehog #230). Mecha Sally was given blue-holographic blades that she could use to slice her opponents or obstacles, exactly like how the Ring-Blades are used.
  • The Ring-Blades are a bit similar to lightsabers from the Star Wars franchise, since both are energy blades and can cut through metal.
  • The Ring-Blades resemble to Tikal's blue ring bracelets and the Crystal Ring from Sonic Adventure.


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