Rimlight Corporation is a Soleannan company that is mentioned in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). They are responsible for distributing the nation's energy. Although the location of their headquarters is never made clear, they are presumably based in New City, as that is where Rimlight employees are usually seen.


Rimlight is a very fast-growing corporation that specializes in new forms of energy, particularly the recently-discovered energy from Light Cores which is undergoing research. They hope to use the energy from Light Cores to provide Soleanna with a constant supply of clean electricity.

The energy that Rimlight produces is very valuable and vital to Soleanna, and is therefore highly sought after. Because of its precious nature, the energy is frequently stolen, and sometimes the company's classified information is taken as well. In the event of a theft, the employees of Rimlight ask Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog or the Guardian Units of Nations to help retrieve their stolen goods. This task is the focus of a few Town Missions.


Only four employees of Rimlight make an appearance during the game:

  • Sandro: Sandro is a representative of Rimlight who is rather concerned about the security of his position. He can be found in New City in Sonic's story, and provides his seventh Town Mission, "Destroy all Enemies in the New City!". Badniks have run off with Sandro's disk, which contains Rimlight's top-secret data. The employee begs Sonic to rescue the disk before he loses his job due to the company's closure.
  • Zof: Zof is an employee that understands the importance of energy to Soleanna. He appears in New City to thank Shadow after completing his third Town Mission, "Emergency Order: Capture the Thieves' Cars!". A group of thieves have looted some of the company's energy and are making a getaway along the highway. Zof witnessed this crime and called G.U.N. to help deal with the crooks. A G.U.N. soldier passes on the request to Shadow, whose task is to run down and destroy the thieves' vehicles.
  • Elkan: Elkan is mainly focused on collecting information about Light Cores to fuel Rimlight's research on the energy they contain. He can be found loitering in the Forest in Shadow's story and gives him his fourth Town Mission, "Request from the Rimlight Employee". Elkan, who is studying light energy, knows that Light Cores are often found on Iblis and Mephiles monsters that dwell in the forest, but is unable to acquire them himself. He asks Shadow to defeat the monsters and gather the Light Cores for him.
  • Alan: Alan is the boss of the Transportation Division, which is responsible for shipping Rimlight's cargo. He works in New City's warehouse district, appearing in Silver's story to give Silver his thirteenth Town Mission, "Lost Company Property". Some of the goods that the Transportation Division were handling have suddenly disappeared. Most of the employees suspect that a monster ate the goods. Alan tells Silver to uncover the mystery behind the lost cargo; in actuality, Iblis creatures are behind it all.

There is another Town Mission that involves Rimlight, "Stolen Rimlight Information", given to Shadow in Castle Town by a G.U.N. agent called Parr. The mission is very similar to "Destroy all Enemies in the New City!" in that Eggman's robots have ransacked Rimlight's data disks, although no employees make an appearance.



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